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I find this to play a certain role in the online social platform realm that creates a space to share raw realities for young Latinx folx. I will disclose some of the unique stories, images, and connections made while also considering some things that are left in la sombra. Or just obsessing over Flaming Hot Cheetos? It has multiple s that users can open based on their interests and read to get up to date on the newest tea — that is, gossip. In fact, my two younger sisters and I used the app exclusively to communicate for about a year and a half.

The app has been in use since which, for me, was my senior year of high school. I have been latino snapchat consistent proud loyal Snapchat user since then and I have found it to be extremely useful and informative. Both sites are social media spaces created with and for Latinos.

Hispanic population is under 34 years old, and they are the one demographic most likely to own a smartphone or device with access to the internet. I find this to play a certain role in the online social platform realm that is normalizing decolonial readings of cultural stars, code switching, and analyzing the effects of race and gender on Hollywood representation. It is a that criticizes to create a space to share raw realities for Latino teens and young folx. With these few examples, I will disclose some of the unique stories, images, and connections made while also considering some things that are left in la sombra.

In order to gather information about the itself, it is important to note that Snapchat allows stories to be viewed for 24 hours and then they no longer appear. Discovery s have changed across the years, but the stories found there disappear after a certain allotted amount of time. There have been times that they would last 24 hours and now, for example, they stay there to be viewed for a few days. This code takes you to where I got all of my screenshots although they are no longer there due to the way the platform works.

In my paper, I will take a look at 15 example stories of pop culture space of resistance. The has been known to question what Urccioli describes as ethinicizing and racializing discourses but in a way that young folx are included and even encouraged to reflect on their own presence in the United States, throughout Latin America, Spain and across the globe. Latino snapchat I started looking into the history of the company on the basis of news articles and interviews, I noticed how the focus of the company has undergone a of ificant changes. Other important changes within the leadership and investors reveal the context in which the Snapchat was formed and how it evolved.

The information comes from a of online news sources and articles. In the section following, I will discuss some of the particularities of the Snapchat. Inwho exactly falls under the category Latino? Is it an exclusive term? And, what would latino snapchat content look like?

With the exploding of U. Programming will feature a mix of English and Spanish language content that will aim to both entertain and be a resource for Latin audiences focusing content around six key channel : Health, Beauty, Food, Family, Style and De.

This statement establishes a few aims: in the U. So then, why a lifestyle network? It was no accident. It challenged how, even as the Latino population in the U. They saw that the video content is mainly found online and through smartphones. This particular statement helps raise more questions about the who that the company was referring to when stating that they were wanting to reflect the experience of the Latino audience.

One foot in the U. What about the uniqueness of language difference and language experience with English, Spanish, and Portuguese ignored in this statement? By this point, there arose a new focus on English dominance in the Latino audience which contrasted with its original statement of English and Spanish content for both U. Latinos and Latinos abroad. This new focus also appeared through the aim to draw on the presidential election happening in the U. Latino millennial vote in This content is obviously very particular and pertains to a very specific group according to age, ethnicity, and accessibility to the voting polls.

So, then, what has changed about the audience that would make it English-dominant? What constitutes a Latino point of view? What, then, do these changes say about the non-English dominant Latinos? What does this say about those that do not have access to latino snapchat voting polls? Burstin described that the longer projects plans were hard to maintain profitable programming and, consequently, led to the decision to exit those business productions.

They wanted latino snapchat continue to interact with brands and traditional media products. The points in question were who, how much, why, how much had been invested since its beginnings, and how large is LatinX market in this digital world?

Looking at the evolution of the company between andthere are a few consistent aims and goals that help give context to some of the examples of content that Latino snapchat will present in this analysis. Although, I do see changes that were exclusive in terms of their audience. For starters, Snapchat is specifically important in the U. S and there are million Snapchat users across the globe.

As a social media platform, almost the entirety of its users is in the important years of their adolescent lives. In the following sections, I analyze this space through examples that I have come across through the years. Pop culture can create safe spaces to question, make connections, and break with tradition in order for young people to be able to observe, learn, critique, and create for themselves.

They all create music that is seeking inclusivity and fighting against institutional oppression such as xenophobia, street harassment, and sexism. The story shared one photo of each Latina rapper with a brief description of the ways that they were working latino snapchat the music world against the normative oppressive society.

Next, Cardi B: the story mentioned her Grammy-winner album and how she used to be a dancer in a club across from her school. The third presented Latina rap goddess is Maluca Mala. The New York-born Dominican speaks out against the catcalling and harassment of women in public. Latinos identifying as disassociated with any religion. Similarly, both in andthey described ways that the Christian religion still makes even non-religious Latino folx feel shame and guilt.

The interviews gave a few different perspectives about afterlife, heaven, and nothingness. By posting two images one after the other, the made a statement about capitalism taking advantage of Latino culture religious icons and aspects in order to make a pretty penny. The two images are exactly the same: a traditional tall, glass jar with a candle with Virgen de Guadalupe covering the glass. This sort of calling out is important in knowing that corporations not just Urban Outfitters but many, many brands and corporations are trying to benefit from figures and history without having to deal with the repercussions of the suppression and oppression that they represent and glorify on the backs of corporate America big business sweatshops and exploitation of low-wage workers.

The story presented the Barbie as a potential stealing from the Mexican culture as an exploitive measure in order to make billions in sales. It expresses that the Latinas are torn. These stories give insight into how this doll is being talked about and how different Latinas are bringing awareness to how representation is important and who is creating the representation does, in fact, matter. It shows the complexity of representation within the U. This story le to questions such as: Who gets to decide how to represent the Day of the Dead Barbie? How is Barbie representing Day of the Dead?

Who gets to produce these dolls? Who gets the profits? This debunking of stereotypes and ridiculing of a figure that constantly is subjecting Latinos in the U. Quite often, the uses certain phrasing and changing from one language to another seamlessly in order to portray a particular message. There was a set of videos of Natti Natasha singing different ones to different beats. Although, the use of Spanglish reflects a language-fluid relationship between Spanish and English that many young folx find themselves in and can identify with.

Lucas Molandes wrote a story in August of about musicians Brayan and Dario. Their lyrics surround issues such as poverty, criminality, and the faulty justice system. This is especially important among young folx as they seek to revive the traditions for the community. The next two stories are considering some examples of ways that commonalities and differences must find a place in understanding religion, history, food, community, and common experience.

This set of stories, firstly, supported the freedom of religion within the Latino community and within the U. It answered many questions through personal testimonies such as how many people assume that Muslims are all Arabs or how some Latinos are shamed for being Muslims for historical and present stereotypes that are maintained. The stories make an emphasis on bridging the cross-cultural divide between the non-Muslim Latinos and Muslims Latinos and non-Latinos alike.

Admittedly, considering historical differences latino snapchat is important when looking at different marginalized groups in order for communities to better understand each other.

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