Male pantyhose fetish

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Dear Margo: I am a year-old woman. For the past four months, I have enjoyed a great relationship with a truly wonderful guy.

Male pantyhose fetish

Yesterday, he confided to me that he has a pantyhose fetish. He explained that he gets extremely turned on by seeing women wearing pantyhose and by wearing pantyhose himself. He occasionally wears them under his clothes while he is out in public. He feels very strongly that I should know about his fetish, and that I should know his feelings about pantyhose are not likely to change. He hopes I can accept him just the way he is, but he will understand if I want to end the relationship. Do you think this is a big enough deal to break up over?

Dear Wan: Oh, no. This is more common than you think, and some guys go for the whole deal … high heels, wigs, makeup.

Male pantyhose fetish

And they are straight. I salute him for fessing up, and you should regard this as merely a little kink. If it turns him on to see you in pantyhose and to wear them himself, have a ball. Look at it as so much better than needing porn or a third for bridge. Dear Margo: I am utterly humiliated! A few days ago, Sarah and I came home from shopping and walked in on a couple of young punks burglarizing our home. Assertive me froze! I put my arms around Sarah and told the guys to take what they want and not hurt us.

Thankfully, we were not harmed, but we were left on a bathroom floor bound and gagged with duct tape — safe but feeling helpless and humiliated. Neither of us could get loose, and we had to lie there squirming for hours until my husband came home and found us.

Never during the time we spent bound did Sarah cry, and her fierce efforts to get loose long after I had given up made me feel proud. Why did you let them tape us up? I felt I had let my daughter down. How do I make this up to her and regain my sense of competence and authority? Dear Vir: I beg to differ. In such a situation, law enforcement people stress that you acquiesce to avoid the robbers becoming rattled and male pantyhose fetish you.

Male pantyhose fetish

The things they took are only things. You in no way let her down, and I hope you will reinforce the wisdom of behaving as you did. All letters must be sent via e-mail to dearmargo creators. Due to a high volume of e-mail, not all letters will be answered.

Male pantyhose fetish

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Male pantyhose fetish Male pantyhose fetish

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