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I am grateful for the outcome he obtained. Without Mr Allen and his ongoing support, I would be certain of a different result. It has been an extremely stressful period. Thanking you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Armstrong Legal and specifically Mr Thomas Allen for representing me in my recent case. At the outset, I would like to thank Mr Allen for the very professional delivery of his legal service. From the first time that I met Mr Allen, I was very impressed with his demeanour and delivery as he made me feel at ease knowing the severity of my case. Mr Allen not only gave me the possible positive outcomes of the case but also the realisation of nsw nudes worst-case scenario as far as sentencing goes.

Thank you so very much. Thank you for your representation and help. Fingers crossed for the next step and parole. I just want to say that from the first phone call to your office, your service has been outstanding and have put my mind at ease. I am glad I picked your to ring.

Thank you Armstrong Legal, the lawyers that have helped over the past 3 years but more importantly, thank nsw nudes to Thomas Allen for the major part you and Mr Buckland played. Cannot thank you enough. Hi all. I would like to thank Ms Lisa Riley for all her help with my legal issues this past month. It was the most harrowing experience of my life and thanks to her expertise, professionalism and knowledge of the law, I came out almost unscathed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Riley and Armstrong Legal if you need help. The service is amazing and the cost was very minimal for the great outcome. Thank you Lisa for helping me in the most difficult time. I just want to thank you from the bottom of nsw nudes heart. My whole life I was thrown away, you made me feel like I did mean something. I could not have asked for nsw nudes better lawyer.

Your compassion and love for your job is inspiring. Nsw nudes upfront and honesty were muchly appreciated, you are a beautiful person. Thank you for not giving up on me and thank you for all the work you put in. I wish you all the best for the future and I will be recommending you to everyone I know. You're amazing!!!! All the best, I hope you got to celebrate this one instead after work, you forever made a difference in my life. I know I thanked you before we parted company but please allow me to reiterate in writing my sincere deepest thanks for defending me in court today.

Throughout Angela has been the consummate professional. She maintained a calm, yet strong demeanour remained informative and completely open in her communication and took complete ownership of the situation. We felt confident we finally had an advocate to steer us out of the nightmare we were in, and she did so with great respect and sincerity. I cannot speak more highly of Angela. She has literally rescued our family from what looked very much like a hopeless future. They both have been very supportive and amazingly professional and effective. Soon after meeting Andrew Nsw nudes knew he was the solicitor I wanted to handle my matter.

He immediately sprang into action which brought me stability and hope during a tumultuous time in my life. Andrew was never afraid to give me straight answers to my tough questions which is a true mark of integrity. He is clearly at ease in the court environment and I believe his calm and measured demeanour went a long way to helping me secure the best result from my day in court.

I would certainly recommend you approach Andrew if you need assistance. Highly recommended. Sexting involves producing images of a sexual nature and sharing it with other people. Although sexting between consenting adults is legal, issues arise when either or both of the participants are under the age of The production and circulation of child pornography is illegal in every jurisdiction of Australia, with State, Territory and Commonwealth legislation making provision for criminal prosecution and possible lengthy imprisonment periods following conviction. Crucially, the same laws are applied to young people in consensual relationships who have taken images or videos of themselves of a sexual nature and shared that content with others.

Under the Commonwealth Criminal Code Actthe offence has a corresponding maximum penalty of 15 years imprisonment. Similarly, under the Crimes Act NSWa person may be imprisoned for a maximum period of 14 years if found guilty of abuse material offence.

New South Wales child abuse material law only applies to images and video content of people under the age of 16, however the Commonwealth legislation is much more broad. Under Commonwealth law, it is an offence to send, receive, possess or even ask for an image of sexual nature from a young person under the age of The offence may even be satisfied where the person is 18 however they appear to be younger. It is an offence to use a carriage service for suicide-related material.

The offence of using carriage service for suicide-related…. There is a range of offences relating to the use of a carriage service for sharing of abhorrent violent material. It is an offence to improperly use a carriage service for a hoax or fake threat. The offence of use…. Toggle Family Law. Contested Wills. Criminal Law.

Traffic Law. Corporate Crime. Administrative Law. Commercial Law. Or have our lawyers call you:. AM PM. Thanking you - Client. A 16 year old boy and girl who take a video of themselves having sexual intercourse and text that video to each other are committing a crime. It is irrelevant that the two involved parties are legally old enough to have sex.

A 17 year old boy who posts a video on Snapchat of himself watching a girl do a striptease at a party is committing a crime. If her boyfriend replies with an image of himself naked or partly naked he is also committing an offence.

A 14 year old boy who takes a photo of his genitals and posts the image on Snapchat or sends it by way of text is committing a criminal offence. If a 15 year old girl knows he is sending an image of his genitals and opens the Snapchat she is also committing an offence.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 15 years imprisonment. The maximum penalty for the offence is 14 years imprisonment. Related Articles. Read Article.

Nsw nudes

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