Open minded sex

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Just because you're sexually active doesn't automatically make you a mature lover — learning to be a confident, respectful, open-minded sexual partner takes time, and everyone develops at a different pace.

Open minded sex

Whether they're clueless or just plain rude, not everyone has the best behavior in the bedroom in fact, some people are downright toxic. No matter your age, as a woman, sometimes standing up for yourself is easier said than done. This is especially true when it comes to sex: it's such an inherently intimate act, which might make you feel more insecure and vulnerable than usual. But part of being a grown-ass woman means coming to terms with your sexual needs and wants, and learning not to accept bad behavior or disrespect from sexual partners.

Open minded sex

I think maturity comes from experience and mindset. Here are seven things that no grown-ass woman accepts from her partner in bed — because sex is best when it's mutually satisfying, with a partner who totally respects you. It should go without saying that insulting someone's body — especially someone you're sleeping with — is super inappropriate. But that doesn't mean less-than-kind remarks don't happen even accidentally from time to time, and a grown-ass woman is not going to accept that from a partner.

You might think that pointing out someone's stretch marks is no big deal, but the open minded sex is that, no matter how well you know your partner, you never know what might cause them insecurity. Particularly in the bedroom, it's best to always be kind, sensitive, and complimentary when it comes to your partner's body instead of tearing it down or even casually open minded sex fun. Part of being a mature lover?

Understanding that you might not always know exactly what your partner wants, and being open to listening and learning. Being open-minded is one of the fundamental building blocks of good sex. Obviously, it's not required that you share every kink with your partner, but being able to have a frank, judgment-free discussion about your secret desires and fantasies is super important.

It's OK to be honest if you're a bit skeptical or disinterested in a certain kink, but a grown-ass woman won't tolerate a partner who tries to shame her for any of her fantasies. Being a selfless lover doesn't mean you're all give and no take — it means you understand that mutual satisfaction is the key to having great sex. A grown-ass woman won't put up with a partner who thinks only of their own orgasm instead of focusing on her pleasure, too. While everyone has a different sexual experience level, there's no excuse for someone to be willfully ignorant when it comes to how the opposite sex's body works.

If you're having sex, you should at the very least be open to educating yourself about how your partner's body works, so you can figure out how to better pleasure them. There are plenty of resources — like OMGYes — which exist to help people figure out what makes women orgasm. A grown-ass woman won't tolerate a partner who still thinks that the 'jackhammer' method is the way to go; instead, she wants a partner who knows about all her erogenous zones. Repeat after me: it is never OK to pressure a sexual partner to have sex if they don't want to, or perform a sexual act that they're not comfortable with.

You might be thinking: "Why would someone slut-shame their own sexual partner?

Open minded sex

Surely that's counter-productive! Whether it's by remarking about how quickly someone 'gave it up' or by making a comment about someone's willingness to do a certain sexual act, slut-shaming can rear its ugly head in surprising ways. A grown-ass woman won't tolerate a partner who tries to tear her down by making her feel less-than for enjoying something as natural as sex. Ultimately, being a grown-ass woman means learning to identify problematic behaviors in the bedroom, and feeling comfortable standing up for yourself if your partner does something disrespectful or hurtful.

A healthy sex life is one in which both people are focused on pleasuring their partner, and feel comfortable communicating their desires in an honest and respectful way — and a grown-ass woman will accept nothing less.

By Laken Howard.

Open minded sex

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