How to make yourself admin on kik

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Premium commands List of the various commands you can use with your Premium Rage, and what they do. Tap the commands to expand them and view the explanation beneath it. For basic Rage commands, tap here. Admins are never affected by any restrictions that Rage imposes on users and they'll never get kicked by Rage. This color indicates that everyone can use the command unless "Permissions" is set to 3 or 4. This color indicates that only admins can use the command.

This color indicates that it is a PM-only command. Set name usage: Set name Rage bot Premium owner command With set name you can change the name of your bot. This needs to be done the first time you set up your Premium Rage, but you can always change it again at a later point. The name will have to include a first name and a last name. The command should be typed in PM with your Premium bot. This command only works for the bot owner. The set name should be typed in one sentence like in the screenshot above. It can take a little time for the name to update. You can speed up the process by restarting your Kik.

In groups it takes longer due to Kik's group caching - this is unfortunately not something we can control. The picture should preferably be a perfect square, or the outcome may end up looking messy - if the picture is not a perfect square, we recommend cropping it first.

The set picture should be typed like in the screenshot above. It can take a little time for the profile picture to update. The set background should be typed like in the screenshot above. The end result after setting everything up. It can take a little time for the background photo to update. Groups [PM command]. Groups usage: Groups Premium owner command Leave 1 Premium owner command With groups you can view what groups your Premium is in, and from there you can make it leave the groups you no longer want it to occupy. You can also view how close you are to reaching your group limit.

Every Premium Rage has a limit of how many groups it can occupy - the limit depends on your payment plan. You can about payment plans here. The commands should be typed in PM with your Premium bot. When typing "groups" to your bot in PM, it will respond with a ed list of the groups it occupies. For private groups, the names of the groups will be displayed, whereas for public groups it will display the hashtags instead. This is what will happen if you try to invite it to more groups after it has reached its limit. The bot will prompty leave the group after being added to it.

If you want it to leave one of the groups it is already in, follow the instructions below. You will need to use that to make it leave said group. In the example above, we wanted it to leave the group named "random group 20". It was the 20th group in our list - so we typed "leave 20". Rage will respond with a confirmation of which group it left. We recommend using this feature to make your Premium leave groups, instead of manually removing it or using the "Rage leave" command.

If you use manual removal or the "Rage leave" command, it could take up to a week for the list to update properly. Also, keep in mind that if you change the name of a private group your Premium Rage is in, it will take a while for the name to update in the "groups" list. Transfer [PM command]. Transfer usage: Transfer Premium owner command Transfer all from 1 to 2 Premium owner command Transfer substitutions from 1 to 2 Premium owner command Transfer censor from 1 to 2 Premium owner command Transfer settings from 1 to 2 Premium owner command With transfer Premium owners can effectively transfer the group data from one group to another.

Most settings will be overwritten but some lists substitutions and censored list will simply merge with the already-existing ones. Please note that you need to have your Premium bot in both groups that you want to transfer from and to.

Be careful when using the transfer command - if you overwrite the data of the wrong group, you can use the "import all" command for a limited amount of time to import old backup data - but there is a chance this may not recover all of your data and settings. There's different commands, depending on what you want to transfer. If you're looking to move your group and want to transfer all data and settings, you should use the "transfer all" command. All settings and data in the group you are transferring to will be overwrittenwith the exception of substitutions and censor lists - those two lists will merge instead.

If you want to wipe the already-existing lists in the group you are transferring to, then use the "delete all", "delete all admin" and "uncensor all" commands first. Tap here for instructions. First, open PM with your Premium bot and type "transfer".

It should look something like this: Typing "Transfer" will give some basic instructions and list the groups that you can transfer from and to. It is very important that you type the correctotherwise you risk transferring the wrong group data and there is no way to undo this. This is the data of our old group 1 that we want to transfer.

The new group 2 has no data yet. Your Premium bot will give a confirmation. The new group will now contain all of the data from the old one. These are the substitutions of our old group 1 that we want to transfer. The new group 2 has no substitutions yet. We want to transfer substitutions from "1: TestDummyGroup" to "2: AnotherTestDummyGroup" - so we proceed by typing "Transfer substitutions from 1 to 2".

The new group will now contain all of the substitutions from the old one. This is the censored words of our old group 1 that we want to transfer. The new group 2 has no censored words yet. The new group will now contain all of the censored words from the old one. This is the settings of our old group 1 that we want to transfer. The new group 2 has no settings yet. The new group will now contain all the settings from the old one. Goodbye message. Set goodbye usage: Set goodbye byebye Delete goodbye With set goodbye you can set a goodbye message that Rage will post in the group chat when someone leaves.

It works in a similar way as "set rules", but just functions as a goodbye message instead. It cannot be seen by the person who left, but it how to make yourself admin on kik be entertaining to the rest of the group chat. Here we set the goodbye message up with "set goodbye Another one bites the dust" - so when someone leaves, Rage says "Another one bites the dust". Note: the goodbye message does not display if people are removed from the group chat - only if they leave by themselves. It would become too spammy otherwise. Whitelist users. Whitelist usage: Whitelist Whitelist user Unwhitelist user Unwhitelist all With whitelistyou can make any user of your group chat exempt from any type of removal by Rage - whether that be through 48 mode, or any of the Premium features disallow spam, disallow crash codes, censored words and so on.

