How to find sluts

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This article is somehow a precursor of another one I wrote about one year ago, 20 s you must dump her. The idea is exactly to avoid that you enter a relationship with a dark triad girl who will only harm you in the long run. Maybe you went out and you met a very attractive girl, whom you could also establish a nice connection with. Or perhaps you met this lady at the bookstore whose preferences were so in line in yours.

Or eventually you how to find sluts to that house party — thinking that it would be just another boring event with people drinking in vain — but where you got to know that lovely smile whom you could share so many stories with. And now your primal brain is giving you hints and thoughts that she might be the one, so that you can forget about the remaining women on the planet and already make plans for life, with her on your side.

Or even if you would not go so extreme aka totally filled with beta male thoughtsyou would still see her as the perfect match to become your girlfriend or, at least, your main girl. Well, not so fast pal! We have all been there, in these awkward moments where you have got yourself somehow brainwashed, thinking that this person is eventually the unicorn you thought that would not exist anymore. I know that inside your body all your hormones might be shaking, trying to fool you and making you believe that this one is special and different but first, let me tell you that unicorns only exist in old Disney films, and second, that most likely she is just another promiscuous girl, disguised with a nice smile.

I am neither being bitter nor trying to shatter all your dreams, rather to wake you up and bring you to reality. You met her in a night club. It is a total social activity, where it is normal for strangers to talk to one another, with a plus that guys usually approach women. Plus, it means that not only she enjoys the easy fun but especially that she likes to drink alcohol more on that just afterwards. Bonus point if you met her later in the evening or going out during the week or both.

This only means that having fun is her priority and she is increasing the chances of meeting more guys and eventually taking them home — or, at least, to exchange contacts and to meet them on the days after. She drinks a lot and usually gets intoxicated.

Going out is an activity which can already raise a lot of suspicions about but, in case she drinks a lot and usually gets wasted, then you can be sure that she has little or even absolutely no control over herself usually these people use the alcohol excuse to whatever happens. As we all know, alcohol is the one trigger to make people looser.

When a girl how to find sluts in a bar or club, many things happen. First and obviously, she will deal with drunk people, especially guyswhom she will meet and be approached by. So, putting everything together, she will meet lots of guys, where alcohol and a party atmosphere will always be present. Does that sound where a nice girl should be at? In the former, usually city tours lead to people getting out together later on the night, which takes us back to the point of alcohol and party.

Regarding the latter, I do not even need to talk about what girls who get into modelling go through, with all the agents, promoters and important people constantly hitting on them, taking them to fancy parties and trying to bang them. She is nice and very comfortable talking to everybody, especially to other guys. Let us say you meet her at the bar and she is immediately very nice to you, even how to find sluts you. You may think you are special or the coolest guy in the house but, a few moments later, she is smiling and having a similar reaction with another guy or guys.

Or perhaps you met her during the day and you could not notice such behavior in the first place but then, after a couple of times going out with her, she has the tendency to smile and to be nice to everybody, always allowing other guys to talk to her and somehow develop a conversation. Because yes, if she is neither shy nor hesitant when talking to other guys, being during the day or during the night, it means that she is very used to interact with them.

Do I have to draw you a picture? This means a lot a things. Then, she normally craves for exciting moments — instead of looking for enriching and profound experiences — meaning that she will always want to go for the pub crawl and wake up late instead of getting up early to check any historical museum. Finally, she is totally easy-goingusually coming up that John is so nice or that this person is incredible, just a couple of minutes after meeting them. She takes a lot of time to answer to your messages. You met her and you liked her, but you are not in the mood for playing games, so you send her a message on the day after.

Red flag my friend! But wait, there is more: whenever she answers you, you can not find a pattern of response that would be, for instance, to always take just a couple of minutes to reply you back. What usually happens is that she can take two hours or even a day to write back to you, usually coming up with some excuse that she was busy and could not do it before. It is difficult to schedule something concrete with her. Usually she is a girl who follows a lot the point, by being scarce or irregular in the communication with you.

But even if she likes to make conversation, by being nice to you, whenever you refer the topic of meeting her or when you ask her availability for the next days, she has the tendency to dodge the question. Again, either by taking a lot of time to answer or simply by coming up with another excuse e. Besides, and most likely scenario, she does not propose any alternative dates for you two to meet. This simply means that how to find sluts have before you an attention seekerwho likes to entertain as many guys as she can, keeping them as an option but not really sealing the deal with any of them — unless, of course, he is the high-value male she is running after.

She has traveled a lot. Yes, to travel opens your spirit and it is a great way to know and to discover yourself better. But that also means to meet countless people, to try new things every time and to have fun. Tell me a girl who travels and, instead of being taking pictures everywhere how to find sluts updating her Instagramis indeed working or doing some research on a specific country. Do you know any?

Yeah, me neither. Bonus point if she travels a lot but does not seem to have the means for thatmeaning that she is a semi-pro or even a pro, always looking for sponsors to provide the happy moments she can not live without. She talks more about friends and adventures than about family and serious boyfriends. Girls who often refer their families, how they like them and how they enjoy to spend time with them are usually boring note: this is a good thing.

Or find a woman who is totally serious about her serious boyfriend and will you notice how uninteresting she will be for you, giving no chances of moving the conversation forwards. And someone who spends most the time with friends is also someone who does not stop much time at home. And we all know where this search for adventures and excitement le to…. She smokes cigarettes. It sounds like nonsense to bring this up but give me just some seconds to explain my arguments. Yes, they all smoked. Then, a person who smokes is someone who has more difficulty to do sacrifices and therefore to indulge in some feel-good, easy way out activities.

Lastly, she will constantly be at smoking areas, striking up conversations and being approached by random guys. Call it socially skilled, I call it slutty proficient. When she meets you, she immediately asks you for your Instagram. First, this means that it is her main tool of presenting herself to the world and I can guarantee you that, if she refers Instagram, it is because she has a strong online presence there and wants just to add another follower to the list.

Plus, she also wants to know who you are and whether you are a guy with value. Because nowadays, if you do not have many followers in IG or in case you do not even have anthen you are just an invisible person who simply does not matter. She is very good and slutty in bed. This one is totally self-explanatory, no need to develop it further. If you go raw — without condom — she does not stop you.

A slut is usually a girl who first, does not have a high self-esteem — and therefore relies on the attention on others to feel better with herself — and second does not think or even care about the consequences of her actions. And if you are this guy and you try to stick your excited joystick without protection in her, and she does not even try to detain you for a second, then you are before a girl who has done it many times and does not give a damn about what may happen to her body. In her close group of girl friends, she has a couple of slutty ones. In this group I can include these kinds of poisonous friends who seem to enjoy the whole food chainbeing interested in both guys and girls, having no barriers in terms of hooking up or even having sex with random people.

It is a very classy showing the slut potential your new girlfriend might have! She often refers that she is a good girl. I left to the end what I consider the easiest point to spot whether you have a promiscuous girl in front of you. Do not ask me why but, ANYTIME a woman has said to be me that she was a good girl or an angel or something similarshe was simply a very big slut. But guess what? Look, first of all let me be clear here: I am not trying to be neither a puritan nor a hypocrite.

How to find sluts

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