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Pocket WaifuNutaku's dating sim packed chock full of fun minigames and cute girls, is now available on Android according to a tweet from the digital distribution service [NSFW]. If you're down for a dating sim, Pocket Waifu is a fun free-to-play experience that you might enjoy.

After making a Faustian pact with a demon who is rather nonchalant about the whole "wearing clothes" thing, you find yourself meeting a bunch of pretty ladies of all different sorts. Pocket Waifu has been available to play on the Nutaku website via PC for the last month or so. The game is now available to play on Android completely for free if you would prefer to take it with you on the go.

Players must provide their girls with food, toiletries, and plenty of time to rest. Once their energy is full, you can spend time playing one of seven different minigames of varying challenge pocket waifu android them to earn their admiration.

You can also elect to give them gifts to boost your relationship with them if you'd prefer to not spend too much time waiting around for energy timers to recharge. As players progress through the game, they'll unlock scintillating animated scenes where their ladies get a little frisky. This particular game is pocket waifu android free-to-play title, so bear in mind that there are opportunities to purchase gems or other in-game items to speed things up if you want to kick Nutaku and the game developers some of your hard-earned cash.

Disclosure: Nutaku provides perks for TechRaptor membersand TechRaptor participates with an affiliate linking program with Nutaku. Some of the links in this article are affiliated. What do you think of Pocket Waifu? Does this particular style of game appeal to you or would you prefer something with a bit more robust gameplay?

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Pocket waifu android

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Nutaku's Dating Sim Pocket Waifu Now Available On Android