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Read the Review. We have mistresses for our enjoyment, concubines to serve our person, and wives for the bearing of legitimate offspring. This, it can be inferred, is what men have done to women, classifying them into particular roles.

There is no mention of women outside these roles, of women who exist for some other purpose than that of relating to men. Mistresses are to be enjoyed, concubines are to serve, wives are to bear legitimate offspring. Whether women enjoy any or all of these roles is not mentioned; women's feelings are irrelevant. In this case the split is threefold: mistresses are not wives, wives are not for enjoyment, mistresses and concubines do not provide legitimate offspring, and so on. And perhaps wives have a degree of respect — but only as the bearers of legitimate offspring.

So one question is: do women fall naturally into theseor have they been placed there solely by men? I imagine it's a bit of mistress search men created theand women slotted themselves into them. It's always hard when considering attitudes in patriarchal society to work out which came first — attitudes or patriarchy — they have a symbiotic relationship, feeding back and forth.

And one can only view life and one's role from within the prevailing system. The consequences of ordering some of these books range from having to sit at a special table reserved for readers of pornography, with strict instructions not to leave the book unattended, in order to consult How to find and fascinate a mistress, and survive in spite of it all by Will Harveywhich tells of the importance of simultaneous orgasms and categorises mistresses as Ladybugs or Honeybees, to the discovery that The Cardinal's Mistress is the title of a novel written by one Benito Mussolini, published in An Internet search yields thousands of entries, nearly all of which seem to be the electronic equivalent of cards placed in phone booths by dominatrixes.

In all three cases, the roles may have been modified in recent years, while the names remain the same. The three essential ingredients of a lover-mistress relationship are that it lasts, that marriage is mistress search realistically expected, and that the man assumes some financial responsibility.

It was, however, a ificant factor in a recent memoir by an ex-mistress, Dani Shapiro's Slow Motion. Orth, in what is a fairly perceptive and at times amusing book, draws up several of mistress, such as the Career Woman who has no time for marriage so takes a married loverthe Assistant who works for her loverthe One-Man Call Girl which doesn't need explainingand the Masochistic Mistress who desperately wants to marry but has to set up scenarios to ensure she does not get what she wants.

Such may be rather more fluid than Orth makes them out to be; possibly most mistresses have a bit of the masochist in them. Mistress search these illicit relationships — i. In earlier times — no longer ago than the Victorian era — a mistress could be any woman living with or having sexual relations with a man who was not married to her; he didn't need to be married to someone else for her to qualify for the title. So, for instance, Wilkie Collins had two mistresses, Caroline Graves and Mistress search Rudd, though he was never married to anyone; likewise the unmarried composer Franz Liszt had mistresses.

On the other hand I might describe as a mistress a woman having an affair with an unmarried man who was nevertheless living, in an apparently committed relationship, with someone else. But that is not an area which I will be examining. In some cases I have identified a mistress-type — a woman whose way of loving makes her suitable to fulfil the role of mistress, though in strict terms that is not exactly what she is doing.

There is one further categorisation to be made, between those mistresses who are known about and acknowledged, and the far greater of those who have to conduct their affairs in secret. I have concentrated mainly on unmarried mistresses — women for whom the relationship with a married lover is the principal relationship in their life.

I used to think of myself as a feminist, albeit of a fairly mild variety. Since investigating my motivation as a mistress, and my place in a long tradition of mistresses, I am no longer sure it would be fair to do so. Then there is the collusion with Demosthenes, going along with — in fact, supporting — the idea that some women are to be wives, others mistresses, with the enjoyments of one denied to the other.

There are likely to be some wives who will argue, and in some cases they may be right, that mistresses really want to be wives and are stealing, or rather borrowing, other women's husbands because they can't get one of their own. I don't think this is true in my case, nor in that of most of the women examined in this book.

But self-deception runs deep in all of us, and there is nothing discreditable of which human beings are incapable. Helen Fisher, writes that out of the cultures on record only sixteen per cent prescribe monogamy, in which a man is permitted only one wife at a time. And it follows that it is only in that sixteen per cent of cultures that the concept of the mistress can make any sense at all. Polygamous societies may give rise to various grades of co-wives, but not to mistresses — though women attempting to live as mistresses, or as wives of men who have mistresses, might mistress search from the rules of official polygamists:.

Finally, a paradox lies at the heart of being a mistress: on the one hand the mistress seeks to live outside and undermine the institution of marriage; on the other, she is as subject to the institution as is the wife, being defined by it. Without marriage, there wouldn't be mistresses. As people continue to marry in large s, it is even possible that the demand for mistresses is rising.

