Give her a massage

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Massages are a great way give her a massage release stress, work out kinks in your body, and relax. But according to the American Massage Therapy Association, most people get professional massages for health and pain management — after all, massages with a professional masseuse can help with injury recovery and migraines. And vice versa, obviously. Touch is a way to communicate more give her a massageas our words can often be influenced or limited. In fact, Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist and director of the Center for Love and Sexuses massages as central parts of her practice.

In hopes of upping the oxytocinAbergas and Cooper share time-tested strategies to give professional-grade messages. Cooper recommends intentionally positioning not just the receiver, but also the masseuse du jour. You want an environment conducive for relaxing. So regardless of your location, temperature is key, says Abergas, as well as other adjustable sensory details like dim lighting, scent, and music.

Think more lavender-scented than cinnamon pumpkin pie. And make sure the room is comfortably warm, warm enough to have the least amount of clothing [on] and still be relaxed. Put some thought into this," says Abergas, who recommends unscented coconut oil. You don't want anything super slippery either, so there's not enough skin-on-skin contact.

It's more about "the rhythm of your touch, your breath, along with their breath, that will induce relaxation that will release any knots," according to Abergas. Put simply, your touch is the most important part of this massage. Also, you can always start small. And each time, try to linger a little longer, find those sensitive areas and gently tend to those places. Julie Krafchick, her co-creator, agrees. To begin, have your partner lie on their stomach. You may want to put a pillow under their chest for comfort.

Ask them to turn their head periodically to prevent pain or discomfort in the neck. Even if you've never given a massage before in your life, it's important to be confident. They can feel your intention.

Find your rhythm and breathe. If you are tense, they feel it too. Then continue to spread the oil throughout the back, down along the muscles of the spine, with no pressure on the spine itself. When you get to the base of the spine, separate your hands and move along the waist as if you're going to grab the waist. But you're not. You're not going here.

The softer your touch the more ticklish it is. Now finish off by grabbing one foot at a time with both hands, [with] one hand on either side of the foot and thumbs at the sole, like if you were holding a [sandwich]. Move your hands up and down [the foot] as you squeeze and wring out any tension. Then repeat with the other foot. By Amanda Chatel and Haley Swanson. Updated: June 30, Originally Published: Jan.

Give her a massage

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How to Give a Sensual Massage She’ll Never Forget