Self ballbusting methods

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Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is BlueCaller and my intention is to offer some advice to all of you men out there who crave a decent bout of testicular pain, but have no-one to administer it to you. It was only fairly recently November 99 that I met a wonderful woman who has been prepared to indulge me in my fantasies. She was uncomfortable at first, but as time has gone on For many many years though, I was a frustrated bustee.

I thought about dominant women crushing my testicles all day long and I spent a long time sexually frustrated because of this. I simply wanted to feel pain in my balls so much that I began to conceive ways of doing this to myself.

Self ballbusting methods

This is where my comes in!! Andy has very kindly allowed me to write about some of my favourite ways to crush your own testicles with the aid of a few simple household accessories! I believe that most of us have to resort to methods like these at some time or another to achieve arousal, so I hope that here you will find a method that crushes your nuts as flat as you want em!

Of course, if a ballbusting female happens to be reading this So watch out guys, your girl might just try out some new ideas on you soon! There are two main techniques involved in causing the sensation of pain within the testicles.

Self ballbusting methods

Personally I've always enjoyed striking my nuts with a sharp blow as this simulates the effect of being hit in the groin by a woman. It also causes a more severe wave of pain to wash through them having said that, any man who has had his gon squeezed by an angry woman will know how debilitating a good squeeze can be! At this point, Self ballbusting methods feel it self ballbusting methods be useful to mention an item of clothing which I've found invaluable in ballbusting.

It is a fact of life that vulnerable to a sharp blow as your balls are Buy yourself some of those skintight Lycra shorts that cyclists wear. If you slip an elastic band over your balls, and then don the shorts Your balls are held completely central between your legs. They cannot move or escape, and the shorts are so tight that they hold your penis up out of the way.

Basically this means that every hit, whack, sharp blow or whatever goes directly into your balls! It is wonderful! This is useful also if someone else is trying to crush your nuts. My mistress used to often miss my nuts when she kicked me. She'd often get my cock by accident instead. With the Lycra shorts on, my balls are held firmly in the same place for her You may have to experiment to position your balls just right between your legs, but believe me Lycra shorts make ballbusting so much easier!

I dare any man to take many hits to his balls from an apple in a sock while they are bound with elastic bands and unable to escape! Try it! Believe it or not, a humble apple can cause a ificant amount of pain to your testicles. Just ask me! It's been one of my favourite techniques since I began experimenting. All you need is an average sized apple and a sock! Simply drop an average sized, evenly shaped apple into the end of a sock. It then becomes like the classic street fighter weapon of a pool ball in a sock! All you have to do is drop your trousers and expose your sac to the air If you self ballbusting methods fairly average balls and don't regularly torture them too much, then a good solid whack on each should be enough to provide a quite reasonable level of pain.

Of course, there are no limits and you can go on whacking them as much as you like! This is a quiet method too, something important for those of us who live in close proximity of others. Some of you may be sitting there thinking "Why not use something heavier than an apple? Like a baseball for instance? I have always found an apple to give a satisfying thump if swung hard enough.

I also always have one around, as I am a big fruit eater brings a whole new meaning to the term "bruised fruit"!!! This method is effective either "nuts out" or when you are clothed. Find a shoe of some kind. Most men will find this method more sexually stimulating when using a woman's shoe Myself, I've always found a more satisfying level of pain can be accomplished by using a heavy boot of some kind. A sneaker will do the job quite well. Be warned! You may end up doing more damage to your nuts than you intended!

If doing this naked, hold your penis up out of the way with one hand Hold it by the toe, so you can bring the heel down sharply into your nuts. Get ready, raise the shoe away from you and then. With a heavy work boot or something, you can really cause a ificant level of pain to be felt in the gon. You can also try resting your balls over the edge of a hard surface like a table or somethingor placing a hard object behind them and hitting them.

Another very simple, quick to administer way of getting your kicks! Oh yes! The common every day toilet seat is actually a testicle crushing device par-excellence! You will find it works better if you first slip an elastic band around your sac so your nuts are held tightly together in the end of the scrotum.

Kneel down in front of the toilet, and lift the lid back as high as it will go. Then, rest your jewels upon the edge of the seat. I think you can guess what comes next! Let the self ballbusting methods drop and This is a really simple, quick way of causing a sharp blow to your testicles. Of course, some toilet seats are heavier than others so caution is advised.

For best hold your penis out of the way with your spare hand, so your balls get the full force of the impact. Once you have gauged how painful it is to crush both nuts this way, you can progress to doing one at a time Slip the elastic band around your sac, above the balls as before. Then and this bit is tricky turn away from the toilet, slide your balls between seat and lid Be very careful if you try this!

You may end up going off ballbusting altogether after trying this I almost didbecause you won't have any balls to bust anymore!!! Well, you will Try it if you dare! Oh god. Just thinking back to how I tried this technique in my early teens brings tears to my eyes! As with many of the self-busting methods, slip an or several elastic bands around your sac, above the balls. This keeps them tight together at the bottom of the scrotum, and makes them especially vulnerable.

Self ballbusting methods

You will need to find a wardrobe or something similar that you can stand in front of. The idea is to sandwich your jewels directly between the edge of the door and the door frame itself. When they are in position, push yourself against the door to hold them firmly in place. With them held snugly between a rock and a hard place he he hebring your knee back behind you be careful not to let your balls escape at this point. Then knee the door as hard as you dare! Your balls will be crushed nicely! As a young man, this was one of the first ways I ever tried to hurt myself.

I wasn't expecting much and kneed the door with moderate force. I must have trapped my nuts in just the right place because it absolutely hurt like hell!

Self ballbusting methods

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