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Revenge pornography has made headlines across the nation. The cases usually involve someone else obtaining photos of a former partner and posting them on the Internet in a retaliatory matter. Due to privacy concerns, the woman's nude anon catalog michigan was not disclosed to the Free Press by her lawyer, Kyle Bristow. Bristow said the defendant, the woman's ex-boyfriend, resides in Macomb County, but he declined to release his identity because it would identify his client. It was like a horrific game of 'Whack a Ball.

She was scared that she had a stalker out to get her. It affected her employment and her attendance at college. She's very happy with the we've procured. According to court records from the Oakland County Circuit Court, Judge Martha Anderson awarded the sum, which is set to accrue interest over time. Anderson also granted a permanent injunction against the ex-boyfriend, forcing him to immediately destroy and never republish the photos to third-party websites.

If he does, Bristow said, he can be held in contempt and face prison or additional fines. Bristow said the case began to unfold about a year and a half ago when a fake Gmail was set up to impersonate the woman. According to Bristow, the individual convinced a photographer who had taken private modeling photos of the woman to send them to him. Bristow said the woman became aware that the photos were on different revenge-porn websites after her friends discovered them circulating around. Bristow, who has handled revenge-pornography cases in Ohio as well, said the sites usually post not only the victims' photos, but contact information for them and sometimes even their friends.

Bristow said once he filed the lawsuit, he sent a subpoena to Google, requesting the Internet protocol addresses linked to the. Bristow said that when he obtained the info, he was able to link it back to the boyfriend who registered and authenticated the fake with his cell phone.

The victim testified against her ex-boyfriend and recounted the horrifying experience, Bristow said. Bristow said he and a handful of other lawyers have successfully worked to shut down revenge-pornography websites. At that time, there were relatively no criminal statutes that applied to revenge-porn cases and law enforcement agencies lacked the resources and training to properly investigate them, Bristow said. And although the of sites has dwindled since then, Bristow said many revenge-porn photos are nude anon catalog michigan posted on Tumblr, a popular social networking site.

Within the past year, a of states — including Michigan — have passed laws that criminalize revenge pornography. According to the House Fiscal Agency, at least 26 other states and the District of Columbia have criminalized revenge porn. In April, a bill criminalizing the posting of sexually explicit images on the Internet without the depicted person's consent was ed into law by Lt. Brian Calley. The individual could also face separate charges in connection to the crime. The Senate and House each passed the bill earlier this year after sponsors of the legislation said they wanted to stop "cyber revenge" or "revenge porn," which they said is often meant to humiliate the person depicted and can harm a reputation.

Democratic Sen. Steve Bieda of Warren and Republican Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge sponsored the bills. The state Senate passed a similar package inbut it stalled in the House. Facebook Twitter. Katrease Stafford Detroit Free Press.

Nude anon catalog michigan

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