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She's ignoring our s. DO NOT up with this site! Not the place for anyone to be. Can't believe you rode it out this long. The site looks so amateur. When she was promoting the site on WCG I snubbed it because she did not seem creditable and did not look like she ever made real money.

Always leaving comments mimicking the advice of others who ly commented. Another case of Women using Women. Definitely spreading the word. Admin never answer my s, also ignoring on skype, always problems with payments.

One of the worst sites I ever worked with. Does anyone has problems with the payment from this site? For 3 weeks i didn't got my money, no one isn't answering my messages. I hope that they arent repeating same history like MPA. Thank you. I've also sent message to Jesse to update my profile a month ago, but she didn't and also didn't respond to my message. Support is awesome!!!! Payment is one of the highest at 85 percent.

I try to send most of my new customers to this site as the owner is super cool and it of course has the highest payout. Traffic is a bit lacking for me but I make ok here and am happy to work this site. Never had an issue. It is a fully independent site for cam livecammodelshows.

Payments are spot on, the support Jesse-also a cam girl is very patient and helpful. It s a livecammodelshows working with her. Love this site, I love that the owner is a cammodel! It's a great place to bring whales as the spending limits are higher. You do have to bring your own traffic, but the payouts are the highest I've found. Jesse is super helpful and resourceful. I've never had a tech issue or a problem with payment. Definitely, one to add to you list, and drive your own traffic to, but I wouldn't rely on this site for a regular income unless you have your own following.

To put things simply, a client from this site literally said "I'm going to sabotage you, oops I think I lost my card, better call and cancel it. Work with this site at your own risk. I'm sorry that happened! After that incident, I was happy she closed my there, I don't want to work with someone who's going to do that. Livecammodelshows it's camgirl owned. She answers all my questions and inquiries in a timely matter. Payments go out on time. Seriously if this site had a dick, it would be in my mouth.

With over a year in business, and a lot of models using it, it has some traffic. But not a lot. The traffic there is brought by other models. Definitely another egg livecammodelshows your basket though. I love Jesse. She was sick for a while and wasn't able to reply as quickly as normal and her inbox got quite backed up. Shes 'back in the office' so to speak and has been answering s with in a day or less. Well, I personally love this site and love the support and the energy that has gone into it's creation. Although I've rated traffic at only 2 stars, I livecammodelshows rated everything else at 5 because it is honestly one of the very best and most personalised sites I've been listed on.

I have a payment where I direct all of my own website's traffic and Livecammodelshows have always been paid on time. Jesse who runs the site truly has the model's best interests at heart and gives both her time freely and honesty to all models. Thank you Jesse! The model's s are unique and interesting with custom-built sections that can be tailored according to a livecammodelshows individual preferences and offerings. I would love however to get more bookings direct via the site, although know that in time this will come as the site is still very new. So let's all support LiveCamModelShows and help it get where it deserves to be.

The new admin panel is great, one suggestion though it that it should have more detailed information about exactly what a customer has paid for, service-wise, and not just the amount they have paid. I look forward to being able to sell my videos via the site soon too. Divine Blessings Melanthe xxx. LiveCammodelshows 13 Reviews 2 Recommedations January 3, Visit LiveCammodelshows Incorrect or missing information? Contact Tristan. What do you want to do? Connect with other cam models. Write a review about LiveCammodelshows. Rating - 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. The default is weekly with a livecammodelshows week hold, however some models prefer to be paid bi-weekly or monthly, the payout system is quite flexible that way.

Chargebacks are not covered, livecammodelshows they give each up a tutorial on reading booking codes and assessing risk. They feel that's important information for any indy cammodel to know, and part of the aim of the site is to provide education and encouragement to models as well as venue for finding new clients and processing payments.

The site has thus far processed well over k with zero cb's.


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