Kik wont let me chat with someone

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One of those apps is Kik, a great and easy to use app that has a ton of features and lets you chat with anyone around the world completely free. For Kik tips to use the app on your computer we recommend Kik Online. Including how to use Kik Messenger on your PC so you can chat any and everywhere. Often times, developers of apps will include little secrets in their app that you have to either stumble on or know beforehand to make it work. Are you new to Kik? What is Kik?

Kik allows you to send text messages, video, sketches, images, etc. One of the differences compared to WhatsApp is that you use a Kik username instead of using your cell phone. Tap the download button and from there you will need to enter in your name, username, phoneand a password of your choosing.

Remember, Kik is constantly updating their app so more Kik secrets might show up after an update or some might be disabled. Say you just got a message from a friend that you want to read. This will give you a screenshot of the app and show the message. After you read the message just tap the home button again to get out of Kik without ever showing that you read the message. The second way is after receiving a message turn on airplane mode.

Then open the Kik app and read the message. This is because Kik has gone into their app and enabled an emoji of their logo for its users to use. This makes sense as it helps promote their brand and is a cool feature that most people try at least once when they figure it out.

To do it, follow these steps: First, open Kik and open a conversation. To do that, simply type in your username into the Kik search feature, find yourself and tap to start a chat. As you can see above it send the Kik symbol instead of the actual word. This is a cool little secret you can use with your friends. When that person is typing it will show that they are. Now comes for this great secret. Note, you cannot change your username ever but you can change your display name whenever you want.

Just follow these steps: Open the Kik app and tap on settings. You can always change your name back to your original name if you get tired of it. The fact that Kik uses usernames and not phone s makes this even easier as there is hardly any way to verify for certain the person is who they say they are. A lot of times people will ask for someone to send them a photo to verify they are who they say. The tool is called TinEyewhich allows you to any photo and TinEye will search literally billions of photos to see if there are any duplicate photos.

That way you can ask for a photo of the person on Kik and run it through this tool to see if they just downloaded it or took a screenshot from the web. If you find the image is used elsewhere that is not associated with their Facebook or other social profile, then you know they are faking.

If you know them in real life, ask for their kik wont let me chat with someone in real life and make sure you never give out personal information such as your last name, where you live, cell phoneetc. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up and is completely free. You will want to follow the steps below to download and install an Android emulator.

The most popular emulator is BlueStacks, however you can use any of other emulators out there, just search for Android emulator in Google. First, head over to bluestacks and download the respective app for PC or Mac depending on whichever computer platform you use. Now, once you have BlueStacks downloaded, install it and go through the setup process. You will need to sync your Google Play with BlueStacks so you can download the Kik apk onto your computer. Click on the 1 click sync button and go through the sync process by logging in to your Google.

If you already have Kik on your Google it may automatically download and sync your. If not, click the search icon at the top right and search for Kik. Download Kik and using your username and password. Now you will be able to use Kik on your PC and continue your conversation from your iPhone or Android onto your computer. For more general advice, check out PC Onlinewhich provides online and tips for computers. Let us know if you found any other great secrets that will help you be able to use the app even better. You can now access any website through your Kik built in browser.

You may have not realized but now Kik allows you to use their built in browser and see any site that your friends text you. In now you can send ly recorded videos right in your Kik app just by tapping on the little plus symbol on the text bar and choosing the video you want to send. This allows you to continue your conversation and add a bit of fun to it via a silly video.

Kik realized that smileys are super popular among their users and therefore allowed users to now create their very own smileys. You can de your very own set of Kik smileys and submit them on the Kik site. If you are selected, the app will feature your smileys with recognition and honors going to you. Pretty awesome way to get your art out to the public! On top of sharing old archived videos you can also share Kik videos that are taken right in the Kik Messenger app.

It will record videos up to 15 seconds long and you can send them via chat messages and view them in full resolution. Kik Messenger now has over million users worldwide and is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world.

You may not realize this but on average Kik users spend 35 minutes per session using the app, which is one of the longest, just under 37 minutes for Facebook per session. This just goes to show how popular the app is and how much people love it. Also, Kik le users in ages kik wont let me chat with someone to 20 over all other apps according to Magid Associates study. This has caused concern from a of different social media apps including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All of the buzz in the mobile tech industry in the first quarter of has been bots.

Guess what? Kik messenger is among them. Take a look at the Kik bot shop and start perusing some of the new offerings! The GIF Keyboard is only a tap away from the main chat window, and will allow you to search the web for popular means and animated images to better compliment your messages. Inwe saw the addition of themed Smileys to the Kik app.

They were such a hit, that we now have the Smiley Lockerwhich allows you to store, share, and measure the rarity of Kik content. The Locker will tell you how rare your particular smileys are, and also allow you to keep easy access to all of them. Stay tuned to Appamatix for more cool updates and useful tech-related tips!

Know of any other great tips or secrets to Kik that will help us use the app better? I hope these secrets have helped you get a little more out of the app and you can use them to impress your friends. Let us know in the comments below if you hear of any other great Kik secrets! Feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so everyone else can enjoy and make use of these cleverand Kik secrets.

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Kik wont let me chat with someone

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