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We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information. today! By Jackie C. By Kakileli, July 4. By almondmeat, July 3. What tipped you off on being trans? By Drake, July 2. New haircut! By zachcobain, October 15, Waterproof binder? By Phoenix james, May By Myles97, June 3. First transition update! By puppetland, June How do I ease bottom dysphoria? By whatishappening, May 2. Didn't Start Questioning Until Later By Gray, April Binding Resource By Jani, April How do I make dysphoria.

By whatishappening, April How do I lessen period dysphoria? What's a good way to get people to stop misgendering me? Mark forum as read. Followers Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this. Jandi Joanne Topics With Zero Replies. Total Topics. Total Members. Newest Member stephe1ne ed 2 hours ago. Good morning All.

Coffees on. Did he quit quit or just move hospitals? My surgeon did that to me and it means more paperwork, but I'm paying out of ftm forums anyway. Is he just your boob guy or is he doing something else too? Insurance is kind of a PITA by de, there might be a way to pay out of pocket and get compensated by insurance later if you can float it. Either way, best of luck either replacing or following him.

More detail. I'm sorry you're in this predicament, Ezra. I understand that machismo is particularly aggressive in Argentina. It seems that although your mother and sister say they support you, they are also prone to cultural stereotyping. It can take a long time for culture to change, and it takes a great deal of fortitude to stand against it. I understand that is challenging when it seems entirely personal especially coming from your family members who are supposed to be the people who most strongly have your back.

Keeping in mind that challenging established cultural perceptions can be difficult and distressing, try to continually forgive them if only for your own peace of mind. I hope you and your sister can learn a lot from each other and wind up being each other's true allies. Solidarity is important. It's wonderful you have a supportive girlfriend.

Try to stay strong in spirit and mind, and be safe. I'm glad you've sought community here. This is a safe space. I think I need a 2nd opinion. I will concur with everything said above. Do not be too anxious to get higher doses of estrogen, you have to be careful that you do not put your body in a dangerous place.

I recently started back on hormones after being off of them for 20 years. Within one week I was taken to the hospital for a stroke. Fortunately for me, everyone involved did everything right and I am ok with only a few minor ftm forums effects.

I just saw my cardiologist yesterday and she is ok with me starting back on hormones using patches instead of oral. I am not trying to scare anybody, just trying to impress upon you the need to be careful, monitor your levels and follow your caregivers advice. Good luck Lauren on your journey, good things will happen in time. Emily Michele's GCS. May it be everything you were looking for and more sweetie! I'm pretty cheap, but you have to work out with me.

My group is pretty intense. It was like that for me. Unfortunately, my marriage tanked before I got to that place. Fortunately, we are still friends, and she accepts my transition. What are you wearing today? According to my Endo, progesterone is kind of a crapshoot. It helps some girls, it doesn't help others and the effects are not well documented. I can't say for sure if it's helping me one way or another, but I feel more like myself with a system full of progesterone so I'm sticking with it.

Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you're doing. You'll find lots of supportive folks in this community. My mental breakdown of the past weeks. I'm like that too. It's hard to break out of if you've spent your life thinking there's something wrong with you. When I bring this up with my endo, ftm forums points to a stack of papers and says it's not in the guidelines. I was ftm forums it with no E in the past at another clinic. I still have some of the old pills and I keep wondering….

Thank you Willow, It is the big picture of happiness we hope for, through transition. To the real point of your earlier post. Ftm forums hope your wife hears positive new from the tests she had done, and is able to quit smoking. We love our spouses and hope they see the better sides of us, as we transition, remaining committed to one another. Welcome Sam! Glad you're here! I'm Ezra or Juan. EzraG Welcome! Glad you are here.

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