My dirty girlfriend

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How come it seems that every man is looking for a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets? Someone a guy can take home to mommy for Christmas dinner but also jackhammer until the sun goes up. When did the world say that women should only be sexual beings in the bedroom? Why is it not acceptable to be flirty and wild and frisky whenever they want? Well, thank God dirty girls exist. These rule-breakers are slowly changing the way women are represented in society. But not everyone is capable of dating a dirty girl. Sure, she may be foul-mouthed, outspoken, and sex-obsessed.

She might hurt your feelings with her bluntness or drink too many glasses of wine at dinner. And despite what you may think, dirty girls make great girlfriends. You see, a dirty girl knows her worth. She just understands that my dirty girlfriend woman deserves respect. Dirty girls are used to being called every name in the book.

Slut, whore, skank, bitch, cum dumpster. When her my dirty girlfriend coworkers overhear her wild stories from the weekend, she knows they chat her promiscuous activities all day. Yes, she knows my dirty girlfriend negative connotations of being called these names. And guess what? Because at the end of the day, she also knows that those words are just that — words. Uttered from the mouths of people who are nothing but jealous.

In fact, she actually feels a little bad for the people who have nothing better to do than to criticize. Spontaneity is her middle name. At parties, she tends to attract people like moths to a light bulb. And she loves a good joke about testicles. Because above all else, she loves to laugh. No, she embraces these activities because she loves life. And nothing is more satisfying in life than living it to the fullest. Sex with someone new can be intimidating. Use more tongue. Pull my hair. Put a finger back there.

Take me from behind. Yes, a dirty girl will tell you exactly what she wants in bed. In fact, she loves pleasing her partner just as much as she loves being pleased. With a dirty girl, you should feel comfortable sharing your kinks and fantasies, no matter how deranged you might think they may be. She values honesty and openness more than anything, especially in the bedroom. And she knows that nothing is sexier than being honest.

Fuck the likes, the comments, the neverending vicious circle jerk of praise. The approval of her old high school classmates or distant relatives is nothing but pointless. Well — as long as the pizza has extra cheese. As someone who constantly faces backlash for being a sexual being, a dirty girl knows the true meaning of courage. She has flaws. Some things might make her jealous. Some situations might cause her to get upset. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.

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My dirty girlfriend

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