Hair fetish stories

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Jim always looked forward to walking past that hair salon. Every morning on his way to work, he would walk past the salon and glance through the window.

Hair fetish stories

He would gladly pay any price to fulfill his fetish. One hair fetish stories, Jim came up with an idea to satisfy his hair fetish. That day, as he was walking to work as usual, he stuck and ad just outside the hair salon.

This was what it said:. That day finally came. Jim had turned his garage into a crude salon. He had a mirror hung on one side of the wall with a small table positioned in front of it as a counter. In front of the table was a wooden chair with a cushioned seat, where the model would sit down.

There are four video cameras positioned on stands around the chair to catch every moment of the hair styling from 4 different angles; one in front, one behind and another two on either side of the chair. Her grown out bangs which she constantly brush back behind her ears were touching her cheeks. Other than that, her hair is nicely trimmed to one length at the back.

The longest layers at the hair fetish stories reached about five inches below her shoulders while the shortest layers in front just reached below her chin. About half of her locks from the middle of her back down to the tips were curly whereas the rest was straight, suggesting grown out curls. The lovely curls bounced of her back as she turned her head. Her locks were straight silky and layered with the shortest ends reaching about mid-back and the longest ends reached the waist. Her black straight mane cascaded down her shoulders and reached mid-back.

Next to her was Carine, a brunette had her hair tied into a braid and it actually reached her thighs. She has overgrown bangs that covered her eyes and she kept brushing them away from her face. Seated next to her was Joan. Joan has bronze coloured straight hair which she tied up in a ponytail. The ends of her ponytail were just a few inches short of touching her waist.

Hair fetish stories

There was also Shirley, with long jet black hair reaching her waist. The ends were uneven, suggesting it was some time ago that she last trimmed her hair. The last girl was Jessica. She has straight golden hair which reached a few inches below her shoulders. Jessica, come up to the seat of honour! Jessica almost froze at her seat when she heard that she was first up. Slowly, she moved across the room hair fetish stories sat down in front of the mirror. He held up the box for all to see. There are both long styles and short styles. This way, we make things as random as possible leave it all to chance for fairness sake.

Jim then handed the box to Jessica. Slowly, she placed her hand into the box and drew out a piece of paper. She knew that the fate of her hair now rested on a paper she herself drew out. Jessica just stared at her own reflection and thought about losing her hair. But she toughened herself and comforted herself with thoughts that she could have gotten a worse haircut than this one.

Jim moved to the four video cameras and switched them on. He then proceeded to Jessica, caped her and started to comb her hair. After a few strokes to loosen up any tangles, he gathered her hair into a loose ponytail and secured it with a rubber band. Jim then grabbed a pair of scissors and held it at the base of the ponytail. Jessica closed her eyes as the shears were about to plunge into her blonde tresses.

After a few slices, the ten inch long ponytail came hair fetish stories and Jim held it up for all to see. All the other girls in the room gasped in horror. It was now a roughly made bob with the back part reaching her nape while the front ends were longer and reached below her chin.

As Jessica opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, tears started to well up at the loss of her hair. She could no longer tie her hair up in a ponytail anymore. Jim then reached for the electric clippers and turned them on. Jim held the blades against her nape. Jessica shivered a little at the coldness of the metal blades that has never touched her nape before.

He ran the clippers up her nape until ear level and then continued to shave off any leftover hair under the hairline. Jim then reached for the shaving razors and shaving cream. After applying the cream on her buzzed nape, he shaved off the remaining stubbles. As Jim put down the razors and reached for the cutting scissors, Jessica touched her shaven nape and was surprised at how smooth I felt. Jim proceeded to finish up the rest of the hair.

He continued to work around her rough bob until her hair was layered all around. He parted her hair in the middle and combed out her long bangs which still hung below her chin. Jim then went for the trimming scissors and positioned it at her nape. He tilted the scissors down at an angle and started to trim the hair into a straight edged angled bob. He continued to trim about one inch of hair all the way down the right side of her face until it reached her chin. Jim then proceeded to the other side and trimmed the hair down to chin level as well.

Instead she had a smile on her face as she rotated her head around and felt the chin length bangs bouncing off her face. Mary rose up from her seat uneasily and walked silently to the seat of honour. Jim caped her and then offered her the box. Mary looked away and dipped her hand into the box. She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Jim. She never had bangs since she was small and wondered how she would look like with them. Jim said as he stroked the blonde curls with the comb in his hand.

Then, without a warning, he grabbed a handful of the curls with his left hand and chops it hair fetish stories at about mid-back level. Mary let out a gasp of shock and so did the other girls. Mary could feel her head slightly lighter after about half her hair was chopped off. Jim took the trimming scissors and slowly trims through the ends until it was all one length. Jim stepped back and admired the beautifully trimmed shiny blonde hair. Mary shivered a little at the thought of her bangs being cut.

Jim began to section out the front of her hair from the rest. Jim combed it down one last time through the whole length and Mary jerked a little as the bristles of the comb touched her breasts. Jim drew the scissors to eyebrow level and began to cut off about twelve inches of silky blonde hair.

Her face slowly revealed itself as Jim continued cutting away the long bangs. Soon, her once one length hair had now bangs spanning across her head at eyebrow level, beautifully trimmed straight. Mary then stood up and turned around to face the mirror. That looks so weird, those bangs on my face, but I think they look kinda cute! Mary left the chair and headed back to her seat. Her eyes were beaming with pride at her new Cleopatra style look. Jim admired her beautiful blonde hair that bounced off her back as she walked. Her bangs framed her face perfectly and she actually looked better with them than before.

Her shiny black butt length hair swished against her cute butt as she moved along. Her over grown bangs swept across her pretty face as she bent over to sit down. Quickly, Jim caped her and handed the hair fetish stories over to her. Secretly, Jim wanted to get Cindy to become his girlfriend.

He wanted her to keep her long hair because it was just so thick and beautiful. Despite his haircutting fetish, Jim prefers his partner to be a long hair goddess. One does not shit where one eats, the saying goes. Jim hesitated for a while before unfolding the piece of paper that Cindy had drawn out and passed to him. He finally opened it and froze for a moment after seeing the words on it. It read. Cindy herself was relieved at the fact that she only had to lose about a few inches of her hair.

Jim then proceeded to comb out her hair.

Hair fetish stories

Her shiny black hair cascaded down the back of the seat. It was difficult to tell where waist length was when she is seated, so Jim asked her to stand up.

Hair fetish stories

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‘hair fetish’ stories