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My wife was a kind of shy lady when it comes to sex. After years of marriage I had managed to get my wife,Sameena ,to watch Sex Clips while having sex with her.

Hot wife sharing blog

But I noticed that whenever there was a scene with two men and a women she would instantly get aroused and goes soaking wet. We have met after a long time so I invited him home, which he accepted. On saturday, Nasir arrived our home around PM. After serving us great dinner, My wife, Sameena went to bedroom to get our kids sleep.

Hot wife sharing blog

Me and my friend Nasir was sitting in other room. We had talked a lot and discussed all events that happened during the time. Nasir admired my wife's look and her friendly behavior. I guessed a kind of lust in his mood. Suddenly, I had made up my mind to do something naughty.

Hot wife sharing blog

I thought, I could believe Nasir for keeping secrecy as he was an old friend of mine so Something naughty was going through my mind. I asked Nasir if he would like to watch some hot stuff. He seemed interested so I selected a threesome movie clips dvd. No soon had the film started I realised that Nasir was getting a hard on with the mmf scene.

Nasir felt a bit of sudden blush as my wife entered the room but I kept on playing the movie, at that point I thought what the hell and lent over and whispered in her ear do you want sex, She was shocked to hear my words and a bit blushed but still she whispered back yes but not here. Nasir overheard us and started looking for his mobile. I pretended to stay very normal and soon my wife left the room after picking up tea-cups. After a wait of few minutes, I saw Nasir's big erection.

I smiled and said, Hey, come-on you are very strange. Can't control. He smiled and said; you had a wife here so you can go and finish off your hotness what would I do. I smiled and in a joking mood I said, Well, I can ask her to entertain you. He looked at me in total surprise. He couldn't believe my offer. He said; Really, do you mean that? I said, yes hot wife sharing blog It would remain only to bed. No other thinking or involving of love, feeling etc. Nasir rest assured me that he would do it just for fun.

I got up and went outside. My wife was in kitchen so I slowly walked behind and hugged her from behind, pushing my half erect dick between her ass crack.

Hot wife sharing blog

She said; come-on. I said; he would think nothing. While teasing her, I offered her if she's willing to try mmf. She was shocked but she said; No, It won't be good with him. She was a bit reluctant but as I assured that he would never do anything harm to us later, she thought for a while and said; If you are easy with that? I said; YES. She looked at me for a while and then said.

Hot wife sharing blog

OK, but only this time. Next time don't ask me for that kind of fun. I knew, she was trying to behave like a good wife so I agreed to her. She said, OK, I'm coming. I went back to the room where Nasir was sitting with erect dick. I told him that Sameena is agreed but don't tease and talk while having sex with her. He was quite good in manners so he understood everything what I said.

Soon, my horny wife arrived in our room. I had already switched off the main light and powered on a low-light so that she won't feel shy. She came well prepared and in a horny dress. Sameena stood there only wearing a lacey see through bra exposing her 36dd breasts with hard dark nipples hot wife sharing blog out and a tiny thong not covering her pubic hair.

I looked at Nasir who was still sitting watching but must of had a great view of Sameena's boobs, Now had her back to him, she made me lie back on the floor so her arse was sticking in the air facing him,all the time whilst in this position Sameena had her legs wide open and had pulled the thong to one side. Nasir could not take anymore and took his cock out and started to wank, is cock must have been inches and very thick, I told Sameena to turn around a look. I went behind her and removed her thong, the juices from her pussy ran down her legs,I then removed her bra,He went to touch her pussy and pushed 3 fingers into Sameena from behind which went in easily she was so wet.

The chair Nasir was sitting on did not have any arms so I asked her to sit on him. Sameena put her legs both sides of the chair so her fantastic tits where now level with his mouth, Nasir started to suck on her nipples which made her moan out. I stood back and noticed Nasirs cock was rubbing behind her ass, I came in hot wife sharing blog of her and she started sucking my cock while nasir was licking her boobs and slowly pushing his dick inside her.

I put my hands on her shoulders and gently started to push her down, Sameena felt the tip of Nasir,s cock inside her pussy, she stood up again but it was to late Nasir was holding her hips so she could not move and i began to push her down again. Sameena said no but did not resist to much, Nasir's cock was now just opening her outer lips, she began to moan and I pushed her down a little more, the head of his cock went in.

While sucking my cock, she got her first orgasm quickly. I looked at her pussy from behind and saw that it was well and truly stretched I could have fitted my fist in there. I went behind her and put my cock by her arse hole, she began to push back, this was her first time anal, with all the juices about I managed to slip it in her but in the excitement slot my load in her arse.

After I finished in her, Nasir made her doggy and drilled her like a slut. He fucked her as he was fucking some prostitute. In doggy style he got over her and made jerks like a bull is fucking. She was moaning in excitement and I was enjoying this. For a moment, I thought that I had never fucked her that hard, that long. He fucked her for about minutes and then pulled it out and sprayed all his cum on her butts.

After giving my wife two wild fucks that night, Nasir thanked me a lot for providing him such a pleasure. My wife had no conversations with Nasir as she was feeling a bit reluctant even after fucking. He left our house at about hrs at night. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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Hot wife sharing blog

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Hot wife sharing blog

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