Gloryholes in mn

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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 11 The upper men's room has a stall and a peephole to the urinal and a public shower.

Gloryholes in mn

I have seen action in the lower picnic building after dark. Stand by the building with your cock ready and you will have a good cum. Belle Plaine. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. More open with bigger and better bathroom. Lots of area, huge parking lot, beach and woods. Hope they get done fixing up the park real soon. However, this summer the park has been closed and the old restroom building taken down. It looks like they are rebuilding the p Also, after 10 pm when the park closes it is great for meeting guys for sex. Posted Dec 28 I've had plenty of action over the years here but you need to be patient.

Noon is good and after 4 pm it gets busy. The park is closed in the winter. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 20 This trail is much like the River Flats in Minneapolis, just hang around on the trail in the evening below 10th to 12th streets. After 8 pm is the best! Many trees, trails and places to fuck and suc Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Proceed north on 1st Avenue several blocks to Evergreen Avenue. Turn left on Evergreen and go down hill past the gloryholes in mn on the right. Take the dirt public access road to the river.

Most Recent Reviews Posted May 21 This is right near downtown and is a Mississippi River access located by the only city cemetery. It's good any time of the day. Take a left and look for the first left hand turn you can take. It will be marked with a brown and yellow park. Follow that road until it turns from pavement to gravel. Received and gave a of blow jobs. I've been thinking of checking it out again.

I love to suck a nice big ". I see no one has been there for quite some I have even received gloryholes in mn blowjob in the winter. Usually, older guys are here but I have seen the occasional hot stud. There is a lower lot that is u I have been able to suck off quite a few guys at different times during the afternoon and evening. There are great little areas to park you car and have a little privacy.

Cass Lake. It's a construction site now.

Gloryholes in mn

I met some really cute native guys there before the wrecking ball. One sweetie took me out on his boat and we enjoyed one great h Cottage Grove. Follow s to the park. If you that close to St. Paul when you are here, you may as well go to St. There is a cruisy bathroom and good hiking paths after dark. Mostly locals from the nearby area. Take the first left, which is 1st Ave.

The sauna is a half block up the hill on the right. See web site for additional information for parking. Had an afternoon off so decided to stop by. Most of the men come and go for a quick get off during the day. Old and very worn but kept OK clean by the staff [mdash] thank you for that. Action makes it worth the trip. Worth the two plus hour drive from MSP.

Drive up from MSP for a Saturday overnight gloryholes in mn. Small crowds but locals, tourists, sailors There are rooms, couches, etc. It depends on who's there. Saturday night it was filled with old fat men that surprisingly displayed attitude. It appears to be a place where old gay trolls meet with their friends then sit and Be careful if you go here! Posted Sep 20 The police were called by some people who were using the rest area after a 17 year-old took a piss in the parking lot.

No charges were filed. But, stay away from the public area anyway. Posted Aug 18 A state trooper investigated "suspicious activity" here July 22 11 pm. It involved a state representative having sex with a 17 year-old guy after they met on Craigslist.

Gloryholes in mn

No charges were file Posted Sep 26 State patrol has always been there, but they do not monitor the park. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 20 Is there a message board where we can talk to one another and set things up? I'd like to watch my wife get gangbanged, bareback. I love to have a place where you can hang your cock out. I've seen ladies in here, young and older. They have enjoyed playing with each other.

I've been sucke I went into the straight theater just before closing time. One guy was leaving and the young guy beside him was completely n I had a great time and so did they. There were only two other guys in the gay theatre. One old guy in the back row and some dude jacking off in the front. I sat in front of t Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 26 I am often here at 5 am, gloryholes in mn in the week looking for a big breakfast.

I wish some big meat would show up! There is always someone in the bathroom willing to suck you off. I've found that around 5 am is about the best time lately. No one i Show up at dusk and wait for truckers and motorists to walk through the picnic area. As long as gloryholes in mn careful and watch for cops, it seems to still be the place to go. The cops have no tolerance if caught. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 26 Not so good during the daytime unless you meet a trucker with a sleeper. At night the wooded park is a great spot with ample cover and a great view of the lot to avoid be surprised.

I enjoyed an aweso Turn south at the reading "County Park" and follow the s. The park was closed. The tearoom has recent grafitti and the trail at the back end has a lot of potential.

Gloryholes in mn

Grand Rapids. Look for the sports complex s. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 20 I've been there twice and it doesn't appear to be conducive to any action. The urinals and stalls are directly in view of the door. Gloryholes in mn is no warning before anyone enters. Look for a rainbow antenna topper in the afternoons. Action is great during the afternoon. Heading west into town, turn at the first stop light heading toward River Road, then take the first left immediately after turning. You will see the and then follow the road into the park.

Also shown on maps as Riverside Park. Midday is a good time as it is private and few people use it. I've met other guys near the bridge in the rear of the park. There was writing on the bathroom stalls with dates and times to hook up.

The park does cater to a family crowd from time t There are nearby trails in the woods to escape to. I highly suggest just sitting by the river or a picnic table and start looking There are a lot of parking spots.

Gloryholes in mn

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