Sexting conversations with pics

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Color run? My bed. Maybe even a wall or two Girl — 1 min later: Send me a pic tho. Show me whacha workin with Girl — 4 mins later: Okay dead mouse lol!!! Rest of sexting conversation is below. She was gorgeous, green strapless dress over huge boobs with a beautiful smile. I should have taken her home on the spot but had to go find my buddies so got her and made plans to come back and see her. She was immediately receptive our energy was a natural match. Idiot move!

Really regretted this one! This is KEY! Too many guys are clueless about this stuff and just think being complimentary will get them somewhere with women. Good move! The text convo starts out a bit slow, as sometimes it does between relative strangers, so I have to warm her up and develop the conversation to a point to where we can start flirting and getting more overt with each other. The way I do this is important to understand too! So pay attention if you want to be able to repeat this yourself.

Come be a party of the carnage. I was sexy boy outside of xs the other night I should have just stolen you that night! Girl: San Diego? Me: Yeah my place is on eastern and flamingo Girl: I see. Where you at hon? Where you from Girl: Know of any nursing jobs out there by any chance? What part of cali are you in? Girl — 11 mins later: Santa Paula, close to L. A Me — 2 mins later: What? A girl saint.? Me — 4 mins later: She sounds like she makes beer Girl — 2 mins later: Wow never again lol!!!!

Girl: Oops that was for Julie sorry Me — 2 mins later: What you getting belligerent at xs? Me — 4 mins later: Jonathan. Think I saw you on cartoon network? Girl — 9 hrs 18 mins later: Cartoon Network? How so? How did u know: Me — 9 mins later: I sexting conversations with pics just tell you liked to dress up and ride ponies. Am I sexting conversations with pics or what Girl — 22 hrs 30 mins later: See told u it was my twin So this is where my mind gets boggled.

None of this matters that much, but I wanted to give you guys a peek into exactly what was going on in my head. Sexual aggressiveness is a HUGE turn on for girls. Me — 12 mins later: But nice pic. Maybe even a wall or two but no time to relent. Girl — 1 min later: Send me a pic tho. I lost my phone that night honey Me: Go into the bathroom, take a pic and send it. Girl: Really wow? Me — 2 hrs 2 mins later: Gawdamn.

Tell me more… Me — 8 mins later: Send me more pics they give me. Lol Me: You would probably make my dick stay hard for at least two hours Me: We need to test this theory. Me — 5 hrs 33 mins later: I would not be able to keep my hands off your legs More sensual here. Outro: First and foremost before you even begin to think about how to start sexting with a girl you MUST make a girl feel safe and comfortable sending you risque pics.

BOTH of these are seriously wrong and even attempting them will make you lose a lot of ground with a girl. You also want to be persistent. Fill out the coaching form to get personal one on one training with me! Read Manwhore.

Sexting conversations with pics

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