Forced age play

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Rped with my babe sunflowerstarker. Part two here. Regression surgery. As soon as Tony and Bucky had read about the success stories where unruly Littles refusing to regress where made into cooing and cuddly babies with just a few snips, the husbands had immediately called their acquaintance and surgeon Stephen Strange to set up a consultation appointment.

The doctor was more than happy to see Peter and his two Daddies and had even set up time to do the procedure on the same day, if he found Peter to be in a fit state for the procedure. To say the two husbands were excited was an understatement. They were over the moon and had been a bit kinder with their boy for the following week. And now the day was finally here, and Tony walked on light feet to the nursery.

Did you wait for Dada? Peter winced when the main light was flicked on, and a man suddenly appeared over his bedside or cribside, Peter guessed. Peter had struggled massively with it at first, tried more escape attempts than you could count on your fingers, but the consequences of failing those attempts meant he was now too scared to try again.

He had definitely regressed somewhat in the year spent with the two captors, but sometimes he still felt more aged up, like how he used to be before being taken. You just wake up while Dada finds you some clothes for today. All the items were deer and made of high quality cotton. Only the best for their precious baby boy. How about some overall? Papa likes you so much in them. They were going out today? Oh, God no. Peter hated going outside, regressed or otherwise, because of how mortifying it was to be seen by other people. This meant that every time Peter left the house, he was subjected to adults cooing over him and talking over his head like he was truly.

He knew not to speak to them though: the first time he was taken outside, he stupidly tried to get help from one of the neighbours who told on him to his captors, and he got the beating of a lifetime. That was Bucky, the husband to Tony, and the more physically aggressive of the two of them.

Where Tony preferred to use words to break Peter down, Bucky preferred a firm hand. Peter hated Tony, but he was terrified of Bucky. The husbands had tried to remove the cuffs when they thought Peter was finally settling in, but then he had tried to escape and almost got himself badly hurt. So, the cuffs are here to stay. After getting Peter on the changing table, Tony started humming a little song and worked with changing the forced age play. He would never admit to it, but he was a little forceful with the change and got a quiet sense of power from how meek Peter was. He had initially fought tooth and nail against both of his captors seeing him naked or putting him in a pull-up, and that was the first time Peter had learnt just how ruthless Bucky could be with his beatings.

Now, the boy just laid there and stewed in his own humiliation and embarrassment as forced age play man changed his adult-sized pull-up. He was soon lifted off the table and set down on the floor, where the man started to sort out putting his clothes on for him. Letting Peter walk around the house supervised like this was no issue, not when every door and window was locked and any device to communicate with the outside world was also password or lock protected.

Besides, Tony greatly enjoyed watching the boy waddle with the thick padding hindering him from closing his legs properly. Peter really, really did not want to go to the kitchen where he knew Bucky would be cooking breakfast, but with Tony stood right behind him preventing him from staying in his room, he supposed he had no choice. He slowly made his way out of his bedroom and down the stairs with Tony following behind him, and then into the kitchen where Bucky was stood with his back facing them as he cooked breakfast.

The man turned on his heels, and his face split into a wide grin when he saw his husband and child stood in the kitchen with him. Good morning, Petey! He then moved to scoop Peter up into his high chair and strapped him in safely, which included straps going over the shoulders to prevent escapes. Before helping Bucky with the last preparations for breakfast, Tony handed Peter a soft baby book to entertain himself with in the meantime. A small bowl of sliced banana also came with it, and he brought it over to Peter with a big smile on his face.

Big day? What was that supposed to mean? Tony had just said they were going out, Peter assumed that they were going to the park or maybe to the mall like they usually do. He had heard the husbands mentioning their excitement about something while he fiddled with his book to appear like he was not paying attention, but he did not hear what exactly the event was.

He poked at the porridge with his spoon, and ate the smallest amount possible. Not poisoned, then, he thought to himself. Bucky did the same and forced age play over the plates for the grown ups, loaded with eggs and toast. There was no way they would feed such forced age play to their baby. Peter shook his head hurriedly, and took a tighter grip on his spoon before eating a bigger mouthful of porridge.

As much as he hated to admit it, Bucky was a good cook. He ate slowly, occasionally switching his mouthfuls of porridge for a slice or two of banana. He soon finished his breakfast, and took his plate up to the sink. He did not comment on the frown the boy gave him in return. We gotta get ready and then hit the road. Luckily, the boy obeyed and finished his portion of porridge, but left some pieces of banana. Papa will help you brush your teeth and pick out a fluffy friend and some other toys for the car ride.

The boy was sat down on the toilet lid and a firm look given in his direction told him to stay there as Bucky sorted out his toothbrush. Again, Peter had learnt the hard way not to bite either of the men while they brushed his teeth. It seemed like the teeth brushing was done and over forced age play. When Peter did not immediately pick out a stuffie, Tony spoke up.

Peter gulped, looking around the room. He eventually picked up a soft shark stuffie that was in his crib, and held it up for Tony and Bucky, who was now also at the doorway of the nursery, to see. He had been here for so long that he had in fact began regressing in some ways more than others, and found that his shark stuffie brought him a lot of comfort in such a scary situation.

Good boy. Maybe Dada can pack some Legos in a bag for you, how does that sound? Better that than having to choose the toys himself. Just like Bucky, Tony also smiled widely when Peter picked out the shark stuffie. He picked out the one with Pikachu forced age play it. Once they had everything ready, Tony and Bucky brought Peter to the garage which had a door connecting to the main house. It was all deed on purpose so that Peter could not run away. As they drove past the park, Peter watched it go with his eyes.

A friend? Soon they were also driving past the mall, only leaving Peter even more confused. He fiddled with the stuffie on his lap hopelessly, careful not to make eye contact with Tony who was watching him over his shoulder every so often. Oh, fuck no. The boy looked mortified, but he did not care since he was so caught up in his own excitement. He could not wait to see the amazing that had been blasted all over the media and news. Papa will get you out in a moment.

No, no, no, no! Peter was finding it hard to breathe, and he began tugging at his seatbelt hopelessly in an attempt to make a break for it. However, Bucky got there first and opened the backseat door where Peter was sitting. He began panicking properly, struggling in his seat as the man tried to get him to stop. He gasped in shock, as Bucky recoiled his hand from where he had been forced to hit the boy.

Tony did no bat at eye when his husband disciplined their boy. After all, it was discipline and Peter was misbehaving. In the tense after shock of the slap, Tony chimed in with a warning. In his shocked daze, Peter could do little else but take his stuffie and cradle it to his chest. Bucky let out a gentle huff through his nose, and quickly gathered his composure as they entered through the doors of the clinic and headed to the reception desk.

Forced age play

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