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The Feed revealed thousands of explicit images of underage girls and women were being traded on a disturbing international forum. Digital reporter, Eden Gillespie, has taken another deep dive into the site, focusing on its hundreds of deep nudes.

In October, The Feed reported that an international forum that hosts thousands of naked images of women and girls had resurfaced after it was shut down by the FBI and Dutch authorities in Many of these victims are under the age of The Feed interviewed a woman in her 20s, who discovered deep nudes of herself had been ed onto the forum. A photograph of the victim in a restaurant, seen by The Feedappeared to have been altered by deep nude software to make her appear topless.

The image, although completely fake, was highly realistic. This year, posts about deep nudes soared to more than on the forum. The victim - who requested to be anonymous - said she found out about the forum after her friend forwarded her the link. A victim told The Feed she felt 'violated' after discovering deep nudes nude women forum herself on the forum.

The victim told The Feed that as well as reporting the images to the eSafety commission, she made a statement to police and documented all images, links and time stamps. The deep nudes of the victim were deleted from the forum after The Feed's piece. Getty Images. The Feed has recently discovered that requests for deep nudes or x-ray images on the site jumped from 10 requests in to requests in This year, those requests soared to more than Related Thousands of nudes of underage Aussie girls and women illegally shared onto international forum.

She said technologists are beginning to develop sophisticated detection tools to identify deep fakes. She said other s are skin inconsistency or discolouration, as well as bad sound for video deep fakes. Last year, a site offering deep nudes apps was taken down just one month after it was launched. In that short time, it amassed more thanvisitors and 95, downlo. Its software has since been reverse engineered and can be found in torrenting websites.

Ms Inman-Grant said while the images are not real, like all image-based abuse, the impact on victims could be severe. The Feed. Copycat sites have emerged as well as deep nude bots on encrypted messaging apps like Telegram. One Telegram chatbot, identified by Sensity, shared more thanimages of women altered to appear nude in public channels. The Feed has identified seven deep nudes sites and one deep nude Telegram channel, where an admin offers to create deep nudes in exchange for cash. On Telegram, a user identified by The Feed, offers deep nudes in exchange for cash.

Pixabay CC0. A deep nude site told The Feed it had one million images created on its website in a single month and claimed thousands of men have paid them to create more advanced images. While the Telegram channel, identified by The Feedhas gained subscribers since it was created less than a month ago. The admin claimed its former channel was blocked by Nude women forum for IOS users.

Related Facebook to ban deepfake videos, but keep 'parody' and 'satire' clips. The Feed asked the admin of the Telegram channel if they had considered the repercussions for potential victims who may have fake images created of them without their consent. The admin then deleted all messages they had sent to The Feed and blocked us from the deep nude channel. Alarmingly, Ms Inman-Grant said, the eSafety Commission has seen a percent increase in reports of image-based abuse since this time last year.

A survey by RMIT and Monash University found that one in three participants had experienced at least one form of image-based abuse. Ms Julie Inman-Grant told The Feed that legislation around image-based abuse covers deep fakes and threats to share images. A survey found 1 in 3 Australians have had intimate images of themselves shared without their permission. There are also further specific offenceswhich vary depending on each state and territory.

Ms Inman-Grant said the eSafety Commission has an 85 percent success rate with getting image-based abuse taken down. Researchers at Monash University and RMIT have found that men are twice as likely to be perpetrators of image-based abuse. The eSafety Commission has seen a percent increase in reports of image-based abuse since this time last year.

Ms Inman-Grant said that we are only just seeing the beginnings of deep fake technology. You can report image-based abuse to the eSafety Commission at esafety. In an emergency, call Meet the women helping smash the stigma of having a criminal record.

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When you're ghosted by the PM. SBS News. Explore SBS. More Topics. News Programs. Follow The Feed. By Eden Gillespie. Thousands of nudes of underage Aussie girls and women illegally shared onto international forum. Facebook to ban deepfake videos, but keep 'parody' and 'satire' clips. The Latest.

Nude women forum

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