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Our in-depth Localmilf review is a must read for anyone localmilfs membership on this site. LocalMilf states quite clearly that its site has fake profiles and that it uses message bots. While we praise them for their honesty, we sure as hell cannot recommend them to our readership.

We would, however, suggest a quick visit to LocalMilf's welcome. It's perfect to get your daily fix of "dad bod" man boobs. Also, it is a great visual resource if you're stuck on gift ideas for mom. Spoiler alert — next Mother's Day our moms will be receiving the perfect gift, mommy nipple studs! Through the annals of history of online dating, many sites have come and gone. We have seen our share of doozies. Some made a concerted effort to provide their members with but fell short. Others were localmilfs concerned about generating revenue for themselves and never focused on providing to their users.

While most sites today provide excellent value to their users, some nefarious sites continue to lurk across the vast expanse of the internet. They hide behind boastful promises, sexy pictures and tons of fine print. This is why a site called Localmilfs. As with any hookup site, the first thing that a user will see is its welcome. In the case of LocalMilf, it consists of a minimalist de geared to get new users to register without providing much insight into its service.

That alone is not a al as to the quality or performance of a dating site. The plainness of the welcome did not bother us. What really caught our eye were two localmilfs. First, the welcome had only two images. None of us had ever heard of a male MILF. While there is nothing wrong with that, the terminology could cause some confusion. All joking aside, it appears that LocalMilf is a turn-key site. It is registered in the Anguilles and uses at least three localmilfs outsourced support services to handle tech, billing and customer support issues.

Right there, above the fold on the welcomein a large and readable font was a phrase that took our writing staff by surprise. Fred, one of our editors, was so flabbergasted that he required hospitalization soon thereafter. Then again, this may have been due more to the fact that Fred had recently eaten a burrito that had been sitting unrefrigerated on the counter of our coffee room for three days.

What was this phrase? Was it an ancient incantation deed to summon evil spirits? Was it ancient Sumerian cuneiform script revealing the origins of mankind? It was the following:. Never have we seen the admission of using fake profiles appear in such a succinct and readable form immediately ABOVE the registration button. Our staff being naturally inquisitive and high off eating rancid burritos, dug around as to why LocalMilf was being so honest about its fake profile strategy.

It appears that LocalMilf had been having higher than normal chargeback claims. This localmilfs causing issues with its localmilfs processing service. So much so, that in order to mitigate the of chargebacks, they felt it was best to just let it all hang out. Normally, the user experience, functionality and overall performance of a hookup site would be front and center for a review. In the case of LocalMilf, however, it is found here — near the bottom, like putrid goldfish droppings at the bottom of a fish bowl. Quite simply, upon registering the user experience is so awful that civility and decorum dictate that any description of it be placed at the bottom.

We have visited many sites that inundate new users with automated messages to get them to upgrade, but none to the extent of LocalMilf. In one hour, a new user can easily receive dozens of messages. All, unfortunately, originating from automated bots or fake profiles. Glancing localmilfs the members on the site, it becomes crystal clear that if there are real MILFs or DILFS on the site, they have probably been suffocated or crushed by the massive weight of all the fake profiles that comprise the site. Most have no location posted or are from places hundreds or thousands of miles away from you.

We cannot fathom any person — no matter how new they are to hookup sites, or how much they love MILFS — who would consider paying to be a part of this site. The latter choice is ideal for those of you that get off on talking to bots and looking at recycled generic fake profile pics. LocalMilf Review. Final Word on LocalMilf LocalMilf states quite clearly that its site has fake profiles and that it uses message bots.

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