It means you no longer have to admin people out of concern that they'll be kicked by Rage. Type "whitelist" to see the list. To the left there'll an empty box - if you whitelist a user, the box will be ticked. There will be a crown next to the admins in the list. There is also a user tag which is a unique couple of characters they're the first couple of characters of the users jid.

After that, their name is displayed. You can use either the user tag, or their first name to whitelist them first and last name, along with username does not work - it has to be first name alone, or the user tag. Example and how how to make yourself admin on kik whitelist a user is listed below: We want to whitelist pg: Test Dummy We use the "whitelist" command to view the whitelist, and then how to make yourself admin on kik to whitelist "pg" which is the user tag - Rage gives a confirmation that we have whitelisted Test Dummy.

You could also have whitelisted this user by typing "whitelist Test". The reason we have included the user tags in the whitelist is because there could be cases where people use the same first name in one group, or that people use special characters in their name as you can see an example of in the screenshot above.

How to make yourself admin on kik

Without a user tag, it'd be impossible to whitelist people in these cases. Here you see there is now a ticked box next to pg: Test Dummy. That means that Test Dummy is whitelisted. To remove Test Dummy from whitelist, simply type "unwhitelist pg", or "unwhitelist Test". If you want to clear the entire whitelist, you can simply type "unwhitelist all". You can also whitelist them by simply using their first name Test as demonstrated above.

How to make yourself admin on kik

Note: If Rage says that the name or tag is not found, simply use the tag provided by "whitelist" instead of their first name when whitelisting. Extra note: You don't have to whitelist admins as they cannot be removed by Rage anyways. Censor words. Censor usage: Censor Censor word Uncensor word Uncensor all With censoryou can add any word s or sentences to the list of censored words - if a user says the word or phrase that is censored, they will be removed by Rage.

If a user says the word as a part of a sentence, they will also be removed. If a user says the word inside of another word eg.

How to make yourself admin on kik

Examples given below: Here you see how to view the censor list and how to add a word to it. In this example, we've added "fuck" to censor. When someone says "fuck" in a stand-alone sentence, Rage will remove them. When someone says "fuck" as a part of a sentence, Rage will also remove them. When someone says "fuck" as a part of a longer word in this example, fuckersbergRage will not remove them. We've implemented it this way to narrow down the amount of unintentional removals - though this also means that if you want to completely censor a swear word such as "fuck", you will have to censor all of the derived forms of the word as well, such as "fucking" "fucker", and so on.

How to make yourself admin on kik

You can also censor entire sentences by typing censor in front, such as "censor I love pineapples on pizza". If you want to uncensor the word "fuck", type "uncensor fuck" as in the screenshot above. If you want to completely wipe the censored list, type "uncensor all". Warning: please think through how a word can be used in various ways and sentences before you decide to add it to the list - you could unintentionally remove users whom you don't intend to remove.

Disallow noobs. Disallow noobs usage: Disallow noobs Disallow noobs 10 Allow noobs Default With disallow noobsyou can prevent s that are x amount of days old or less from ing the group. This is especially useful for keeping out bots that Rage normally doesn't detect and keeping out fake or alt s. You can either use the "disallow noobs" command without any at the end then it'll automatically remove s that are 5 days old or lessor you can insert a at the end.

Example below: Here we set it to "disallow noobs " - the that attempted to is "only" days old and was therefore removed. You can adjust the to any amount of days. Disallow ing. Disallow ing usage: Disallow ing Disallow ing Message Allow ing Default With disallow ingyou can effectively lock down a group chat so that new users cannot. If new users attempt to through group search or invite links, Rage will remove them immediately after posting a default removal message - though Rage will not remove people who are added to the group by existing group members.

This is the default removal message when using "disallow ing". Here is how you set up a custom removal message for disallow ing.

How to make yourself admin on kik

This can be especially useful if you're running a group with verification rules - you can "disallow ing" while the admins are asleep and then do "allow ing" again in the morning. Or you could even set it up permanently with a redirect to a verfication group that new users should first.

How to make yourself admin on kik

The custom removal message will be saved, even after doing "allow ing" again - so you won't have to set it again the next time you lock the group. Disallow spam. Disallow spam usage: Disallow spam Allow spam Default With disallow spamRage will remove users who mass-spam from the group chat. Though most groups will fortunately never be affected by this, some groups face a lot of issues due to trolls mass-spamming the chat. It can be very disruptive and annoying for a group chat, so we implemented this as one of our security features.

By default, the setting will be on "allow spam" which means Rage will not offer any protection if the group is getting spammed. But the setting is toggable and you can enable it by typing "disallow spam" in your group chat.

The feature is based on a point system - only an excessive amount of text posts within a short amount of time will be counted as spam.

How to make yourself admin on kik

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