Sensory deprivation fetish

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Sensory deprivation fetish next time…. I had to come up with the shapes for the foam pattern pieces, which I wanted to be very form-fitting but have the fewest of seams. Right away a center strip started to suggest itself as a solution. I could cut a hole for the nose, and cover the sides with 2 additional panels. I wanted only the head to be foam padded, with the neck fitting as tight and close to the skin as possible.

The visual contrast between the puffy head and slim neck is what the project is all about. The next step was to wrap the foam with pallet-wrap, just to hold the foam panels in place. I use a marker to indicate possible lines for the seams. A peek at the foam panels inside the wrap:. Here are the pattern shapes I came up with: two sides that wrap around under the chin, and a single-piece front panel that meets the rear lacing panels at the top of the hood.

The first seams sewn are the under-chin and top-of-the-head seam. Before sewing the rest together, I check the fit on the hood form, and decide to create darts on the two side panels to make a tight-fitting contour. I start by using spray adhesive on both parts to hold the foam to the lamb inner hood. I draw the outer leather hood over the inner being careful not to pull the foam out of position. Eventually I get it worked into place, and clip the 2 hoods together along the rear opening.

From there I remove the hood from the form and sew the two hoods together along the rear opening. Things seem to be where they are supposed to be. I add the grommets and lace the hood back onto the form to help set the shape. The next day, the hood gets clipped and sewn to the butterfly straitjacket body. I add the breathing tube, which is just held in place with a friction-fit. Came out great! Ready for testing…. The no-compromise de includes a rear lacing-only entry, which makes getting into and out of the jacket a time-consuming task. The hood, which is essentially an inner and outer hood with a foam layer in between, creates a real buffer between the wearer and the outside world.

The breathing tube is another aspect that makes the restraint even more intense. If you forget to mouth-breathe and try to breathe through your nose, the leather will just press against your face and remind you just how stuck you really are. Finally, the arm pockets are pared down to create the tightest fit yet. It looks fantastic in real life. Beautiful work, BlackStyle! He was contacting me for advice on the kind of leather that may work for the armbinder pattern I recently posted, and sent along an image of a prototype he put together with a zip closure in black vinyl.

X did modify the pattern, as he knew that his model was very flexible, and that her elbows could touch when bound lucky man…. Needless to say, the photo below caught my eye, and I was more than happy to share some advice with him. Yeah, I nearly fell out of my chair. The photos were just awesome! This beautiful Asian girl, so completely, helplessly, and…. Would you check out how close her elbows are? Nice touch with the little bell, BTW…. Thank you, Nanako for suffering so beautifully for us…. The open-handed innovation came completely from Lew.

To me, a closed, fitted hand pocket is sexy as hell. But the open-finger idea actually started to grow on me as the project progressed. The idea was to have a laced collar originally as well. But I was concerned that in the event that it had to be removed quickly, a staple plate may actually be quicker. Must do more with foam, layering and reinforcement.

So much still to do…. The padded hood started out with an inner hood made of lamb leather. Mina struggles beautifully in her heavy, dark leather prison. If you are a fan of sleepsacks like me, you probably have been waiting for dreaming of? It will start with a beautiful Asian girl smiling at you as she runs her hand over the heavy leather restraint she is about to be tormented in. Gorgeous body and beautiful face slowly enveloped by the dark shiny form. Next, the zipper is pulled down, encasing her head in a tight leather embrace. Then, pulled more, until finally the poor girl is fully enclosed, arms held at her sides by the internal sleeves.

There is no going back for her now, no escape until you decide to let her go. She will wiggle around, struggling against her bonds, enjoying the embrace of her leather cocoon. Softly moaning and breathing heavy as she takes turns rolling over and resting — leather hood pressing tightly against her lips. After stewing a while, her laces are pulled tighter, molding the leather ever tighter against every part of her body: legs, fingers, ass, arms and shoulders.

The struggle is beautiful to watch. Well, leave it to my friends at Restricted Senses to make this dream scenario come true using a sleepsack I made. At a completely reasonable price. Do yourself a favor: download the video here and enjoy this sublime piece of extreme bondage art. For me, this is a dream come true.

I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago about a heavy leather sleepsack prototype I had that might possibly fit his lovely Asian slave girl. Turns out it was just the right size to fit her, so I sent the diabolical device over for them to put to the test.

More specifically I should say: to put her to the test. You see, this is no normal sack. This sack sensory deprivation fetish deed from the start to push the limits of restriction, of what a sleepsack could be in terms of severity and level of enclosure. On a scale of one to ten, this is a ten. You can ask him or her if it works as deed…. As you can see from the photos he sent over, it is close to perfect fit-wise. For a fit-fetishist such as myself, this is about the pinnacle for this type of restraint.

The hood is seamless and smooth. Her shoulders, waist, hips and legs, all fit without a single wrinkle. The lacing panel, even though very tight, sensory deprivation fetish has room to go further…. First off, there are only 2 small nose holes to connect you with the outside world. This is a dark, extreme and intense voyage for those who dare. Not for those prone to panic. For advanced players and hood-lovers only! X promises to keep me posted on his upcoming experiments that he has planned for the sack and sensory deprivation fetish slave.

It lends itself to endurance training sensory deprivation fetish punishment sessions. I could see some tease-and-denial or forced orgasm experiments that could be very interesting…. I am really looking forward to him realizing the scenarios he has in mind, and can only hope the poor girl can handle it! Keep an eye on the Restricted Senses tumblr for more updates.

Sensory deprivation fetish

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