Nude marines leaked

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Shares of Lockheed Martin fell Monday, Dec. Sincethe various military branches have pitched and shuttered various projects that went over budget. Keep going to see which of those programs bit the bullet and how much they cost the taxpayer. On Saturday, a shocking report by The War Horse revealed that dozens of female military members had their nude photos leaked to an invite-only Facebook with 30, followers.

The underground social media known as "Marines United" was used to share hundreds, maybe even thousands of private images. Now, one of the Facebook group's victims has shared details about how life has changed since her photos were shared. Kelsie Stone, a civilian who works in an unspecified Military-friendly town, told Marine Corps Times she is scared nude marines leaked be in public because people approach her to talk about the images, which were shared by her Marine ex-boyfriend. Corporal Elle Audra, a veteran who left the Marine Corp inis also receiving messages on social media.

Audra believes now that the truth about is out about "Marines United," the Marine Corps will be safer and better. Stone, whose father is a retired gunnery sergeant in the USMC, said, "this isn't the Marine Corps image my dad fought to represent. Most Popular. A private Facebook known as Marines United shared thousands of nude images of female military members.

Launched innude marines leaked U. Army had hoped the program would lead to the development and production of ground sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles and eight manned vehicles. In AprilPresident Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced plans to cut funding for the project, citing new shifts nude marines leaked military strategy. Inthe U. NASA, in conjunction with multiple private and government entities, sought to develop a satellite system that would provide data on global environment conditions, including the weather, atmosphere, oceans, land and near-space environment.

Despite some successful testing, then-U. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recommended the project to be cancelled because the costs to operate the aircraft were unfeasible and the strength of the laser itself needed to be 20 to 30 times more powerful to be effective in a real-world situation.

The U. National Reconnaissance Office commissioned Boeing to develop and produce next-generation spy satellites in Four of the five satellites were launched between and Engineering issues and ballooning costs sparked outcry and calls for the project to be cancelled in By April of that year, the Department of Defense did not include the VH in their funding requests.

The Marines wanted the EFV to be faster, stronger and boast superior firepower. Fifteen years later, then U. In the early s, the U. Department of Defense in conjunction with the Air Force proposed an idea to develop and construct a communications network to further their network-centric warfare doctrine. In the mid-'90s, the U. Inthen U. In the early to mid-'90s, the U. Department of Defense launched the Space Based Infrared System program to improve their missile defense and battlespace surveillance operations.

Ballooning costs and congressional inquiries resulted in the project being cancelled and later folded into another initiative in Navy and Special Operations Command commissioned Northrop Grumman to develop a submersible transport for special forces that could be launched from larger submarines. Bell came up with the 2-man ARH Arapho. Navy announced a new program to develop a new warship that would replace its Ticonderoga-class missile cruisers.

Some theorized the program would call for some ships to use the Zumwalt hull. Air Force announced it had awarded Boeing a contract to develop a replacement for the HHG helicopter. Government ability Office two years earlier. Air Force launched a program to find a new type of bomber that could "loiter" around a battlefield and respond to targets as they appeared by

Nude marines leaked

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