Sexual attraction to monsters

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By Albizu On February 1, In fantasyHorrorlove. They say love can be dangerous; they say love is wild. They also say love can be magical, otherworldly, and scary. Except not in speculative literature. Thanks to paranormal romanceromantic horrorerotic horrorurban fantasyfantasy romanceand sword and sorcerybut mostly paranormal romance, we are sexualizing monsters and fantasy creatures. Yes, vampires are sexy. So are mermaids. That is their thing. They attract their victims by using their sex appeal.

Likewise with succubus and some other types of demons.

Sexual attraction to monsters

The problem is that lately, it does not stop with vampires. If the sexualizing of fantasy and horror creatures were confined to vampires. Yet, any creature from zombies to ghouls to cryptids are fair game lately. I noticed Bigfoot erotica is huge on Amazon. Remember dinosaur erotica?

Can you believe it sells in the millions? Wait, people read that? Hence, I must ask, why are people attracted to monsters, why do we keep sexualizing them, and how do you make a monster sexy? Vampire Diaries had some of the sexiest vampires on television. If we are into paranormal romance and dinosaur erotica, do we need to see a shrink? Is it healthy? Calm down. You are not crazy, just a very kinky human. And looking at the sales s, we are. Sex does sell. It still does not fully explain why we are attracted to the idea of sex with a monster.

When did witches sexual attraction to monsters beautiful? IStock photo. Furthermore, we humans are seduced by danger and the forbidden. Sex and sexual expressions were repressed for centuries by our culture and the Church. Nevertheless, as society has become more secular, sexual expressions in literature became more accepted.

Moreover, sex with monsters is nothing new. Greco-Roman mythology is full of stories.

Sexual attraction to monsters

So are fairy tales like Beauty and Beastwhere the monster is only one magical kiss away from turning into a handsome prince. Hence, we now know the whys. But how do you a potential aspiring paranormal romance author or fan sexualize a monster?

Monsters are not sexy by nature. Okay, some of them are. Again, I am looking at you vampires and mermaids. Still, until Dracula and Carmilla came along with their high-level eroticism, most monsters wanted to kill you, not bed you. When the genie looks like Barbara Edenthe witch looks like Hollie Marie Combsthe werewolf looks like Taylor Lautnerthe ghost looks like Patrick Swayzeand the dragon looks like Matvey Likoveven I will develop a major crush. Although the fantastical and horrendous may play a part in our kinks and fetishesthe brain craves beauty and fitness.

Monsters in fiction work best when they are an allegory for something else, usually otherness.

Sexual attraction to monsters

It is natural to express our sexual desires towards the other, the forbidden. And finally, these are fantasy creatures in fantasy fiction, not real monsters. So permit yourself as a reader to fall in love with them. Who is to say what is normal? Although the excessive revealing clothing will look out of place in a Gothic novel. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by.

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Sexual attraction to monsters

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