Skype sex for money

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You can easily make money by selling Skype shows online. Sell adult skype sex shows and Skype Porn after you Become Pornstar.

Skype sex for money

The best part about selling adult skype shows by webcam models is that the price of Skype show is much more than a webcam show. The reason for that is that you are not performing on the camming network that you have ed, but separately.

It is also more one-to-one communication and exclusivity makes it more expensive. Since you do not have to pay a share to the camming network, this makes it even more lucrative. It is very simple. You can directly promote your Skype show on the camming network Note: not all camming networks allow it. You can even leverage you fan following, i. The first thing that might come into your mind is PayPal. But the thing is that they do not allow adult content to be used for their payment processing facility. Your will be banned pretty soon. To accept money for your adult Skype shows here are the options:.

Or you might have a Token system, where you specify the of tokens required for skype porn show. Note: I have mentioned this multiple times on this website, do not use Paypal for accepting payments as Paypal is not adult friendly.

Skype sex for money

Use either Paxum recommended or Payoneer another adult friendly payment processor for independent webcam models and adult models. The added benefit of making more money compared to a conventional webcam show, also comes with a little more hardwork or smartness requirements. Be it anything, smart promotion and marketing is a crucial factor in deciding about the fate of any model trying to make money in adult space online.

Correct promotional and marketing strategies can easily make to stand skype sex for money from the crowd. Since you are not getting the benefit of camming network audience as mast of them do not allow for promotion of personally Skype shows. So this way you will be able to promote and make money from skype shows by directly promoting it withing your membership site fanclub. I have compiled a list of places you can visit and get the answer to your question. So now you must be wondering, this sounds cool.

Getting started in selling adult amateur Skype shows online? To accept money for your adult Skype shows here are the options: Skyprivate : This is a specialized software built specifically for hosting adult Skype shows. You can easily accept payment for your Skype shows. They also have the additional benefirt for adding you in their directory and free promotion. Paxum — Its more like a paypal replica that has all the functionalities.

The best part is that it allows adult content. Camming networks itself : Few camming networks allow you to promote your skype shows on them. Check our list to see which camming networks allow this: add link of selling amateur adult clips Or you might have a Token system, where you specify the of tokens required for skype porn show. This is one of the best alternative for payment procssig and you can call it the skype show network. You will get benefits such as: Getting yourself added in their Skype show models directory Promotion and marketing tools that can help you get even more sales of your personal adult Skype shows Utilizing your popularity: i am hoping that you have created a website for yourself up till now.

If not then check out our guide : add link of how to create website. You can treat your website as an aggregator.

Skype sex for money

You can create beautiful banners for directing visitors in your website. So you can easily list you Skype shows and how people can get access to them. You fans and followers already like you thats why they followed you rightso utilize that trust and liking and they will be most likely to convert in active buyers. You have to remember many social media do not allow adult content. Not just for getting more sales for your adult Skype shows but also for creating backlinks for search engine optimization Reddit and picture websites: Adding links to relevant subreddits.

You can even watermark images on many picture websites to drive even more traffic. Even few conversions can easily give you a positive return on investment Forums: Search for dedicated forums, or thre on popular forums related to Skype shows.

Become and active participant over there and first add value to the forum. Soon people will start noticing you and this way you can drive even more sales for your skype shows TIP: If you are using an adult Membership site like Modelcentro then you can easily use Skyprivate as their platform is integrated with ModelCentro.

Skype sex for money

I have compiled a list of places you can visit and get the answer to your question Here is a list of all the places where you can find adult skype show models: Extra Lunch money : Extralunchmoney is another popular amateur models websites.

A range of adult services are offered by these sexy hot models. Picture and video clips are the major revenue model, but other custom services are offered as well.

Skype sex for money

Xtube: Although a tube website, you can find many models offering skype shows Manyvids : Another great website where these hot adult performers can offer their sexy clips for selling. Skype shows are also offered. If you are looking for a one stop network to find all the sexy and hit girls for some amazing Skype sessions, then skyprivate is the best network for you. There is a directory listing, where you can check out all the Skype show models.

Find skype show models on social media: Many of the camming models generally promote and market their skype shows on social media channels such as twitter, instagram and tumblr. Skeype shows by these models are generally promoted in their profile and other areas I hope you like this article on Sell adult skype shows — Make money camming models.

Skype sex for money

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How to Sell Skype Sex Shows