Harley 585 cam

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Hey Everyone! ed Sep 14, Does anyone have and experience with Harley Davidsons new SE cams. ed Dec 7, If you are looking at a cam mod it is best to go aftermarket. ed May 7, ed Oct 8, RGKen said:.

Harley 585 cam

I don't disagree that going after market would be a better choice but I don't think that all HD cams meet EPA standards at all. If that were the case they wouldn't have put the E cams in the to make it compliant. They could have just stuck with harley 585 cam R with the cams and been done with it. A lot of HD "For Race Application Only" parts are used in street bikes and HD put this label on most of their performance parts just to screw the customer out of the warranty. My came with a 96" engine but the stage 2 kit with SE cams I put in the bike was labeled "For Race Application Only" even though this same engine was available in the models except for the SE cam.

That means that the SE cam is a "race only" cam harley 585 cam to HD. ed Feb 17, It put horse and torque down. ed Mar 27, ed Mar 6, It does have a lot of torque, and it pulls really good all the way through the rpm range. I like it. ed Jun 1, Aside from the nice sound they make ;- The torque and responsiveness is amazing.

I rode it for a few hundred miles before swapping them out and at 3, RPM with a twist of the throttle, it'll throw you back in the seat. In 6th gear I can easily crank it get 10 mph gain in a couple of seconds. No need to down shift when passing someone. I put in the springs just because I was having the rocker box covers replaced with blacked out ones. It made it easier to put in the adjustable lift rods which you need with the ed Jul 2, I'm wondering what the SE cam would do in the ST?

ed Aug 18, Largecar04 said:.

Harley 585 cam

Tune, Dragula 2's, and heavy breather intake, makes harley 585 cam the power I need. ed Nov 1, FYI: I put these in my 96" RoadKing and the torque curve is pretty much flat across the board around ed Apr 4, I to recently had the Stage 3 kit put on my bike, with the SE cams. Bike runs like a bat outta hell. Love it. ed Mar 13, I had a stage IV race kit installed with the SE cams 2 weeks ago and it runs strong. Since I never did anything like this before I can't compare it to much. Another week or 2 and I'll get the oil changed and they'll put it on the dyno.

It runs like a scaled assed ape compared to before and it sounds a whole lot better. ed Sep 4, How do they perform - rpm? What kind of torque? ed Apr 9, The two cams are not even close. ed Nov 23, Khaotic said:. The e is only compliant with a HD header and exhaust with cats. I am really happy with this cam under warranty but will certainly entertain a Woods cam after. The eats the already shitty SE lifters. Buddy's motor is junk after miles. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Road Glide.

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Harley 585 cam

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Harley 585 cam

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