Operating room fetish

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I've had this for a while but never bothered to post anything. I've been into resus for most of my life and thought I'd share a story fiction that I wrote several years ago. It's probably one of the first stories I ever wrote and most of it was created on the fly without much editing. It may not be as intricate as other stories out there, but thought I'd put it out there for anyone interested in taking a gander :. My friend Rose and I are relaxing watching TV while cuddling up next to each other on a bed.

We've been munching on snacks and drinks, making both of our bellies quite full and distended. While I do this, Rose is concentrating sucking on a jolly rancher. Out of the blue, I crack a witty remark at something on the tube which makes her laugh pretty good.

Suddenly, she makes a clearing noise with her throat - I look operating room fetish her and see that she is struggling to cough. She appears to be in a deep panic as it's apparent that little ol' jolly rancher is stuck in her throat, blocking her windpipe. Rose looks at me with an an "oh shit, help me dammit! Feeling a sudden shot of adrenaline, I get up and tell rose to stand up Thinking back to my first aid training, I stand behind her with one foot between her stance.

I place the fist of one hand just above her navel and cup my other hand right over it. I perform 3 quick belly thrusts, pressing Rose's very soft belly in hard and fast. Before you know it, I feel her body go limp and I have to quickly support her weight to avoid her crashing down on the floor. I somehow manage to support her enough to where I help ease her body down on the ground. Rose is clearly unconscious - laying out on the floor wearing only a low-cut thong that fits well below her navel.

I check her vitals - I place 2 fingers on her neck searching for her pulse but am operating room fetish trouble finding it I try to find it on her wrist but again the difficulty with this ensues However, as my head is lying on her chest, I cannot feel her chest heaving up and down. Rose is clearly not breathing. I don't see nor feel the candy so I prepare to commence further choking aid maneuvers To aid in restoring breathing, I prepare to give Rose mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I tilt her head back by placing one hand on her forehead and 2 fingers under her chin, to open her airway.

Operating room fetish

With her mouth open, I pinch her nostrils shut and form a tight seal over her mouth with mine. With out lips interlocked, I blow a deep breath of air into Rose's lungs. However, I do not see nor feel her chest rise up with my breath. I then proceed to begin a round of belly heimlich thrusts. I move into a straddle position over her, my legs wrapped around her. I place one hand just above her navel and interlock my other hand on top of it.

With my body upright and arms straightened, I begin a set of 10 hard belly thrusts into her. My hands sink very deeply into her soft belly as I try my best to bring her back. Due to the force of my belly thrusts, her whole body is jiggling, especially her massive breasts which shake in unison with my forceful thrusts. I jump off her from my straddling position and open her mouth to see if the jolly rancher is present.

Not seeing it yet, Operating room fetish roll Rose onto her side facing me and administer a quick hard series of belly thrusts with one hand. Again, my hand sinks in ever so deeply into the pillow that is her belly. Miraculously, the jolly rancher comes out after one of my operating room fetish belly thrusts. Feeling somewhat relieved, I roll Rose on her back again to assess her vitals. Still no breathing Feeling very close to reviving her, I again tilt her head back, pinch her nostrils shut, seal my mouth over hers, and begin to give her the kiss of life.

I blow a deep, strong breath into her - as I do this, I have one hand in the center of her chest. I feel her huge chest rise up very high and fall back down. My air is going into her lungs. I deliver another deep, powerful breath into Rose and this time not only her chest rises up, but I can feel her already huge belly expand as well. To avoid air being trapped in her belly and also gastric distentionI press her belly with two hands to let the excess air out of there.

Operating room fetish

Before I can give her another breath, Rose begins to come to, letting a faint cough at first before coughing more aggressively. I turn her on her side and begin to pat her on her back for comfort. After a few minutes, she turns onto her back again and asked what happened. I let her know that she choked on her jolly rancher and passed out for a few, but I managed to bring her back with some first aid.

