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Hip Forums. How many of you enjoy mutual masturbation? I've only done it through cams but it is something that I absolutely love. Tell me about you mutual masturbation stories and if you are interested in masturbating with me then message me! I'm a male in my early 20s and am looking for a female sorry guys! I have masturbated mutually only with my wife. I love it. A couple of times she has sat back with the camera and video me while I wank.

It turns me on so much. Often we lay side by side and just do our own thing, usually ends with me cumming on her lovely tits. Great fun. I had a college girlfriend who was deathly afraid of getting pregnant. We used condoms but sometimes she was still antsy and she would just want to mutually masturbate. Sometimes we would get each other off and other times we would each masturbate.

The best time was once when i was licking her clit while she rubbed it. I tried to get her to finger herself but she kept rubbing. Eventaully I was licking her and fingering her while she was rubbing her clit. She came and I climbed up by her belly and played until I came on her breasts.

ChrysalisDec 7, It's an awesome experience. I can keep going through 3 or 4 blasts sometimes, when my partner feels similarly aroused. Amazing stuff. My dick tends to get raw from it, so I do mutual masturbation forum a good penis health cream Man1 Man Oil in my case to take care of the rawness and soreness. I have mutual masturbation with my partner. SpunkyCSiJan 16, It's a regular occurrence in our house! Also, when I was 14 going on 15 I had a girl friend who sometimes wanted me to jill off with her. Oh yes. My wife and I love to watch each other masturbate and we love to give each other hand relief too.

I particularly enjoy stripping as my wife watches, fully clothed, before she gives me a fantastic handjob. Running ManJan 16, Just recently when me and my bf were getting it on, our condom broke and we didn't have any more. So, after a bit of oral, we both started masturbating and making out.

Then he got up on his knees and masturbated while he got a nice view of me pleasuring myself, mutual masturbation forum I let him come all over my breasts. It was pretty awesome. NelserJan 20, Cumming on your woman's tits is always fantastic; a very erotic thing to do!

Running ManJan 21, Cummimg on her body just makes the experience every better. Micheal9Jan 23, Although I've never managed to find anything to corroborate the claim, I was taught that Mutual Masturbation can also refer to the act people masturbating whilst in the presence of each other, without necessarily actually having physical contact with each other. Not quite how I envisioned it though. PineManJan 28, My last mutual masturbation event was when i was at boarding school in Never been interested since. My wife and I have indulged in mutual masturbation since before we were married.

She has an unusually large clitoris and I was quite amazed when I first discovered it. When fully aroused it stands out from her vulva and labia like a little one inch cock. This makes it easy to masturbate with thumb and fore finger as you would with a small penis. She likes to sit astride me and gently masturbate me while I stimulate her clitoris. The size of her clit also makes it eminently suckable and she does enjoy being bought to orgasm in this way.

Though she will occasionally suck mutual masturbation forum cock, she does not like me to cum in her mouth, so she withdraws just before I cum and masturbates me to climax. I usually ejaculate over her tits and belly. I then bring her to orgasm either by sucking her clit or masturbating her. Our masturbatory exercises are not confined to the bed room; we often indulge outdoors as our garden is private and not overlooked by anyone.

We also shower together and seeing me take a piss, with a semi hard on, before showering, usually gets her excited, and in mutual masturbation in the soap suds. We both indulge alone, she has a vibrator which is always close at hand, or we lie together in bed and wank ourselves to climax.

Great post Mr. You are incredibly lucky to have such an accommodating wife. Keep up the good posts. Running ManFeb 8, JonnyFeb 11, My friend and I used to take eachother in hand when I was younger. I think I gave him his first orgasm it was awesome.

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Mutual masturbation forum

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Mutual Masturbation