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In order to achieve this experience, one should seek out a professional dominatrix. Besides it is more erotic if a woman does it for you. I bet you think giving yourself an SSE or HHH enema wearing thigh-hi stockings, garter belt, and heels, with a black bra is the ultimate enema. I sexy enema stories here to give you a new perspective on the matter.

Then you decide. I am sure this story will give you pause. I made my appointment with a local dominatrix and arrived on time as she has a tight schedule. She told me she had a regular parade of clients all day today and to be on time. I booked 3-hours in the middle of the day.

Probably more than I needed. I arrived at her dungeon wearing a custom made plum colored, white pinstriped latex pants with feet, it also had a two-way zipper. The matching polo shirt laced up in the front. It had a nice open collar also with pin striping. It was a very heavy gauge. As far as I am concerned they make the best. It was sexy enema stories quiet residential neighborhood.

The Dom greeted me at the front door and we exchanged pleasantries as she led me to the dungeon in the basement. She was wearing black platform high heeled boots with black open mesh stockings and a skin — tight faux pencil dress. Her top was a sleeveless faux leather blouse that laced up on the sides. It was a very provocative outfit and punctuated by her bold makeup and nail polish. When you make an appointment with her you can request whatever outfit you want her to wear and even role play style.

I was introduced to her sub who was a very meek and mild mannered young girl that took care of the preparation and clean up. The room was dimly lit with small pink and pale blue hi intensity lights. The room also had a sweet aroma from the candles. It was a fully equipped dungeon with every imaginable devise you could think of including the wire line strung across the room and over the changing table.

It was used to suspend enema bags and such. Some of the equipment she had was foreign to me, so I had to ask what it was and how it worked. I felt pretty dumb. I was more comfortable in the area of enema equipment than BDSM.

She had a large variety of different size, and color enema bags including nozzles and colon tubes of various diameters and lengths. She let me pick out what I wanted for the session. I chose the silicone bag as I like to watch the flow. It looked delicious and I wanted to try it. I told her to surprise me and let her pick the nozzles. After removing my street clothes, I was placed on a wide changing table and wrapped up in what looks like Saran wrap.

She stretched it to make it tight fitting on my body and did several layers. I am now a mummy! She cuts a space in the plastic to sexy enema stories the front zippers of my latex paints and slides one zipper all the way up to expose my butt. She pulled the other zipper all the way down in front for easy access to my penis and testicles. The two-way zipper is a must for this session. She then attaches electrodes to my testicles, penis and scrotum and the inside of my thighs.

The last device is a large prostate massager plug that she will insert into my butt which also accommodates electrode pins in two places, so you can be stimulated at the top and bottom of the curved plug at the same time. I never saw one like this before. She rolled me over on my stomach and cut another slit in the plastic to insert the plug and I was returned to my back.

It was skillfully inserted deep into my rectum using a good dose of lubricant. She used two well lubed nytril gloved fingers to open up my anus and message my prostate at same time to make me ready me for the insert. She made sure it was seated properly and it rested on my prostate before attaching the wire connectors. Despite its very large size it felt good and very sensuous, once it was positioned properly, even without any current flowing. I loved it and got an erection. We are off to a good start! It was a little bit of a struggle on the insertion because I was wrapped so tight.

Naturally, I am hooked up to an industrial strength power box. I thought it was the Sexy enema stories ETB that has multi channels and a variety of controls that operate each device independently. It is one I had my eye one for some time. This is a feature rich power box. It has 18 preprogrammed modes. The tempo and frequency are easily adjusted using a single multi adjust knob. The intensity level is easily adjusted using separate knobs for each channel.

Then I thought about it; it had to be a power box with at least 4 channels. She already connected six devices. So what brand of power box was this? The next thing I know the dominatrix fires up the power box and slowly stimulates me by activating one of the devices, plays with the settings to change intensity and wave form to my liking. That alone is enough to get you into an erotic state and have an orgasm.

The anticipation of what was to come produced a high state of sexual arousal. She goes out of her way to accommodate your desires by demonstrating 18 patterns and different intensities to find what you like. Once established, she activates the other devices one at a time and experiments on the settings to see how much sexy enema stories you can take comfortably. Pretty soon all the devices are active, and I am in ecstasy; each device is now doing a different pattern with varying degrees of intensity.

I never had so many organisms! I was being stimulated from everywhere all at the same time. It was awesome! Then she got creative and would randomly select one device at a time and change the pattern and intensity while all the rest remained the same.

She would ask from time to time if I was ok before increasing the intensity. I could even specify which location. I found my testicles were the most sensitive, so I had her ramp up the intensity slowly and give me a few minutes to get accustomed to the new level. Then she changed patterns of stimulation. Next, she would reset them sexy enema stories to work together. She then asked if I was ready to go higher. I said no, it was all I could stand.

I needed a rest. She shut everything down just long enough to insert a well lubed stainless steel urethral rod in my penis and added it to the power box and activated it without warning. The rod must have been 7 or 8 inches in length. Now I am up to seven devices! Holy Moley! Then one by one she activated all seven at a very comfortable level. My whole body was humming! I really enjoyed the hell out of this experience. She let me savor it for about 3 or 4 minutes.

There are no words to describe the pleasure. This was really over the top as she began to slide the stainless — steel rod slowly up and down the shaft of my penis; resulting another orgasm! Talk about sensations, this was the ultimate. I wanted to scream but could not as she had placed a nylon ball gag in my mouth. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I got used to it.

I was really doing some heavy breathing. She left it in place with the current on at a comfortable level and began to adjust other devices varying the intensity for each with a different pattern. I shook my head yes. I was addicted at this point. All my erogenous zones were on fire!

I would tell her in a muffled voice to go for it. After, about 30 min. The insertion was very sensuous as the nozzle had several knobs on it and they excited me as each knob slipped passed my anal ring until it reached the full length. Fortunately, for me I took an enema before I came so there was no resistance.

It just slipped right in. Another sensual joy. I am now in position for my first enema. I am already exhausted before she even starts. The starter enema is composed of one quart of warm water to which she adds the contents of 2 Fleets enema solutions and 4 tablespoons of glycerin vegetable oil. It is administered very slowly at a trickle. I can feel the flow of the warm water and relax. To enhance the experience, she restarts the electrostimulation activating each devise one at a time at a very comfortable level of intensity.

I was told I would have to hold the enema for 15 min. Finally, the bag is now empty, I am going out of my mind by this point. She removes the ball gag and cuts me free from the plastic wrap. This enema promptly cleaned out the lower bowel. The glycerin vegetable oil is very powerful and extremely difficult to hold! There was no way I could hold it for 15 minutes. I really had a tough time retaining it. After expulsion I return for the second enema still in my latex outfit. I thought to myself, for a starter that one- quart enema was a block buster!

I am now ready for the second enema consisting of 3 quarts of fairly hot water with 3 tablespoons of Dr. The silicone nozzle is also coated with peppermint oil to enhance the sensations. It is indeed a great sensation when using a inch-long nozzle. She administers the enema while in knee chest position, again very slowly to avoid cramping.

While the water is flowing, ever so slowly, she s the electro-stim changing patterns and intensity to see what I like. She again asks if she can increase the current on each devise, I said yes. Another orgasm followed by a surprise spanking with a short inch rubber strand flogger.

I found that the rubber was pleasurable and wanted more and told her so, she accommodated with an increase in frequency and a more intense spanking.

Sexy enema stories

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