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Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. She said she had been going through my profile and doesn't take such activity lightly. Looking at my profile picks i have to wonder, Is it because I'm white and I have a black boyfriend? I asked my partner if she thought I engaged in "race play" and despite her knowing me very well, and being on the left side of every issue, couldn't answer either. And if it is evil is it any more evil than any other "play" in here that depends on and raceplay forum stereotypes?

Madelaine McMasters 13 posts. Scylla Rhiadra 16 posts. BilliJo Aldrin 31 posts. Janet Voxel 21 posts. November 14, I used to have an awesome sports car in SL and play race a lot. Did not know it was evil. November 20, With the greatest respect, Amanda -- and I find your argument an interesting, if deeply flawed one -- let me pose you my own question: "How much respect for or enjoyment of an action movie would.

I have been missing out on a whole, entire thing to be Offended about Otherwise I'd imagine race play would just be some kind of RP where they're a different race. On secondlife I would see playing as a different race as a normal experience like anything else. I see no harm in it raceplay forum it were to get really racist. And honestly even if it does, as long as its private who cares.

I don't know and it's something that has always worried me too since I use avatars representing a wide variety of ethnicities. So far I have only had one response that even as much as hinted at something negative and that was easily sorted out. You never know what people think but don't say though.

Raceplay forum

An avant-garde, but increasingly accepted form of sexual role play in which people of different races consensually reject all political correctness especially verbal and propriety in favor of sexual pleasure and fulfillment. Don't ask me what rejecting all political correctness means in this scenario because I've no idea, unless it means using words to describe the other person that are no longer raceplay forum to use; e.

It's usually a fetish thing, not just regular interracial relationships. From what I've seen it tends to be stuff like slavery roleplay, with a white owner and black slave in like a plantation setting or something.

Raceplay forum

Or like black men as 'breeding bulls' where they are played as being sexually aggressive towards white, innocent women. It seems to be using a lot of racial stereotypes as fetish fuel, which I could see being a bit uncomfortable and problematic. I don't know if it's 'evil' or not. I find raceplay forum kinda distasteful myself, but I'm not really in any position to judge But it's not race play just because you date someone of a different raceplay forum. But that being said there have been lots of posts over at [a popular metaverse blog] about having a black avatar when you were white etc with some folks being very against it.

I personally don't see anything overtly derogatory about "changing your race" unless of course you use that in some sort of hurtful way. Personally I am not sure why it comes up so often on that blog -- pointing to "evidence" from the dark ages raceplay forum SL which doesn't seem to have much credibility these days. What a thing to ask! Your new friend needs to mind her own beeswax. Unless you are doing things in public or directly in front of your friend, what a couple does in privacy is their own, and not the subject of conversation.

Good, evil, weird, boring, doesn't matter. People can do whatever they want. You get the idea I am sure. That someone would associate that with something as innocent as a simple profile image and actually ask if that is something one is into because of such an association I'd have to say that it speaks volumes about your friend.

Is it possible your new acquaintance doesn't approve of interracial relationships and thinks that's "race play"? I think she's re-interpreting what she sees in your profile. It would make me wonder about her, about why is she reading more into your profile that what is actually there. I'm not familiar with the term race-play, however, I wouldn't think that it would apply to an interracial relationship at least without concrete evidence that the relationship is fully centered on some of the types of fetished Nyx mentioned.

I haven't checked your profile, but from you asking this question here, I would hazard a guess that you don't have anything in your profile alluding to any of those types of fetishes. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it - I don't see anything "evil" about anything being done in any of your picks. I got called evil for using a rl pic, sadly, that's happened more a few times lmao.

Raceplay forum

Just bless their wee lil hearts, no one ever offered them a proper education I once encountered someone who was trying to shame people whose avatars did not match their RL racial demographic; they called it Racial Play-Acting and cultural appropriation and were quite indignant about it. If we going to get up-tight about people playing an avi with a skin-color more or less melanin-challenged than their RL corpse, we are in big trouble with old men playing pretty young ladies.

Oh goodness, could you imagine?

Raceplay forum

Or av's perceived age not matching the rl age Then again, this is people we're talking about, raceplay forum of the People get all butthurt and uptight about the strangest of things. We have a rl neighbor that likes to vacuum her yard.

I used to think perhaps she was just getting super old and, well, the mind's not such a nice fella after a certain age for some folks. She will literally vacuum it if anything touches it, and don't you dare let her see you even LOOKING like you're going to touch a blade of grass, the look she gives Sweet old lady otherwise though, just My kids bake her stuff all the time, shovel her drive, rake leaves only in the driveway, can't touch the grass, lol and walk her dogs.

Is she using a special vacuum made for such use something from Home Depot or is she breaking out the Raceplay forum or Bissell? Is it wrong that my avie has beautiful, tanned skin, and I am pretty much incapable of tanning in RL? I don't think just playing as a different race falls under race play even, it's more "race bending". And I can't see why that would be wrong unless you're like, specifically acting out racial stereotypes or something. I'm mostly in SL for the roleplaying and I feel it would be weird if all my characters were always white.

Wonder what this ones trying to distract ya from. Second Life, were we have people walking around as elves, furries, animals, werewolves, mermaids well, swimming around. If someone is misbehaving, insulting or whatever, address that, but please keep the race argument far away from Second Life. She used to have a bagged one, but switched out to a bagless one about a year ago.

Raceplay forum

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Raceplay forum

You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Recommended Posts. BilliJo Aldrin Posted November 12, Posted November 12, A new friend I hadn't even met face to face offlined me the other day and asked if i was into race play. I imed back asking her definition of Race play.

She couldn't even understand exactly what the term meant. So I'm asking here, what is raceplay forum play and is it "evil". Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies Created 3 yr Last Reply 3 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 13 16 31 Popular Posts JackSinned November 14, Scylla Rhiadra November 20, Amanda Crisp November 14, Posted Images. I've got absolutely no idea and I've never even heard someone talk about "race play". You sure that isn't a typo for p instead of c?

ChinRey Posted November 12, Posted November 12, edited. Phil Deakins Posted November 12, I raceplay forum this:- An avant-garde, but increasingly accepted form of sexual role play in which people of different races consensually reject all political correctness especially verbal and propriety in favor of sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

Nyx Karas Posted November 12,

Raceplay forum

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