Pee fetish dating

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It all started very innocently for us. We used to shower together and now and then my girlfriend would announce that she had to pee. At first she would get out of the shower, but then one time I guess she was feeling lazy because I detected a feint smell of urine and then saw the yellow pool between her feet running down the drain. Then one day, just to be saucy, she did piss on my foot.

She looked at me defiantly. What was I going to do pee fetish dating it? I began peeing into the shower drain, and gradually I moved the stream up onto her foot, her ankle, and then her leg. It seemed to turn her on. We began making out in the shower, and then we got out and tumbled into bed and began having incredibly hot and unbridled sex. Meet new kinky partners now at BDSMdate. After this, by degrees, showers began going from a functional way to get clean to an entirely erotic aspect of our lives. We got bolder and bolder with our piss.

She began kneeling down and letting me piss on her face, into her open mouth. She peed into a sherry glass and let me sip from it. She loved to lie down naked in the tub and allow me to urinate all over her body before we turned on the taps and showered. She even encouraged me to drink a bunch of beer before we showered so that I would have much more juice to drain onto her.

I loved to eat her out, and then pee fetish dating as she was cumming she would piss in my mouth. I loved watching her pull up her skirt in public and piss in exotic places: in the supermarket, in the back of the bus, at the movies. Sometimes she would go in the bathroom, piss on her hand, and then come out and slip one wet salty finger into my mouth. That said, there are probably thousands of people out there who feel that same as we do, and that makes it all pretty normal when you think about it. Get Kinky Mail! Subscribe to Kink Lovers Now. Kink Lovers. Inline Feedbacks. Load More Comments.

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Pee fetish dating

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