Kamihime project review

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Life is a lot like reviewing games for Nutaku. Since it lends itself to the mobile game format, I ended up spending most of my playtime on the android version. Hot damn, we got a big boi on our hands ladies kamihime project review gentlemen. The art you can witness for yourself in the provided photos, the shit is clean. That goes for the character portraits, h-scenes, and sprites for the units in the gameplay.

But why stop there? I was quickly no stranger to sitting around in the menu or slowing down the story progression to hear the background music a little longer. In addition, a large portion of the game is voice-acted in Japanese with a talented cast. Uhhh I don't know, Nike is kinda controversial lately. I lumped these together because I believe they hold the weaker aspects of the game. Moreso the story, which is basically guy and girl must be heroes by collecting other girls and fighting monsters. Sex ensues along the journey. Needless to say, I ended up skipping a large amount of the exposition after a bit.

But hey, who the fuck plays these for the story? The gameplay itself is decent, revolving around some elemental strategy like that found in later Persona games. Ultimately though I turned on autoplay by the end of my experience with the game. To be fair, I would argue stabbing any bodypart would be a weakpoint with a sword that big. Ohhh, I see.

This is why Nutaku recommended this game. I could barely launch the application before Kamihime project review was right in the middle of a h-scene. Just beautiful. The only complaint I could muster for this section would be a lack of variety. From my research, it looks like a very large amount of content revolves around the same rape, gangrape, or implied forced sex themes. Gtfo cursor, you're ruining the moment. Who left you there? The game looks great, sounds great, plays okay, tells a boring story that I nodded out on, and delivers on some high quality scenes with smooth animation.

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Kamihime project review

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Kamihime Project R - Game Review