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The Huggies Forum is closed for new replies and topics, you can still read older topics. Welcome Active Popular Browse. The other week i went to the hospital for a routine checkup. I went on my own and the doctor i got that day was a male. Then when he felt my heart beat he made me pull my top up all the way, then he said, and i quote "right up on the bed top up and bra undone".

Posted Friday 08 December am. Oh sweetie, you poor thing. I seriously cannot see any reason for him to touch your breasts. I had both perv forum and female doctors through my pregnancy and not once did they touch my breasts. As for the pap smear, I didnt think it was the safest thing to do when you are pregnant.

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I would be making a complaint to your midwife and if she does nothing go to the hospital administrator. I really dont think it was a necessary procedure. Best of luck, maybe next time take your partner or mum. Your not the only one who gets the dirty looks and feels you are looked down upon. I am 26 and still copped flak! Good Luck, let us know what you decide to do.

Former Member. Hi, This perv forum does sound like he could be a bit of a perv. Never once in three pregnancies have I had a doc ask to feel my boobs. As far as the paps smear goes- I perv forum to have one when pregnant with my 2 bub because I was way overdue for one. I was assured by my doc it is ok to have pap smears during pregnancy.

I have found some doctors see so many pregnant women that they become insensitive and see them as just another walking womb- regardless of the womans age. Next time you go back mention your experience and question as to why he would have felt the need to examine your breasts. If something like this happens again. I also suggest going with a friend to keep you company at appointments. Posted Friday 08 December pm.

Posted Saturday 09 December pm. Hey tara, Oh my god! With my firt daughter I had a breat examination, she was a female doctor and explained what she was doing, why she was doing it etc With my second daughter I has no examination and Im currently pregnant with my 3rd daughter and havent had to have one. When it comes to the pap smear, its my understanding that you shouldnt have one until weeks after birth, you should seriously check why you had one while pregnant.

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Im extremely overdue for a pap my 2nd daughter was only 6months when I found out I was pregnant with this one and all the antnatal appointments I have been to tell me that you must have a pap smear at my week check-up after bubs is born. Not right there and then I hope this helps, Good luck. Posted Monday 11 December pm. Hope you get this sorted out soon. Posted Tuesday 12 December pm. Hi Tara, I never had a breast exam when I was pregnant, and I made sure I had a pap smear done at a pre conception check up.

Some dr's will do smears done whilst you are pregnant, and clearly from the responses on here some wont. Same for breast checks i guess. I think the main thing here is that any dr male or female need to have an appropriate bedside manner. It is their job to make sure perv forum patient is comfortable and informed of what is happening and why.

Clearly in this case that wasn't done. I hope eventually you will be able to feel at peace with what happened, and not let it infringe too much on the joy you should be getting out of your pregnancy. Sounds like he needs to have his bedside manner seriously adjusted!! Posted Wednesday 10 January pm. Posted Thursday 08 February pm. Posted Monday 26 February pm. Hi Tarra, I just had my first perv forum up to confirm I was pregnant and my female GP did check my breasts, mainly for lumps and she explained what she was doing.

My advice is to talk to the midwife and also lodge a complaint with the hospital. They should have a patient liason officer who will investigate your complaint. If after this you are unsatisfied you can go to the Health Rights Commission in your state. They always advise to try resolving the issue yourself firstly. They will tell you if you have a case and if so will investigate it for you. Some doctors are unfortunately arrogant pigs.

I would refuse to see him if he takes your next appointment. Good luck! Posted Sunday 10 June pm.

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