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Anyway, that was me over half of my life browsing for those images. Hell, fairly recently I even went through some files I saved from before the year ! Today, of course, finding images is rather ubiquitous… pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. It is almost as if they lose their charm being so easy pantyhose confessions find.

I know it sounds narcissistic as hell but I actually made it kind of a hobby to take the best photo, en femme, I can. The ultimate goal being to look like a perfectly passable woman and have the proof right there. So trying I did. Funny, too, I even had some old self images taken with a digital camera taken nearly a decade ago and had a nice laugh looking at them. There they were, an obvious dude or dud?

Hardly anything to brag about and I was even ten years younger at the time! A few years ago, though, I started to take photos and actually trying to pantyhose confessions them decent shots of my girly self. Most important though was getting the pose down. Better yet, just happen to get right by chance. A little over five years ago, I bought my first perfume seemingly for the novelty of trying to be the sweet smelling woman.

It was a nice scent, Escada Desire Me, and on sale for half off. Basically it was a half-ass trial at incorporating another new dimension to my crossdressing routine. Since then, every now and then I would dab some on, then forget about it not really remembering that I have it on.

Then I would annoyingly have to remember to wash it off as best I can when going out in public. Basically perfume had never really done anything for me. Fast forward to this year and that has changed completely which also happened to coincide with my crossdressing evolution. When paired up with going the full gamut dressing up yes including the wig and the hour spent on makeupperfume becomes the icing on the cake and completes stimulating all the senses.

And once you stimulate all the senses, you have a moment you can never forget. Sight — Looking at myself in a mirror, taking a photo duh Sound — That noise when you rub pantyhosed legs together Taste — That vanilla-like flavor from a good lipstick Touch — This could be a of things, ahem, pick one Smell — Perfume. Oh my how I was the curious kid exploring sexuality in all its many strange facets.

Um, yeah, I really envisioned back then, too, worrying about how many days I can go without shaving my legs these days. But here I am in a comfortable camisole, pantyhose with panties over them, a satin robe, wig and a swipe of lipstick and quick spray of perfume.

Oh, I forgot the glass of wine too. My first thoughts in these free-spirited effeminate moments usually turn to fantasies involving other crossdressers. You know… like rubbing our nyloned legs together, smudging our lipstick together, lipstick staining our pantyhose or, ahem, other body parts. Of course nothing beats my love for silky pantyhose but I did have a thing for leotards back in the day. Why they even used belts over their leotards as an eye-catching accessory back then too.

My what lovely memories of body hugging spandex shining in the light and the best friend to my dear pantyhose. Yet what is this we have now that I have ignored all along? The… bodysuit? Well thank god for whoever invented this which is practically a leotard made for everyday wear, not to mention in a fashion forward sense as well. Girly, tight-fitting, sexy and, get this, cool. I can definitely get onboard with that! Actually, I started getting into bodysuits when I realized my all-time favorite company in the world, Wolford — makers of the Neon 40 tights, have been making them for quite a long time.

AND they are gorgeous and come in a million styles to choose. One of the reasons I enjoy writing this blog is that it serves as a diary of sorts. It is usually while slipping into my lady things and feeling the feminine vibes and then getting my inspiration into words. I also have a separate little black journal I write to although it is not quite as extensive in my perverse thoughts as it is here.

Note pantyhose confessions you may have noticed a lapse in time last year. Just assume I was macho me the whole time, OK? Having this blog means I even like to go back and read my own writing to see what I was thinking about at some random point in time in the past, which tends to amuse me today. I ran across one entry in particular about my evolving bi-curious naturethough, which I felt the need to revisit since my sexuality has taken quite the detour from nearly ten years ago. I wanted to be the woman that gives the blowjob or takes a good pounding albeit from the rear.

It felt sexy and exciting to fantasize about it, plus it went everything against my rather conservative upbringing which just made it all the more exciting. I often times think about how my crossdressing has evolved over the years. Well, maybe even my whole life. It was something I would do every now and then in private just to get my kicks and then get on with my day. Yet back then, it was only about slipping into pantyhose which eventually led to slipping on lingerie pantyhose confessions with it.

It was enjoyable and satisfying nonetheless. At least that was how I thought of it back then. No more am I the male pantyboy or more like the resident pantyhoseboy. For example, I shave all body hair even my face! Then there is that subtle dot of perfume that I like to put right over my deodorant in the morning.

And each day it is a little bit more than the last. I pantyhose confessions always left thinking, though, what will I be like ten years from now if I keep going in this direction? So one day, while browsing their pantyhose confessions to their new additions, I came across something that was somewhat hard to fathom, especially for them.

Is that pantyhose for the arms I see? They look like long gloves which I also love but not covering the hands, AKA sleeves. Then they come. I rip the little boxes open and slip one of these suckers on my left arm. Then the other on the right arm. By the way, I estimate I have worn approximately pairs of pantyhose and around pieces of lingerie in my lifetime.

Yet there are only a few items that I still have that are very dear to my heart. Lingerie, however the complement to my beloved legwear they may be, is still a valued treasure in my book though. So back to that lingerie. It was one of those rare purchases that was actually much better when you have and hold it than what you see in pictures before buying. And what a beautiful teddy it was. I get it. They are not made for men or an effeminate one at that. However, this one, while coming out of the package looking very teeny weeny tiny, actually fit to pantyhose confessions. Not only that, but there were no restrictions in movement whatsoever.

In other words, it was nice and comfortable. Up until now, a comfortable teddy was practically a paradox. But comfort is just a small part of the equation. That garment was for sale brand new at a price that I thought was rather low. The OMG moment finally came around. What a concept! Of course, I could have looked around and shop for regular male clothes but, hell no! Miniskirts, bodysuits, lingerie and of course my most sought out items… anything Wolford. Or, at least hoping to appear like one. Calling it growing up or hitting puberty if you will.

Really, there are those little things you do just like a little teeny-bopper girl. Shave your legs and armpits and beard A LOT moreexfoliate and lotion all over, manicures, pedicures, etc, etc. They not only make you look more feminine but FEEL more feminine as well. And feeling more feminine makes you act more feminine, too, which is kind of the end goal of this whole crossdressing thing. Well, in my pantyhose confessions anyway. One way I found to validate myself as a crossdresser was to have at least have a decent photo.

That is definitely the hardest thing to do since you either have to hire a friend or photographer to do the deed or learn how to use the auto feature on your own camera. Then, of course, the most important part: the pose. There is always the easy way out… taking a selfie or a mirror-selfie. How lame is that, though, since pantyhose confessions selfie is so ubiquitous that they are really hardly even noticed. Maybe one here or there is OK, but if a portrait collection consists of only selfie photos, then why even bother?

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Pantyhose confessions

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