Kik mistress usernames

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 11 February - PM. In Create. Please log in to reply. No replies to this topic. I'm kind of a tomboy, art hoe and goth girl all at the same time. I have been practicing Witchcraft and Wicca for around 3 years now, it's something I've always been fascinated with. Yes, I consider myself a witch but not like the media portrays it. I'm not stirring a potion in a cauldron to turn you into a frog while wearing a pointy black hat, that's just silly. I hope to incorporate my practices into any future relationship I may have with my subs, I'd love them to be a part of my craft.

I like to give a lot of daily tasks and rules to keep my slaves busy while I'm not active. Most of the tasks I will give my slaves will kik mistress usernames non-sexual, as I like to have my slaves serve me in every way, not just sexual. I have owned many slaves in the past few years, however most of them were either fake, boring or only after my nudes. As for my Dom side, I like to get to know my slaves before actually dominating them. If you piss me off I can get extremely cruel and nasty. I like to give my slaves daily tasks that take up all of their time, so most of their day is dedicated to me.

I actually prefer weird kinks to the basic ones. If you're not interested in doing sexual things, that's totally fine! I'm up for a non-sexual relationship with my subs. I don't expect anyone to immediately submit to me within the first few messages, but I think mutual respect is important for this kind of relationship. The willingness to learn is also a big turn on for me. I have a lot of strange and weird kinks and it makes me happy when my slaves are willing to try new things and be adventurous. I like my slaves to be able to write similar to me, using correct kik mistress usernames, grammar and punctuation.

I also like my slaves to be creative.

Kik mistress usernames

I like it when they come up with ideas for their own punishments, tasks and rules, it gives me a good insight of their likes and what they're into. However, I dislike disobedience, laziness and illiteracy. Illiterate people are a huge turn off for me as I like my slaves to do a lot of writing tasks.

I can't tell you how many times I send this entire post to someone and they just reply with something along the lines of "18, m, uk.

Kik mistress usernames

I usually block those kind of replies instantly. I actually find it kind of insulting to be honest.

Kik mistress usernames

The rest are pretty self explanatory. I will only use my time on the people who I think are committed and deserve it. I consider being a slave a privilege. To be able to serve a dominant, to be able to please them, have them want you and only you as a sub, to have them spend time on you, write your rules, give you tasks, etc is a privilege. So treat it like one. My second biggest kinks are starving and feeding this is also related to food control. These are complete opposites, yes but having my slave trust me enough to have me change their body is something I enjoy. I also love seeing a skinny sub get fat and a fat sub get skinny.

My third biggest kink is daily tasks and writing tasks. I just love giving my subs tons of tasks to do, most of your free time being dedicated to me. Writing tasks interest me because words have a lot of power. Or even just writing a small list of reasons why you appreciate me, ways to remind yourself of me in everyday life, etc. I also like to make timetables and daily plans for my Subs, so I can control their entire day. Firstly, pet play is appealing to me because I love the idea of making someone even lower than an animal. Having my slave pee outside, walk on all fours, being banned from using the toilet is extremely dehumanising and I love it.

Next one is pretty simple. I like public humiliation because of the threat of getting caught, having my sub ready to serve no matter the time or place. Please don't let my kinks scare you off, I understand if most of them seem overwhelming or they're a limit. I would never force any of my slaves to do something that they're uncomfortable with, communication and consent is extremely important to me.

I've actually never tried most of my kinks and I don't expect to for example, I know I would never be able to try cuttingbut it's still a fantasy of mine. Limits: Face pics, short term, skype Kik: White. Sabrinaa "Hi's" and "hello's" and anything like that will be blocked immediately.

Please write several paragraphs about yourself, detailing you, your likes, limits, job, life, what you're looking for etc. Be specific, the more detailed you are the, the higher the chance of me replying. Please kik mistress usernames say "M, 18, UK". If you're going to write something like that then don't even bother messaging me.

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Kik mistress usernames

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