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Arabic namesaristocratic namescelebrity baby namesfamous namesakesfictional namesakesGerman name popularityGerman namesgermanic names sexy german names, honouringinternational name trendsname historyname meaningname popularityname trendsnames from fairy talesnames of boatsnicknamespet namesroyal namessaints namesscreen namesstage namesvintage names. Germans have lived in Australia since the beginning of European settlement inand at least 73 of the convicts were German. Many more came to Australia as free settlers during the 19th century, often fleeing revolution or increased militarism in their homeland.

ByGermans were the fourth largest ethnic group in Australia, behind English, Irish, and Scots. Today almost a million Australians classify themselves as having German ancestry, about 4. Yet here clunky is beginning to be cool again, and there are many cute and spunky German short forms that are right on trend. It is thus an older or more obviously German variant of Amelia. The name was traditional among German aristocracy and royalty, and is still used by modern European royals: Prince Felix of Luxembourg had a daughter named Princess Amalia last year.

Although a popular name in Continental Europe since the Middle Ages, Amalia only became commonly used in Britain in the 18th century once Amelia had been introduced by the Hanoverian rulers. Rising in the US, Amalia is only just outside the Top in Germany, and feels as if it is going places. Anneliese Combination of the names Anna and Liesea short form of Elisabeth.

A famous Australian namesake is the model Anneliese Seubert, who was born in Germany and moved here as ; Anneliese has been a celebrity mum on the blog. This name is very pretty, and would be a good alternative to popular names like Anna and Annabellewhile also suitable for honouring an Anne and an Elizabeth at the same time. In the story, Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister whose impoverished father and stepmother abandon them in the woods. The hungry children are caught by a witch once they start nibbling her yummy-looking gingerbread house, and Gretel rescues her brother from being eaten with cleverness and courage.

Gretel seems like a cute yet sophisticated choice. Leni Short form of Helene or Magdalena. German supermodel Heidi Klum has a young daughter named Helene, who is called Leni. Leni is a popular name in Germany, and around the s here. It can be used as a nickname for names such as Eleni and Elena.

Some parents pronounce it LEN-ee, and treat it as a feminine form of the male name Lenny. Lulu Pet form of Luisethe German form of Louise. In the stories, Lulu is a prostitute and femme fatale. Lulu is around the s here — a cute, sexy, hip little name that gives Lola a run for its money. Can be used as a nickname for any name with a LU sound in it, from Lucinda to Eloise.

Mitzi Pet form of Maria. Although in Germany Mitzi is more popular for cats and dogs than humans, itsy-bitsy Mitzi is a bright vintage charmer that will appeal to those wanting something a little different while still fitting in with current trends. Ottilie Modern form of the ancient Germanic name Odilia. There is a medieval Saint Odilia one of those long-suffering young girl saints who are given a disturbingly hard time sexy german names their horrible fathersand Ottilie was a traditional name among the German aristocracy during the Middle Ages.

The name has been something of a favourite in fiction, being chosen by the authors Goethe, Truman Capote, John Wyndham, and Robert Louis Stevenson — in all these works, the woman named Ottilie is an object of desire in some way. The German pronunciation is more like o-TEE-lee-uh. Thea Short form of Dorothea or Theodora. Simple yet substantial, Thea is gaining in popularity around the world. Just outside the Top in Germany, Thea is popular in Scandinavia and New Zealand, and rising sharply elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

It has been boosted here by a celebrity baby, daughter of model Kelly Landry. Wilhelmina Feminine form of Wilhelmthe German equivalent of William. In the form Wilhelmine this was a traditional name amongst German royalty. A great name for swimmers! For many years this name has been seen as too clunky, but popular Willow helps make it seem a lot more usable. Dignified yet quirky, Wilhelmina has a host of adorable nicknames, including BillieWillaMinaMinnieand Minka.

Zella Short form of Marcellaa feminine form of the name Marcus. There are several famous musical namesakes from America: singer-songwriter Zella Day, country singer Zella Lehr, and gospel singer Zella Jackson Price. A vintage name which now blends in seamlessly with current trends. Pingback: Waltzing With …. Lucinda Waltzing More Than Matilda. Harriet said:.

September 10, at pm. How fast do you think Thea is rising in popularity.?!! However, you will probably see it around more in the coming years as you are slightly ahead of the curve. Prue said:. August 29, at am. August 24, at pm. Thea, Wilhelmina, Ottilie, and Amalia are currently winning the voting, so seems like a lot of people agree with your choices.

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Sexy german names

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