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If the Developer Previews are any indication, Android N is shaping up to be an impressive update. While the new Android iteration brings a of cool features and changeswe especially like the quick reply feature support for inline actions on notifications. You can easily reply to messages, update task lists and do more with the feature and it especially comes in handy when it comes to messaging apps.

Start Sending Quick Replies Once you have enabled the app, you will automatically see buttons for inline actions on notifications from messaging apps. The Direct button lets you send one of the kik quick reply messages and the Read button lets you mark messages as read. Moreover, you can use the quick reply actions from the lockscreen as well. The app even groups notifications that are available for quick replies on the lockscreen and notification shade in a ChatHe like layout, so that you can easily tap one of the icons to start a quick reply.

Customize the Quick Reply Experience The quickReply app works very well out of the box and in fact, you can simply install the app, enable it and never even need to open it again. You can also choose to disable ChatHe notification here and change its display mode.

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Kik quick reply

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How to Get Android N ‘Quick Reply’ Feature on Any Android Device