Rose lets out a sigh of relief and slowly begins to rise to her feet. Once she's up, she thanks me and hugs me very tightly. We both gravitate towards the bed and soon begin to cuddle with each other. I begin to soothingly massage her very soft, sexy belly to which she lets operating room fetish soft moans to before gradually drifting off into a peaceful slumber Read Part 1 here! Thank you to everyone who read and shared this story! I plan to write this in three parts - Part 1 released yesterday, Part 2 is today, and Part 3 will later today!

Chloe sat around on the sofa, still naked minus her panties, waiting for Kal to come back. She started looking around at the medical posters on the wall.

Operating room fetish

Part of it was dangling out of a drawer on the cart. This one was a bit of a cheaper brand, and it was black instead of green. It looked old - older than how long Kal had been a scientist for from the looks of it. Did he own this before, Chloe wondered. Still works. She then placed it on her chest over her left breast and listened to her own heartbeat.

It was much calmer than it was over twenty-five operating room fetish ago. Lub dub, lub dub. She was in a state of bliss. She quickly turned around to see Kal, with an eyebrow raised and a confused face. Kal just chuckled. We have one more test to go through, remember? She handed him back the spare stethoscope and Kal put it back in the cart.

Chloe laid back down on the table and as Kal walked up with his clipboard. Kal explained that he was going to test how her heart reacted while she was holding her breath. He offered various time frames to try, but Chloe said she wanted to go long as she could go.

Kal was skeptical, but agreed to it. An exciting smile appeared on her face and she felt her heart quicken in anticipation. Kal took quick note. Kal smirked. His suspicions were correct. Have you been enjoying yourself this whole time? He figured it out. She looked away in embarrassment. For years she had been scared of someone finding out her secret. Yet here someone was, one of her best friends no less, who was just like her. Another cardiophile. She felt so much better. Kal rolled the EKG over to the table and took out the wiring, attaching the p to the ends of the wires.

With each pad, her arousal grew. Her legs closed tighter as the last pad was attached and Kal turned on the machine. Seeing her hooked up to the EKG like this…Kal felt his body heat up. He told Chloe to hold her breath whenever operating room fetish felt ready.

She took in of deep breaths, both to calm herself and to get as much oxygen as possible, and then held her breath. Her heart quickened as she did so, before starting to slow down. Kal watched both her and the EKG intensely. While he knew Chloe was trained at this, he still had a bit of anxiety about it. He could tell it was confused by the sudden lack of oxygen. As time went by, her heart gradually starting beating slower and harder, and Kal even spotted a brief arrhythmia once or twice.

Nearly ninety seconds had passed before Chloe started to feel her chest burn, her lungs hungry for air. Her first contraction started around the two minute mark, her heart beginning to speed up again as her oxygen levels continued to fall. Her chest heaved as she resisted the urge to breathe in. You can breathe now, I have the data I need for the experiment.

Operating room fetish

Chloe responded by looking at him. Kal relented, but remained concerned. Three minutes passed. Chloe was starting to struggle. Her contractions were more intense and she had begun to squirm, but she persisted.

Operating room fetish

Her chest grew tighter and her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it operating room fetish her ears. It hurt - yet it was also…pleasurable? Chloe was confused, but for some reason she wanted to keep going. She needed air, her body demanded it, but she would not allow it. By the time three and a half minutes had passed, Kal was at his limit. Her heart was getting more frantic and he worried that she might pass out.

You can breathe now! She let go and started to hyperventilate, her body trying to replenish the oxygen it had lost. Her heart rate skyrocketed with the sudden intake of fresh air and the burning in her chest subsided. It was fast, with a few PVCs here and there, but otherwise was just pounding really fast trying to recover. Kal smiled without knowing it. Really fascinating stuff. Your heart is very strong, going through all that! Chloe blushed as he helped it sit up. Kal finished writing and put the clipboard aside. He turned off the EKG and helped disconnect the le from Chloe.

You were eyeing this thing all day. Thanks again for helping me out, Chloe.

Operating room fetish

Means a lot. Thank you for not judging me either. As he put things away, something sparked in Chloe. She wanted him to listen to her heart more, to do more with her heart. She was conflicted as to whether or not she should say something.

Operating room fetish

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