If one looks again at Demosthenes' dictum in the light of twentieth-century developments, one can perceive an interesting shift. Modern marriage attempts to be a partnership of equals and, in the struggle for her equality -- including, in many cases, the pursuit of a fulfilling career outside the home — the contemporary wife has necessarily had to give up — has to some extent and in many cases wanted to give up — certain of her roles, not only that of continual and unavoidable motherhood, but also of playing the supporting role to her husband.

A busy late-twentieth-century wife just does not have the time, even if she has the inclination, to mistress search to the tales of her husband's day, to provide him with the glass of wine, the soothing music, the sympathetic ear. Far less does she have the time to offer practical help. So who steps in to fill the breach? The mistress, of course. Witness the of secretaries and personal assistants to, for instance, male politicians, who make that easy transition from help and mainstay in the office to emotional support and sexual partnership.

Wives may find themselves paying dearly for their increased independence and their concomitant lack of time and energy for their husbands. I am not suggesting this is necessarily how it should be, but I am suggesting this is how it is.

Maybe it is still true — however unpalatable — that no woman can be everything to a man. One thing which needed to be explained was death, and so the story suggests that had the first man and woman not sinned, they would have lived for ever. But they disobeyed God, and so were thrown out of the Garden of Eden and mistress search subject to hardship, disease and eventual death. They saw that women were not only subject to men, but had to suffer the pain and dangers of childbirth. If, as they had concluded, the unsatisfactory nature of human life with its inevitable end was the result of sin, then the fact that the lot of women was even worse than that of men suggested that woman must have either sinned worst, or first, or both.

And so Eve gets most of the blame. She allowed mistress search to be tempted by the serpent, she was the first mistress search bite the forbidden fruit, she gave it to the man to eat, she was the original sinner, it's her fault. Then, once this explanatory story had been told, it became the instrument for the continuing oppression of women. In the development and reinforcement of patriarchy, writers first describe how things are and this then has the effect of setting how things are in stone: it must be this way for a reason — here's the reason — so now things must be this way.

It's a spiralling self-perpetuating process. Not only did the myth encourage man to go on punishing woman for what she was supposed to have done, but it also allowed him to externalise all the flaws and weaknesses in himself and make woman the embodiment of them, leaving himself strong and intact and morally superior.

The dark side of man is offloaded on to woman. In Greek mythology a similar process happens with the figure of Pandora; like Eve, her curiosity and desire for knowledge — and thereby power — lead to her opening the forbidden box, and so letting evil flood into the world. Both these myths have been used to give women the salutary warnings to know their place, not to ask questions and to accept the way things are.

Tradition has it that sex came with the Fall. Adam and Eve became aware of their nakedness and it embarrassed them. There is no mention of procreation until after the Fall. Presumably either Adam and Eve would have lived for ever and so experienced no need for descendants, or the earth would have become further populated without the necessity for the sordid groping with which the Church Fathers equated the sexual act. At the Fall, Satan was supposed to have instructed Adam and Eve on how to copulate. And because without Eve, the woman, there wouldn't have been a Fall, she is held responsible for this introduction of sex into human life, and all man's ambivalent feelings about sexuality are thrust on to her.

Woman is made to represent the lust man feels for her; the object of temptation becomes the cause. This still goes on, particularly in certain fundamentalist traditions, with woman being made to cover herself because of man's inability to resist her. And man fears her because she arouses his desire, and his body responds to her whether he wills it or not.

His sexuality — to be precise, his penis — is the one area of himself which he cannot control, and mistress search he must put the blame for this on woman. She has bewitched him. The Church Fathers Origen and Tertullian, writing in the third century AD, both blamed women for luring Christian men into sexual indulgence which they might otherwise have been strong enough to resist. Women, Tertullian declared, are the devil's door: through them Satan creeps into men's hearts and minds and works his wiles for their spiritual destruction. Origen's condemnation of women was equally severe.

He believed women to be more lustful than men and to be obsessed by sexual desire. And so it continued. The fury unleashed against Eve and all her kind is almost flattering, so exaggerated is the picture of women's fatal and all-powerful charms and men's incapacity to resist. But Lilith rose up into the air through the magic of God's name and hid herself in the sea.

Adam forced her to come back with the help of three angels, whereupon Lilith changed into a nightmare or lamia who haunted pregnant women and kidnapped new-born infants. The myth of Lilith arose through the attempt to reconcile the two conflicting Creation stories found in Genesis — the first story in Genesis 1, where male and female are created equally and together, and the second story in Genesis 3, where the female is created out of part of mistress search male's body, after and inferior to him.

If these s are seen as referring to two separate events, rather than as two variant interpretations of one event, then the inference may be drawn that two females were created, the first equal and the second inferior to the male.

Mistress search

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