Sexy shower story

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Here is a story I wrote a while back. I hope you all enjoy it. Leave tons of feedback please. I appriciate all comments. The frigid air inside the mountain cabinet had not yet subsided when Jen decided to shower after the long drive. A chill ran through sexy shower story long slender body as she stood naked in front of the shower waiting for the water heat up.

Her tanned skin was now covered in goose bumps from the cold. Her nipples were taught in response to the temperature. Gerard Noticed. He watched her as she opened her travel bag to get her shampoo, body wash, and loofa. Jen stepped into the shower and under the warm water. The spray cascaded over her body and long dark hair. She stood directly beneath the water with her eyes closed tightly as she let it fall around her. As she warmed up the goose bumps went away and her muscles loosened. She reached for her shampoo and began to lather her hair.

Gerard walked into the bathroom for a better look. She closed her eyes again and stepped back under the water to rinse. When she was finished and she opened her eyes she was surprised to see her new husband there watching her intently.

Normally Jennifer was more reserved and a sexy shower story shy. On this occasion the sight of him wanting her made her feel sexy and seductive. She decided to run with it. He could see her every move through the glass shower door. Oh she was so beautiful with her long brown hair and petite figure. Once she realized that he was watching her she took great pleasure in teasing him. Seeing her dominance and the thrill she was getting from seducing him, gave him great pleasure as well.

Jen slid her hands over her stomach and the down to her thighs. She then brought them back and used her finger tips to caress her nipples. He gasped for air as he saw her nipples respond to the enticement of her fingertips. Jen then turned to face the showers ledge giving Gerard a perfect view of her sexy round ass.

The view only got better as she bent over to retrieve her loofa and body wash. He lure of her femininity proved too strong for Gerard to watch any longer. When Jen looked over her shoulder to see what the effects of her teasing did to her husband she saw him frantically removing his clothing to her. Gerard reached for the sliding glass shower door and pulled it open.

Steam escaped the area and the bitter cold from outside has snuck in. The rush of cold air did not go unnoticed by Jen whose nipples became erect and irresistible to Gerard. She caught his hands and looked at him coyly. He stared at her with a puzzled look. She held him close and teased his back with her fingers as she turned them in the shower in a way that got him beneath the hot water, and her at the other end of the tub.

She then reached for her loofa and soap again. Jen squeezed a nickel sized spot of Oil of Olay onto the loofa and then rubbed it until it got foamy. She then began to wash herself. She started by extending her left arm and lathering it with the bath puff, she then moved to the right. As she rubbed herself she moaned quietly and closed her eyes to show that she was enjoying the feeling of the soapy loofa on her bare skin.

She moved to her neck and then her stomach. Then she went back up to wash her breasts. Her moans got louder and she tossed her head back. She slowly began to move away from her breasts to her thighs and legs. The moaning ceased until she began washing her inner thighs. As she inched toward the prize her little noises increased in volume and occurrence.

Once she reached her vagina the bath scrubber teased her clit and sent miniature shock waves through Jen. The biggest shock waves however were being experienced by Gerard who was standing under the hot water fully erect and lusting after his wife. Never before had he seen her act with this kind of abandonment. His words brought her back to reality and she stopped teasing herself and her face grew warm with embarrassment. She had never been one to masturbate, but the few times she tried it had not been overly successful.

She would be mortified if anyone found out, but she just pleasured herself in front of her husband. She felt ashamed. As she realized that she had gotten caught up in seducing her husband she left her comfort zone. As she dropped the loofa to the base of the tub, her confidence level sexy shower story along with it. Her cheeks were on fire. She was so embarrassed. She kept wondering what he must think of her. Her thoughts were racing a mile a minute. She buried her face in his muscular chest. He could tell she was uneasy about what had just happened, and he wanted to show her that it was okay.

He pulled her under the shower in an effort to rinse some of the soap off. He kissed her forehead and caressed her lower back sexy shower story the water washed over them. I could hardly keep my hands off of you! It was great. Like I said I could hardly keep my hands off of you. Gerard noticed her smile and he could see her relief. He knew it was ok for him to go ahead and cheer her up. He teased her nipples with his fingertips and gently pressed her against the shower wall to kiss her firmly. His tongue parted her lips and adventured deep into her mouth.

His kiss melted away her insecurities and gave her a sense of desire for him. She decided to continue down this seductive path that she began. I think I can help you with that! Or in the shower as the case may be. Jen felt like it was a challenge, and she never backed down from a challenge. She found the loofa circling the drain and applied some more soap. She started with his shoulders and chest. She then got behind him to wash his back and legs. She lovingly lathered up her husband while she secretly plotted her wowing moment. She turned him around to face her and washed his legs.

She was on her knees in the shower scrubbing his feet when she glanced up at him. He was watching her every move. She sucked and licked at his shaft and then began to use her hands to jack him off slowly. She ran her tongue along his tesicles and then sucked one into her mouth. She stopped and stood up. He nodded his head in sexy shower story before grabbing his sexy new wife and pushing her firmly against the shower wall and plunging his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her hard and fast and then slower and more gently. The kiss was long and passionate. Then he ventured down to just teasing her lower lip with his tongue and seductively kissing her chin and neck.

He suckled at her nipples and flicked them one by one with the tip of his tongue. It was driving her wild. His kisses and caress coupled with the sexy steam from the heat of the shower was causing them to get hot. He reached over and turned the shower knob to off and opened the shower door. He grabbed a towel and pulled it back into the shower. The mountain cabin had warmed up some, but there was still a chill on the house.

Gerard patted dry every inch of his blushing bride kissing her hands, arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen and breasts as he went. He then quickly dried himself, wrapped his wife in the towel and carried her into the bedroom. He left her standing at the edge of the bed while he pulled back the covers.

She let the towel fall to the floor before climbing into the king size bed and getting beneath the covers. She left her left breast exposed to tease her husband. Jen arched her back and let out a small moan. Gerard moved his hand to her right breast and messaged it and teased her nipple. He then let his hand venture down to her vagina. He parted her lips in search of that delicate button. When he found it he lightly began to flick at it and roll it between his fingers. He slipped his middle finger inside of her and began doing the come here motion.

Sexy shower story

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