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Features Switch to Anchor Blog. in Get started. The Authentic Hotwife Podcast. By The Authentic Hotwife. Candid stories and reflections of a newbie Australian Hotwife in her early 30s To connect with The Authentic Hotwife and other listeners, visit reddit. Listen on. Where to listen. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts. This is Part 2 - listen to the first part in Episode Oh, what a fun night! We're definitely on the tail end of our Hero's journey through the initiation in the Lifestyle - our confidence is building, we're clearer about our standards, and we're dealing with the ups and downs more effectively.

Guy 2 kept us guessing in the lead-up, but we persisted and had a great time. I learn that verbal connection isn't everything - particularly when it's well compensated with a good sexual connection. Oh, and I break a rule in the heat of the moment We're definitely on the tail end of our Hero's journey through the initiation into the Lifestyle - our confidence is building, we're clearer about our needs and standards, and we're dealing with the ups and downs more effectively. This episode ended up needing two parts - catch the rest in Episode Our Rules - All 34 of them!

We've had a few people ask about the 34 rules that govern our Hotwife play, so I go through each of them in this episode. The Rules were largely birthed from our encounters with The Devil see Episode 3 and, going through them again, I think they are all still relevant and worthy rules for us.

Many of the Rules are simple guiding principles for how we conduct ourselves ourhotwife our play, and how we relate to the others are playing with. We've turned a corner! Clarity, confidence and a fresh perspective.

We've finally bounced back from the feelings of being deflated and lost in Episode 12, and are feeling ificantly more confident about what we are looking for and how we communicate that. I'm starting to make peace with the Hotwife journey - the ups, downs, wins, disappointments, flakes and feelings of rejection. And with ourhotwife fresh new profile, I'm looking forward to more fun in the future A Hotwife Ramble - Managing life, flakes and getting over an early hump.

I took the 'diary entry' approach in this episode and just mind dumped about our recent frustrations with dealing with flaky single males and juggling the Hotwife lifestyle with our other life responsibilities. I also describe myself in more ourhotwife for those curious about what I look like.

As a side note, Hubby says he definitely wouldn't describe me as overweight and says my curves are sexy, aww! Interview with the lovely Mr and Mrs Zee. After losing the file from our first interview, I am so glad to finally share this robust interview with US-based Hotwife ourhotwife, Mr and Mrs Zee, with you all. Mr Zee keeps it real with some very important vetting ourhotwife while Mrs Zee delights in sharing the joys of being a Hotwife.

You can reach Mr and Mrs Zee at Zeecouple01 gmail. Happy New Year everyone! Hotwife Fever took over me and I broke many of our established protocols to make the encounter happen, which resulted in a less than ourhotwife encounter. Our Scouting and Screening process is solidified, and fortunately the aftermath still resulted in some crazy hot sex with Hubby. Visit reddit. The freedom in 'talking incessantly' with others about Hotwife.

The author of 'The Ethical Slut' wrote about the power and freedom that comes with 'talking incessantly' with others about alternative lifestyles and going on a journey to explore ourselves and others. We have been so privileged to hear from listeners from different parts of the globe, of different ages and stages of their journey, and it has been nice to continue to deepen our understanding of Hotwife through the ensuing conversations. Take two! It became apparent pretty quickly that we made a glaringly obvious, very un-Covid-safe choice in our Second encounter. I talk about the mistake and the lesson, wins and takeaways from the encounter, as well as my thoughts on what Hotwife has taught me about male sexuality and why women may not understand it.

Hotwife, female sexuality and the resources that helped us. Getting started on our Hotwife ourhotwife was hard and confusing! Despite being a common sexual fantasy, there are relatively few resources dedicated to helping couples navigate and understand the Hotwife lifestyle.

In this episode I go through some of the books, blogs and websites that helped me understand and ourhotwife the weird and wonderful world of Hotwife. One week after the Italian Stallion. Reflections one week after our first encounter. Consensus between us is it was still an incredible experience, however there is some emotional aftermath to contend with. Finally - we did ourhotwife We made our fantasy a reality. Hubby watched me play ourhotwife a sexy, charming, respectful stud Sex with the Devil more lessons in Hotwife play. He shook us up and left us a little raw, but also much clearer in how we wanted to move forward with the Lifestyle.

Our early Hotwife experiences. We have been experimenting with Hotwife play for over five years Here are some stories from the early days Introducing our Hotwife journey. Introducing us as a couple, how my partner pitched hotwife to me, why I like it and why I started this podcast.


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Our Deliciously Dirty Secret: Tales from a Beginner Hotwife