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What is a dick pic? Generally, it is an unsolicited image of a penis sent to someone, usually a woman, to provoke an invitation to sex. But we must remember that there is a fundamental difference in how genitals are treated; the penis is versatile and appropriate for many situations while the vulva is typically associated with either sex or terror.

Therefore, genital intrusions such as the dick pic are acceptable for both public and private showing, while most things vulvate are not. The problem is that this dynamic lacks concern for consensus and I stress consensus over consent as it involves activity and negotiation from both parties about which genitals are shown, how, when, and to whom.

This is toxic. This toxic dynamic is also at play in the character of Priapus, an ancient fertility god known for sporting an anatomically preposterous penis whose main task was to protect gardens and orchards from would-be thieves using his cock. What can we glean from a model of genital display present in the Carmina Priapea, a collection of Latin poems about him?

How and where has this particular model survived millennia to find traction in mass-market media and popular culture today? Before I discuss this question, I will provide the caveats promised above. I will discuss mainly interactions between cisgender men and cisgender women, as they seem to be the main players in a toxic dick pic dynamic, although people who are not cisgender send and receive dick pics as well.

It is also true that not all dick pics are unsolicited. Indeed, many derive great jouissance from the transaction. But such arrangements between two or more people include an element of consensus: a picture is desired, requested, and received. Some unsolicited dick pics are received with approbation. Since I plan to discuss the unsolicited dick pic below, I raise Priapus as an ancient interlocutor. He is not concerned with sexual consent, and has even been cited as a positive model by Bro Bible. But what sort of model is he? In other words, he is a randy scarecrow.

He boasts incessantly about his very large and often erect scarecrow penis. And Priapus thinks that everybody desires it. After all :. Clearly even married ladies show good sense and like to Look at a big dick. A dick — and by extension a dick pic — is, just penis pics his mind, a pleasant sight. It brings to mind Martial 1. Priapus revels in this narrative, broadcasting not only the existence of his ponderous part but also his ability to wield it. Poem 54 of the Carmina Priapea re :.

A dick pic of our very own, sent across millennia! I am sure that Priapus would be absolutely delighted to know that we are still discussing his penis two thousand years after the CP were written. But what sort of penis was it really? If we take his posturing and his use of Rabelaisian language at face value, then he would be a model of hypermasculine vigor, a penetrator par excellence.

He is, however, a deeply contradictory and even vulnerable god. Yes, his penis is fabulously large, and yes, Priapus does seem to have an elevated libido. This proud scepter which now severed From its tree bears leaf no longer. In other words, Priapus is infertile. Though the god attempts to frame it as a token of authority, the inexpensive construction of his lumbering penis fails to conceal the fact that it is really dead weight. It may as well be a bit of driftwood. In CP 55Priapus has one of his other weapons, a sickle, stolen just penis pics he sleeps.

The god voices concern that his penis should be stolen as well — his most defining and to some, impressive, characteristic is also his greatest vulnerability. Perhaps that is why he is constantly bragging about its power in an act of distraction. Priapus suffers from fragile masculinity, the reification of the notion that masculinity faces constant existential threats and must be constantly buttressed by just penis pics of violence, sexual dominance, and items like these.

Some degree of violence can be forgiven him — he is, after all, a watchman— but must he bring his penis into everything? And must he do it so boastfully? Emasculation is not the only threat. Incidentally, the Latin word for garden is hortusa term which is often found in Latin literature as a metaphor for the vagina. Priapus is geographically situated, even trapped within the very thing that he professes to dominate though he is also fond of anal and oral rape.

He is also quite inadequate at it — in CP 77Priapus addresses his owner, who has erected a fence around the garden. The god is unable to reach anyone for a fuck, and no one is able to enter the garden within reach of his penis.

Fortunately for him, and less fortunately for others, he can still use his mouth. In CP 46the god is visited by an unnamed woman who becomes the target of harsh invective about her genitals. His anger betrays his panic, and his assurances that he is satis paratus — always ready for a fuck anyway — highlights the anxiety that he feels about his penis as well. Despite the undesirability of the woman before him, he can still perform. This concern recurs in the CP. Take Poem 6 :. Priapus is quite eager to explain away any perceived impotence before concluding in his usual, minatory manner.

The message is clear: I am so powerfuland I will use my penis to prove it. In CP 9, he goes as far as to compare his penis to the weapons of other gods, such as the spear of Pallas or thunderbolt of Zeus. I draw attention to the final line:. As they say on Twitter, MasculinitySoFragile. Fragile masculinity is often brought into the light by feelings of sexual inadequacy or failure, including the inability to find a willing sexual partner.

