Make him wear pantyhose

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Many of you remember Nylongene. As for his head being in the right place, I think Steve has some adjustments to make. I always felt like the site was thumbing its nose at me.

Make him wear pantyhose

They claim it is fashion, not a fetish, that drives their desire to wear. This question is often asked when it comes to us men and wearing pantyhose. So which is it? Pantyhose… is it fashion or fetish? Others have attempted to answer this question. None of them have gotten it right. However I, the Pantyhose King, have the true definitive answer. When it comes to men and pantyhose, the correct answer is to the eternal question is:. That is right! No man alive, or dead for that matter, has ever slipped on a pair of pantyhose and found themselves coordinating an outfit before they discovered the joy of the pantyhose orgasm.

Some men disagree with me. They are wrong.

Make him wear pantyhose

I do not have a problem with men who wear pantyhose for fashion purposes or even those male wearers who argue for fashion driving their wearing habits but I do have a problem with viewing comparisons to wearers like me as an affront to their very sense of morality. When they claim normality what they really are saying is: being a fetishist is not normal and being compared to someone who is a fetishist is an insult. As an example of this insidious and highly flawed logic, I have posted an article originally from NylonGene. The article is in bright pink. My responses are in blue. It is fashion.

It is Paris. Nobody mistakes haute couture for casual wear. As for coordination, below is an outfit worn by the author:. The truth? Men wearing pantyhose starts as a fetish and evolve into men who a repress the fetish and live silent, miserable lives b try to normalize it by making the argument that never existed Nylongene.

Guess which one I identify with? I was not surprised in the slightest when I later read his favorite book is The Bible. Response: Reverting fashion? No one has ever thought this.

Make him wear pantyhose

Response: It actually is. Also, all desires start out as secret. Nobody has ever heard of a public desire to cross dress. I might be getting hung up on the minutiae IE bad writing. I am not sure. There are some people who are exhibitionists, though. I wonder if the writer ever thought he may have those tendencies himself?

It IS a recognition that make him wear pantyhose are as likely as women to have tired, achy legs due to poor circulation, and that support hosiery provides relief if worn consistently. Response: Lazy writing and poorly cited. Also, I have not seen the writer of this article wear anything close to medical grade hosiery. Does the author realize Leggs is currently not working on their own medical supply brand? It IS a way to attain added warmth beneath outer clothing without the added bulk of long johns or sweatpants.

Some guys can live with long johns, others prefer the thin fabric that moves with them. It IS a way for athletes especially runners and cyclists to keep the chill off the legs when they first go outside—yet avoid overheating after their body temperature rises with exercise.

It IS also a way for those athletes to enhance stamina somewhat with the moderate muscle compression provided by support styles of hosiery. Who has ever heard of anyone complaining of chilly legs that become overheated too quickly? Grasping for straws. A little less weak is the enhanced stamina line, but since athletic tights are already out on the market, pantyhose just add a sexy base layer. It IS a garment worn for fashion in some cases, in that guys are recognizing they can successfully add them to a masculine outfit if properly coordinated i.

However, for the most part, it IS something generally worn for more functional purposes. For my part, I initially started wearing tights or sheer hose for leg support. Again, sheer hose does not offer leg support. Medical support hose is never diaphanous. His colleagues probably wonder the same thing. Response: Here is the author in a pic, looking very much the pinnacle of masculinity. The pointed-toe is a great touch, right? Nothing girly going on here. As with most everything, there are no absolutes. The foregoing statements represent the bulk of men who wear legwear today.

Yes, there will be a few who will wear ostentatious patterns and colors out in public with shorts. Yes, there are gay men who wear pantyhose and like them. Yes, there are certainly cross dressers who wear pantyhose with their outfits, too. But, by and large those are NOT representative of the majority of men wearing nylon legwear—and on behalf of them I hope to shed a bit of light on the subject. Make him wear pantyhose No. There are no absolutes but there is common sense.

Nothing written here represents the bulk of men who wear pantyhose. The bulk of us are in it because they feel good and it turn us on. That is how we got hooked. The real truth is that normal is having a fetish.

Make him wear pantyhose

Pantyhose are sexy, wearing them out is sexy and any man who wears them without shame or excuses is, in my opinion, the definition of a real man. Now put down the Bible and go look at some men in pantyhose. You know you want to. : mantyhosemen in pantyhosemen wearing pantyhoseThe Pantyhose Kingdom Tags: society.

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Make him wear pantyhose

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Make him wear pantyhose Make him wear pantyhose

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