Pornstars then and now

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Ever wonder what happens to pornstars once the bright lights go out on their careers? They become real estate agents, nurses, Christian activists, stay-at-home mums, and private investigators. We rounded up the 12 erotic actors and actresses turned contributing members of society — and the few who came out of retirement. Gizmodo Kotaku. Toggle.

Search Icon A magnifying glass icon. Globe Icon An icon of the world globe. Jul 2,AM. Former porn star Asia Carrera is now a stay at home mum living in Utah. Asia Carrera was the first half-Asian female to become an A-list porn star, appearing in videos. The Mensa International member walked away from a full academic scholarship to college to instead pursue a career in porn. She enjoyed learning all the crew members' jobs in between scenes.

Today, Asia is a stay-at-home mother of two living in Mormon country in St. George Utah, where porn is illegal and she's less recognised. Tyffany Million was known as the 'dirty girl' of porn, appearing in titles, and took pride in her acting abilities. She walked away from porn when she met the right man. She's happily married, a mother of two And runs her own business as a d private investigator and bounty hunter. Pacheco wrote a memoir of love and sex, titled 'Hindsight' and now collects action figures. After one amateur night at a strip club and a few raunchy Polaroids sent to 'Playboy,' Mary Carey burst onto the porn scene.

Carey ran for governor of California twice, promising pornstars then and now legalise gay marriage and tax breast implants. Carey retired inbut cranked out one more film while facing financial instability. Today, she makes reality show appearances and hopes to make a career in comedy acting.

Raylene acted in the 'dirtiest of the dirtiest' videos until she was scooped up by Vivid Entertainment, where the footage was 'less disgusting. Raylene became an addict and credits her son with saving her life. She became a d real estate agent before eventually returning to porn. Randy West got his start as a nude model for art classes, and estimates he's been with 3, women in his life But all he wants is to meet the right woman and have children.

West competes in celebrity golf tournaments for charity and says he still doesn't need to take Viagra. The former pornstars then and now model, Chrissy Moran, only appeared in 30 videos, but gained a cult following online. When she quit porn, the Christian community rescued Moran from poverty. Today, she works for an outreach program for women in the sex industry.

John Leslie says he worked 40 days out of the year, 'and maybe 15 to 20 days were sex days. He retired and d his passion, painting, which he studied in college. Leslie died of a heart attack in Amber Lynn followed her big brother, adult film director Buck Adams, into the family business. Lynn was discovered by the wife of 'Hustler' magazine's publisher, and had a year career.

Today, Amber runs a successful real estate practice and does sobriety counseling. Desperate for a better life than what prostitution and stripping could provide, Shelley 'Roxy' Lubben found an outlet for her pent-up anger in porn. Now Lubben is on a quest to shut down the XXX business, testifying on Capitol Hill and pulling men and women out of the industry through her organisation Pink Cross Foundation.

Heralded as the first porn 'superstar,' Seka found mainstream fame — appearing on 'Saturday Night Live' and dating Hollywood movie stars. Today, Seka earns a living off her website and enjoys gardening, cooking, and crafting. Moving beyond porn was particularly difficult for Houston, who couldn't keep a job in real estate because she would be recognised. I was good at it,' Houston said. Today, Houston is a church-going single mother and cancer survivor who graduated from nursing school with a 4. She may not have starred in porn videos, but Paula Deen isn't squeaky clean.

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Pornstars then and now

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porn stars then and now