Panty trade

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Some women are selling so many of their used panties, they have made it their fulltime job. In the third series of the award-winning comedy-drama, main character and prison inmate Piper Chapman recruits a string of fellow female felons to wear underpants for a day or two, and smuggle them out of prison to be sold for a pretty profit. Piper Chapman, who is a character in Orange Is the New Black, launched a trade on the show where inmates wore panty trade, and she would sell them to men on the outside for a profit.

The narrative sees the inmates make a few dollars for going about their daily business, but instead of throwing their undies in the laundry basket with the towels and bedsheets — they get packaged and sent to men on the outside who get off on their used undergarments.

Piper Chapman, what have you done. Picture: Youtube. Alex and his undisclosed business partner, who launched the site SofiaGray. We keep all buyers completely anonymous. Some used undies are up for sale in the thousands. Alex, who says his site has a few hundred sellers using his site daily to make money, admits the interest in the fetish creates a profitable second income for women who want to take part.

Sellers can create a shop on the website, completely free of charge and then list their used undergarments. From here, buyers can browse through the listed items and purchase said items paying via credit and debit cards. Buyers on used underwear buying and selling sites can add as many listings as they like. A Japanese vending machine which sells panties that appear to be used. Pantydeal is another American website which runs on the same business model, but ask for a membership fee from all sellers.

Another server confided that she occasionally sold her underwear for cash. He wanted me to wear them for 24 hours, and to not masturbate in them most men actually want you to do that. He paid me via PayPal within 20 minutes, and I shipped the undies off in a Ziploc bag panty trade a discreet brown envelope. One woman, who could no longer work as a waitress, started making money off selling her used underpants instead. In the know quiz Premium membership Best of shopping Log in up. Log out.

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Panty trade

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Panty trade: women who sell their underwear to men. Seriously.