Sleeping fettish

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This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. I recently came across a kink known as somnophillia, or sleep kink.

Sleeping fettish

Or makes me feel uncomfortable. But this kink seemed different. Somnophillia is a kink for a sleeping partner, or for somebody having sex with you whilst you are asleep. Unlike some other kinks, ones that involve roleplay and fantasythis kink has an element of reality to it that seemed to cut it apart from the rest.

Sleepy sex is the kind you might have on a Sunday morning, when you do a lazy sexy spoonor the half-asleep blowjob you might give somebody before work.

Sleeping fettish

Sleepy sex is that comfy sort of sex that people who live together have on the sofa while watching Blue Planet. Nobody is really trying to perform or impress anybody else. Or after a tiring day at work? This kink raises lots of interesting questions about relationship dynamics, consentcommunication, and legality. People who are into somnophillia like to have sex or do sexual things while their partner is asleep. Technically speaking, somnophillia is illegal. This is because, in legal terms, consent cannot be given by a sleeping person no big surprises there but also because falling asleep effectively withdraws any prior consent that a person has given.

However, for a person to be prosecuted for an illegal act, somebody needs to accuse them. The vital aspect of this kink is that the people involved have discussed it beforehand. It would never be acceptable to just assume your partner was sleeping fettish sleep sex seriously, do not do that. Like many kinks and fetishes, communication is key.

Sleeping fettish

The more I delved into sleep kink, the more I started hearing two terms. In some ways, this is a familiar concept. This one is a bit trickier. And definitely requires a high level of communication with your partner. On the surface it seems like an oxymoron, and it sort of is. With consensually non consensual sex, you have told your partner to continue a sexual act even in the absence of consent.

You have consented to not consenting. A good example of a consensually non consensual act might be being tied up. Of course, the vital thing to keep in mind is that this can easily go wrong, and result in someone feeling upset, regretful, or worse.

Having a deep level of trust with your partner is essential. When I spoke to sleep sex enthusiasts about blanket consent, the exceptions came up time and time again. The usual boundaries that apply to your sex life also apply to blanket consent. Think you might be interested in this kink? Ok, the first thing to do is to talk openly with your partner.

Try to think specifically about what it is about the kink that turns you on. If you decide to go ahead and give it a try, make sure to lay out all your ground rules carefully at the outset. For example, is oral alright, but not full sex?

Should your partner sleeping fettish a condom? Is sleep sex off limits on a work night? Be specific and try to think of different scenarios and judge how these would make you feel. So, can you think of another way to incorporate these desires into your sex life? Sleeping fettish talking openly and honestly, you should be able to find a middle ground that you both enjoy.

Sleeping fettish

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Monica falls asleep during sex and Chandler freaks out? Personally, I thought it was a bad form of him to shake her awake. Listen to your partner, talk to your partner, and keep the conversation going. We look forward to the day when such language is sleeping fettish commonly used in culture. Laurie Mintz, Ph. She has published over 50 research articles and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Mintz also has maintained a private practice for over 30 years, working with individuals and couples on general and sexual issues.

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Sleeping fettish

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