Hypnosis erotica

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Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Story Tags Portal erotic hypnosis. Active tags. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Beautiful Corruption A powerful woman slowly becomes a mindless slut.

NEW 4. New Life A woman wakes up to her new life as a slave. Jodie's New Life Ch. Truce Ch. Faraway Look Darlene knows what to do when Sam gets a look in his eyes. All by Myself Candi tries to read big girl words for Master.

Hypnosis erotica

Good Girl: The Snap Good girls fall with just a snap. Eager to Please A hypnotic induction for those who wish to serve. Lazy Confessions Hypnosis finally loosens Chelsea's lips. The Dangerous Dark 04 The vampire returns to claim you as His. Recurring Dream Nancy gets caught up in a recurring dream. American to English British English comes to visit an American on his own turf. The Hypnosis erotica Way into Trance A hypnotic elevator where the only destination is pleasure. Kimiko's Dream House A young woman goes househunting with her real estate agent.

Good Girl: Your Orgasm Pt. Moonlight Glitters on the Ocean The tides will leave you in a mindless and drooling mess. Sensory The conclusion to Sensitivity and Olfactory. Hypnosis erotica Pleasure Principle A woman confronts her landlord about the videos he makes. Gilded Cunt Tillie gets hypnotized and body painted by her lover. There is Pleasure in Desperation Hypnotic induction for those who like denial and pleasure. Daddy Relaxing Meditation Accent Daddy sends his special girl a relaxation meditation audio.

On the Verge of Something Wonderful A hypnotized woman approaches a joyous revelation. It's Easier Not to Think A hypnotic script making the user become a bimbo temporarily. The Mystery Crew investigates another haunting. How to Resist Hypnosis A hypnotic induction about resistance. Hypnosis is like Reading a Book Hypnotic Induction based around reading books. People are like Pendulums A hypnotic induction based on the physics of pendula. Cum to Sleep A text hypnosis file using an orgasm to induce trance.

Boy Inside the Man Tommy experiments with a friend's Boy tm. Absent Minded Me A hypnotic induction intended to help with amnesia. Sharing is Caring A young woman shares her newfound hobby with her girlfriend. Busted Ash is taught 3 lessons about resisting Mistress. Thirst Ash tries a suggestibility drug. Unravelled The movie that everyone's talking about but noone will spoil. You Don't Have to Worry A woman is abducted, but she's not frightened at all. Hypnosis Session for Females - Session 04 Erotic hypnosis Kiss on the Neck Megan is hypnotized at a gathering for professional women.

Rabbit Hole Shaniqua discovers a new fetish.

Hypnosis erotica

My Dear Beth Ch. Beth comes home to a surprise. Language Barrier Marcia falls victim to an induction in a foreign language. The Cure for Anxiety Ashley gets a special necklace that helps her concentrate.

Hypnosis erotica

A Change in Perception Ch. Hypnosis Session for Females - Session 03 Hypnosis session 3 for females. Hang on to Your IQ Trinh watches a hypnotic video alongside other women. The Walls Have Ears Thin walls create close, unexpected connections. A Change in Perception Emily has a sudden change in perception on her way home. Turn the Key 03 - Open the Gate A tale of erotic hypnosis and dollification. Surrender A hypnotic power struggle between two strangers. Hypnosis Session for Females Long induction for first session to hypnosis erotica people new to erotic hypnosis.

Questions 67 and 68 Jessica has some problems with her test. Descent A short story about Callie's first erotic hypnosis session. Nothing Like It in the World A dominant hypnotist shares the beauty of surrender. One More Try Kiara begs for one more chance at being hypnotized. Chocolate Milk A prankster exploits her acquaintance's favorite drink. Snaps to Clicks Vern gets another fascinating lesson in British English. Auto-Submit A man discovers his co-worker's impression on his work. Correspondence A professor corresponds with a hypnosis expert. Plain Gold Ring A college student tries out hypnosis and confesses a secret.

Predatory Words What words hunt you, deep in the night? Professor's Sugar Momma Ch. You're My Temptation A young woman poses a nearly-irresistible temptation. A Place with You in Mind A house is inspected and explored by an interesting visitor. Mindless Self Indulgence Bianca tries to assert her independence. Hypnosis erotica He? A young woman acting silly finds a willing participant. Keep Your Eyes Open A detective investigates an unscrupulous therapist. Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ. Category filter. Live Webcams Online!

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Hypnosis erotica

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