How to save cum

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The main goal of writing this is so, when you are slurping your jizz, it tastes as pleasant as possible. Ejaculating and storing the specimens incorrectly can make it taste horrid, keeping you from ever trying again. Some of this sounds like a pain in the ass to do, but I encourage you to see it as part of the ritual of saving your cum for the ultimate Cum Eating Challenge.

When you do things purposefully, they take on deeper meanings. And I am one who feels semen deserves a great deal of respect. Every person is different and has different goals for cum eating. If you are brand new, might be plenty for you to start with. The more advanced you get, the more you can save. The largest I have assisted in was 26 ejaculations … a how to save cum sight to see. I know other Mistresses here have had their guys eat many more than even that. They are my heroes!

Do not cum on top of a ejaculation if it has been in the refrigerator or freezer. The goal is keep warm cum separate from refrigerated cum and that separated from frozen cum. Warm semen cools in the fridge. Cold from the fridge, semen can be poured on top of frozen semen. Once the cum is cold, you can put the it in a ziploc bag or in a plastic container with a tight sealed lid, leaving it in the freezer until you are ready to nosh on it all. One great way to save your cum is to put it in ice trays.

This way, you can put new ejaculation right into the freezer. When the iced cum is totally frozen, you can put all the ice cubes into a zipper bag and start saving all over! If you need help or desire company, you know we Mistresses are here for you. I encourage taking the frozen cum in its container and putting it in the refrigerator to thaw a couple days before your Challenge. If you have to thaw it faster, thaw it like a Thanksgiving turkey… in cool water. Some people like it warmed up, others like the icy flakes on it.

Try it different ways and pick the one that resonates with your tongue. Experienced cum eaters will tell you that each ejaculation can taste completely different. Most of us have experienced food often ice cream tasting gross because it absorbed flavors from the freezer. Imagine mixing 15 of those different cum shots and putting them unsealed in your freezer. It would not be unusual for all of it to take on a yucky taste, thereby making the challenge even more difficult. I know that bad tastes can actually ruin the experience.

The glass allows no exposure and is none porous to the elements. Plus the vacuum sealed lid take out nearly all the air inside the container keeping the cum nearly untouched post ejaculation to freezing. Straight from freezer to ejaculation to freezer. I let the cum thaw at room temperature which nicely kept all those ropes of cum together. Slightly cool temperature wise but once poured in your mouth it will not be long before its nice and warm. Wife and I do this. We save several lo in a condom, then when we ready for a night of cum play we unthaw it and drip it all over her, and in her spread open pussy, then she watches me lick and suck it all up.

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How to save cum

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