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The lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School dealing with the serious and sometimes taboo issues that plague teenagers. Votes: 12, Follows the lives and loves of a small, close-knit group of gay women living in Los Angeles as well as the friends and family members that either support or loathe them.

Votes: 24, R min Biography, Naked ftm, Drama. A young man named Brandon Teena navigates love, life, and being transgender in rural Nebraska. A troubled but well-intentioned father who has recently separated from his wife runs off with his trans son into the Montana wilderness after his ex-wife's refusal to let their son live as his authentic self.

Votes: R min Drama, Romance. Albert Nobbs struggles to survive in late 19th-century Ireland, where women aren't encouraged to be independent. Posing as a man so she can work as a butler in Dublin's most elegant hotel, Albert meets a handsome painter and looks to escape the lie she has been living. Not Rated 94 min Drama, Naked ftm. A drama centered on the relationship between a two young men, as one of them navigates the difficulties of life as a transgender man.

Add a Plot. Not Rated min Drama. Votes: 1, Not Rated 89 min Documentary, Biography. TRANS is an extraordinary documentary feature about men and women, and all the variations in between. It is about the Transgender Community, perhaps the most misunderstood and mistreated See full summary ». TV-PG Documentary. An exclusive and intimate portrait following the first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy, into the delivery room as Thomas gives birth to their baby daughter Susan.

Unrated 48 min Documentary. Women are the overwhelming majority of writers, publishers, readers and fans of gay male romance novels. WittSam YorkCarol Lynne. Votes: 9. Not Rated 91 min Drama, Romance. JJ is a 'Stud' Lesbian. Together with her best friend Seb, a gay pretty boy, they work as wedding photographers. Not Rated 90 min Documentary. Southern Comfort documents the final year in the life of Robert E, a transgender man. E, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, was turned down for treatment by two dozen doctors out of fear Unrated 88 min Drama, Romance. Interweaving love stories centering on real individuals who are naked ftm medicine to explore new frontiers of love, sex, and the human form.

Follows a group of Transgender individuals struggling to make their way in every strata of s America. From finding employment to finding acceptance, the first question the world forces A young girl that regularly dresses as a boy falls in love and seduces a young girl that has no clue that her lover has the same sex.

When the girl introduces 'her boyfriend' to her father Rana has chosen a path in order to support her family, while Adineh Eddie has fled his home and city to escape his complicated situation as a transsexual man prevented from living as his Not Rated 80 min Documentary, Biography. Documentary following Chaz formerly Chastity Bono's gender transition. Includes interviews with family members and friends as the transition is followed.

This intriguing documentary explores the sexuality of transmen and the changes they experience as a result of their gender transitions from female to male. Transmen and their partners Votes: 8. TV-MA 77 min Documentary. Rene, 31, a female-to-male gender reasment candidate took hormones for years and "passed" as a man for all of his adult life. Married to his high-school sweetheart, Wona, a heterosexual Director: Josh Aronson. Not Rated naked ftm min Documentary. Monika Treut explores the worlds and thoughts of several trans-gendered individuals. As with Treuts first film, Jungfrauenmaschine, Gendernauts, enters a minority sector of San Fransisco Angel chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender activist and porn pioneer, Buck Angel.

He survived addiction, prostitution, and suicide and now tells a moving story of a man's When Lucas was a girl named Laura, he always wanted to be a boy. Now he's becoming one. This candid documentary follows Lucas Waldron, a 21 year-old transitioning from female to male, as he Director: Kate Elston. Stars: Katherine A. Role Models portrays the world of eccentric amateur photographer Bobby Lee, who obsessively photographs models outside of fashion shows. Not Rated 53 min Documentary. A film about love and gender.

This documentary is set in the New Marilyn night club in Tokyo, Japan - where the hosts are women who have chosen naked ftm live as men. They can naked ftm make their PG 77 min Drama, Comedy. It follows a group of young queer friends and family as they stumble through work and sex lives with tongue placed firmly in cheek and other interesting bodily orifices.

Theo is a female-to-male transsexual. This film follows his six-year process of becoming a man. Among those affected by his change is his girl friend Lisi who has to deal with what this change means to her. Director: Julie Wyman. Both have to lose weight to be able to have their gender reasment surgeries.

A great documentary of young adult female and male transgender youth with their struggles and challenges living in our society. Interviews with their family members and their points of view is also included. Kei, a transgender man, longs for a quiet, "normal" life in rural Japan, but his partner prefers the freedom and openness of life in Tokyo.

Their opposing wishes and identities are revealed Not Rated 14 min Short, Comedy, Drama. There's something missing in Tristan and Zooey's relationship. Zooey has spent weeks planning a road trip to a mysterious roide attraction known as 'The Thing' in the hopes that she and While female-to-male transgender visibility has recently exploded in this country, conversations about trans issues in the lesbian community often run into resistance from the many queer Cole Ray Davis is a young trans man who uses his candid humor and steadfast, all-inclusive Christian beliefs to counter the bigotry he experiences daily.

Interview with "Jake" a young transgendered Brit who is undergoing the process of changing from female to male. Director: Emily Atef. Not Rated 85 min Documentary, Drama. Teens and young adults discovering their true identities while dressing up as fictional characters. Director: Josh Laner. Not Rated 75 min Documentary. Lyle, Max, Michael, Steven, Ted, and James: a photographer who lifts weights, a cop, a mechanic, writers, an artist; one is gay, at least three are in serious relationships with women; one Director: Bestor Cram.

A perfect couple in a perfect home after a perfect dinner ready for perfect sex! But something is not so perfect This is a fanciful short piece by first time queer director but naked ftm time A documentary about 19 female-to-male transsexuals from 14 different states who have given birth and, in most instances, gone on to raise their biological children. The inspiring true story of Kade Farlow Collins 14, FTM female to male transgendered, and living with an incredibly understanding family in Tucson Arizona.

Formerly Known As follows three transgender men who are completing their physical and social transitions. Short, Drama. But today, with the arrival of his mother and a pink-haired girl, Nick is in for the ride of his life. In. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Release year or range to ». Cowboys II 86 min Drama 6.

Naked ftm

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