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in. July 23, Men sometimes seem surprised when they write to me and ask for help and after one or two s they think that one of my two Super Powers is mind reading. I have been doing t h is for a long time now. I have heard it all. Not only have I heard it all, I hear it all pretty much weekly. I am a data collector. Trust me when I tell you, there are not that many different paths a man can take in order to convince his wife to open up her end of the marriage because of his desire to share her with other men.

Not only can I see the whole forest, I can see every path that le anywhere fruitful, and I can see the paths that are going to walk you right off the cliff. So I am working with a publisher on a project related to this Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle. I like this woman a lot. I was explaining to her how I do what I do, and about the mind reading accusation that I hear pretty often from men.

That conversation took us in a totally different direction because she wanted to know if women who write to me ever think that mind reading is one of my two Super Powers. Not to mention that I can answer all of their questions. I have been where they are. Michael and I had no one to ask back then. He was getting all his Lifestyle ideas from the photo caption writers. Sound familiar? I instantly wondered if maybe I had become lost in the forest myself. The question she asked me was what percent of my is from women.

After that, I sort of lost track. I knew that women were writing to me a hell of a lot more than they were in the beginning, but when I began publishing in the mainstream media Blogosphere, the of women who write to me went way up. When I got home from my meeting I did the research I needed to do in order to answer her question. Hence, I love that word my Hotwife Epiphany. I discovered that over the past few months, I am getting almost as much Lifestyle from women as men. So what did that mean?

I put the question out to my advisory committee, Dr. So why is that? I actually know the answer to that one. It is also partly because of fear of being ridiculed by your peers as being a sick fuck if you are a married guy and you admit to your friends that you have a desire to share your wife with other men. Ever since I have been advising couples about this amazing Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle, I have been advising them to keep it to themselves.

This was a lesson Michael and I learned the hard way. We were partying with our boating friends when this subject came up for the first time when Michael made his drunk proclamation that the thought of me having sex with other men excited him.

It seemed reasonable for us to share that information with those same friends when I actually began dating other men. What happened was that we became a pariah in the group. Some of the men contacted me privately wanting to sneak me out. All of the wives became jealous, correctly assuming that their husbands would be after me. The bottom line is that we stopped being included. I guess there really is no honor among thieves! But there is a lot more going on here with my increased online gender specific s than just my visibility in more mainstream venues, according to my brain trust, because even though I have a more mainstream presence now, people still have to search for Lifestyle information using search terms, like Hotwife, Wife Sharing, Married But Dating, Open Marriage, Alternative Marriage, Etc.

I have maintained since Day One, that women are generally more sexually open minded than men. Is that simply my own gender bias? I became sexually active at fifteen. Most girls spend quite a bit of time being sexually curious before taking any kind of how to be a good hotwife action. Not me! I jumped in with both feet so to speak, the very first time I was touched there by an older boy that knew how to do it!

I liked it way too much! The reason I was popular with the older boys was because of my bra size. My first experience with sex was a good one so I wanted more and never looked back. Cosmo tends to back me up on my opinion about women and expressing their sexuality. The last article I read about married women having extramarital affairs indicated that the percentage of married women having affairs is higher than that of married men.

If I read it in Cosmo, it has to be the truth right? So where is all this information leading me? Once I had my Hotwife Epiphany and discovered that just as many women are writing to me as men, AND, this is a huge and they both have to search in order to find either my blog, or my website, that seems to point to the fact that women are just as curious as men about getting real truthful information about the Hotwife Lifestyle.

Men should be taking notes here because this is a pretty major revelation. Having said that, please keep in mind I am not a real doctor, and not into statistical analysis, or anything like that. I am a Lifestyle blogger. I am a Lifestyle Coach for those who want advice about the Lifestyle.

I am telling you that for whatever reason, my first time incoming gender ratio is just about 50— If you are a man who has the very normal fantasy of wanting to share your wife with other men, keep it to yourself. If that fantasy of wanting to share her with other men has become a desire you want to how to be a good hotwife into a reality, tell her.

Chances are pretty good she will be open minded about it so long as you have a healthy Intimate relationship with Open and Honest Communication. Who knows? Maybe she has even already written to me wanting to know how it works! Hotwife Lifestyle blogger, lifestyle coach, and Wife Sharing advocate. Write to me at AlexisMcCall35 Yahoo. Get started. Open in app. Alexis McCall. in Get started.

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How to be a good hotwife

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