Indeed, it seems that many dick pics are sent in a fit of satyric panic, a state of haste that strongly implies an unrenewable expiration date on sexual attraction. The poet Addaeus articulates the concept succinctly :. Just grab your balls and state your case.

And so we move on to the Roosh V forum, run by self-proclaimed philosopher-cum-pickup artist Daryush Valizadeh. The reasoning is clear. A dick pic is a simple means of provoking just penis pics, of forcing confrontation or conversation.

It is also proof of sexual potency and the ability of just penis pics penis to intrude into any space. It also foreshadows a potential response to a dick pic: mockery. The space that is the dick pic, and the space which it invades, are deemed by their senders to be rightful places for just penis pics to be shown. Even so, several responses are considered beforehand, and just as with Addaeus and his ball-grabbing, the one that is generally hoped for is sex. The second potential response is rejection. Under this umbrella, I include a great variety of reactions: revulsion, disgust, anger, a harassment suit, and a viral post about the interaction are just a few of the possibilities.

So is mockery. An easy way to stave off potential mockery is to pass off the entire affair as a joke. Furthermore, a penis under the guise of comedy is one that can be shown in the public sphere with impunity, a low-stakes gag. The still-taboo vulva, on the other hand, is treated with shame or revulsion.

This double standard, coupled with the forces of toxic and fragile masculinity, is a noxious cocktail harmful to women. It creates a dynamic where the penis and its uses are lionized while the vulva, along with female sexuality and expression, are curtailed. The vagina can be funny, but in a very specific and disturbing way. It is true that one can interpret the genital display of Baubo as a comic or positive act.

Baubo, also known as Iambe, is reputed to have cheered up a grieving Demeter by lifting her skirts to show her genitals. Clement of Alexandria certainly wrote about it as a good thing; he notes that while Baubo pointed herself out from a sense of hurt, Demeter remained unflappable and was even delighted by the sight. And so it remains a sex-object. Why is that? Maude Lebowski puts it succinctly: the word itself makes some men uncomfortable.

And if the word has such an effect, then what can an image do? Let us look at mass-market media, and video games in particular. Recently, a major video game company called Ubisoft pledged to remove a moderately detailed vagina from its latest big-budget releasean open-world game about hacking and sticking it to the man, etc. This, about a game with quite a few penises of varying states and sizes. The gamer who discovered this vulva and shared his findings on the PlayStation network was temporarily banned by said group for sharing a vagina that was in a game that was on his PlayStation in the first place.

What an utter mess. This, in an industry where games such as Genital [or just Penile] Jousting are released to general approbation. In the game, up to eight penises of various sizes, shapes, and colors must penetrate one another to earn points and unlock jaunty accessories such as hats and monocles.

In this wildly lucrative industry, penises are a laugh while vulvas are still, in effect, banned. Some video games have participated in social progress within the last five years e. One could argue that the decision to remove the vagina from the game is nothing more than savvy marketing or PR guff — after all, someone had to put it there in the first place.

But the controversy and subsequent apology still highlight the discrepancy between how the vagina and the penis are viewed, if not by Ubisoft then by its fans. Priapus can hoist his schlong about as much as he pleases, but heaven forbid he see a vulva in return. This is phallic hegemony in action, and not even Satan himself is exempt from its effects. Consider this English print from c. The caption re:. Just penis pics is both a Priapic and a Baubo-ist mise-en-scene with a twist.

Satan, with penis at the ready, seeks to molest young Chloe. He wears no clothing, his penis on full display. But Chloe turns the tables on him by flashing her own genitals instead. Satan is shocked by both her audacity and her pubic hair. Look closely: even his penis is shrinking back and attempting to flee the scene. Yes, it is a joke that includes a vagina, but the joke is still one that is inextricable from sex and rape. The punchline is rape thwarted by sexual undesirability and the apotropaic function of pubic hair. As a character, Chloe is nothing more than the harbinger of tufted terror.

Perhaps she can be read as a figure of defiance, but she is still framed as part of the joke. For a nominal fee, anyone with a penis can submit a picture of it for scrutiny and feedback. For a slightly larger fee, the dick pic and its final grade will be posted on the CMDP web. Some even treat the site as a how-to guide which holds the instructions to take a more alluring dick pic than might be taken otherwise.

Just penis pics

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