Long hair fetish

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Return to Psychology. Home Mental Health Psychology Hair fetish. Hair fetish Topic locked. Here's an interesting subject to actually learn about. Hair fetishes have many defintions. We all think differently about what those two words actually mean. The media's version? We think of something from the x-files with some demonic presence destroying people left and right.

It's popluar subject used in many horror films My question to you What is real and what is not? So, let's talk about the subject and find out all the facts What is it really? We need to define this so people know a more educated idea of what this actually is. Sparrowhawk wrote: OK. That's one way of looking at it. How could anyone benefit from knowing what it is? In this defintion Or maybe they don't exist. Yet, people probably have them or someone might know of someone who does. When the occurance arises, people might want to know What a fetish actually is?

How will it effect a relationship long hair fetish person you are attracted to. How do I react to a fetish? If in this situation, what do I do? Many questions can arise. Someone will never have to ask these questions Should they be concerned in such a situation? What should I expect? If I am attracted to someone with a fetish, should I kill the relationship outright, or learn about it? What do I associate with a hair fetish? Well, I think it is a person who pays much attention to his or her hair, has lo of shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, other cosmetic products etc.

A person with a "normal" hair fetish sees hair as sexy There are so many media profiles showing us what is attractive and what is not. It's not a grooming thing. It's a sexual response to hair itself. That's the definition of a hair fetish We are engrained to see other areas besides what we find the most sexy of areas as just important. So a long hair fetish with a hair fetish will find hair just as sexy as the other areas that induce a sexy response. It's like an add on to what induces a sexual response And it can induce a sexual response.

Any fetish comes in Psychological stages. A hair fetish where the other areas can induce a sexual response is completely and utterly normal. An add on. Yet, society and media throws at us some unusual ideas of fetishes as being something diabolical. If you like hair long hair fetish a sexual response A clinical problem with a fetish would be "a sexual response, in this case hair, where it is only the sexual response. A normal sexual relationship can not be attained for the person who has the fetish and the person can not have a relationship for that partner because the sufferer who has it ONLY finds hair sexual.

A complete bond is unreachable for only hair is sexy. This can lead to unsatisfaction in a love making situation because only hair is sexy As the stages of hair fetish go up The person doesn't need the sexual relationship of a partner. Only hair in general It can be distressing for an individual because the partner is not needed and a sexual relationship with the ificant other suffers The bonding of a sexual act never happens because the fetish suffer doesn't find the partner sexually attractive The person finds the hair itself not sexual in itself In otherwards, the sufferer finds the exciting act of stealing a wig or touching hair as sexual in itself It still condsidered a fetish in clinical terms and some type of intervention is nessary.

The next stage in hair fetish has the person long hair fetish only want to steal the object of their affection, but finds the act of overpowering it sexy. This is a real problem for the person finds a much more criminal act more responsive to the fetish.

This type of person stalks the person with the "hair object" and finds the stalking sexy. This is the worsst. The person goes beyond the stalking and considers overpowering the "hair object" his only gratification. This, unfortunately means that the sufferer must overpower and sometimes harm the the person who has the object. This is the worse. The media likes to portray fetishs in the 4th manner I wrote. People get long hair fetish wrong idea of a fetish.

They can make love just like anyone else. They just love your hair hair too. It doesn't really create a problem The misconception is the media's version of 4 on the list. So, if someone tells you they have a hair fetish They will be at 1 That's why I put down the post. To dispell media and clinical stuff that people associate with a hair fetish They just like hair I hadn't considered all that could be involved in fetishes.

What do you think causes fetishes? Sparrowhawk wrote: They just like hair Motivated wrote: Do you think they'd like the "Hair Fairy" look? She uses no hairspray - it's all naturaaaaaaal! What causes a hair fetish? Good question? I would lean toward environmental factors. Maybe something in our lives create a strong attraction to a specific object. As far as the hair fairy or bed head This is speculative at best, but we all see hair differently when we are attracted to it.

Hair is a sexual attractant no matter which way you look at it. I think when you wear your hair, you are your own worse enemy. You see it in the morning all over the place I think that our perception to another's hair is different. At least to me, ded head or wet hair is only a change in it's beauty. As far as long hair verses short hair? We are engrained since we were little toddlers to identify what sex we are. So, here's an interesting question. Toddlers were asked to identify which person was a boy or a girl? They were shown specific pictures. One picture was a girl with very short hair, wearing a tee shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Another was a boy wearing long hair and scotish traditional dress with kilt, long white sox and dark shoes. These pictures were young kids not fully developed Now, asked to identify which one was a boy and which was a girl The boy was a boy The girl was a girl The boy was a girl The girl was a boy That do you think?

That's a good question too. It depends on their experience -like if they had girl-friends that had short hair or boy-friends with long hair. Sparrowhawk, do you have a hair fetish, or are you just bringing it up for discussion? I agree about it being environmental. I wonder if any fetish or obsession acts as an escape - as if focusing exclusively on 1 thing will help hide all of the less pleasant things.

When I first read this I thought it might be about people who play with their hair constantly. My wife literally spends hours messing with the tips of her hair. At first I thought it was just a bad habit but it seems to be something more because she does it incessantly. I read somewhere once about it being some kind of psychological comforting technique but I can't seem to find the article again.

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Long hair fetish

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